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Darren Ambler Exposed: A Sociopath, Liar, Sex Addict & Some STD’s (Cherry Hill, NJ)


Darren Ambler  is  a Sociopath- Abusive to Females- a Liar- Con-Man, Drug Addict turned Sex Addict and an STD  Carrier:   Darren Ambler is dangerous and manipulative.  He stalks his sexual prey in advance.  Darren Ambler controls females through Sex and Threats.  He will have sex anywhere, on the lawn in the closet, on the kitchen table.  He has split personality disorder and serious mental disorders.  Darren Ambler is selfish- over sexed – immoral and has no charterer or social grace.

Darren Ambler has had sex with Prostitutes, Madam’s as well as low class females with “loose morals”.  Darren recaptures his manhood during climax.  He is so desperate for sex   he  carried on an illicit filthy affair with an 65 year old female with incontinence.  Darren is 40 years old- that is sick and vulgar having sex with an old women.  maybe its Darren’s mommy complex surfacing..

Dorky Homely Darren has no conscience or feelings for anyone but his UGLY self.  He is ugly inside and out.  Darren is very unimpressive physically and mentally.  He is bad in bed and you need a large magnifying glass to locate his tiny wee wee.  His body is gross and his breath smells like rotted fish and bad cheese.  He is a Pathological liar also.

Darren Ambler

Due to Darren’s multiple sex partners and failure to use protection, Darren infected me with STD’s.  That jerk. he is quite disrespectful to females and others.  He does his best to hide his “double life” from everyone.  Please ladies DO NOT Date this insecure freak of nature……………He stalks the Internet- he will come on to anyone.   Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill NJ.  He works at Express Scripts in Franklin lakes NJ.  Remember he will seduce old ladies and anyone else.  BEWARE- Call authorities if he solicits you:  Found out one of his nick names is “Granny Banger”!!!

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you’re in a relationship with this guy hopefully you find this article first.




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