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Question: Has Nicole Gramatikos Been Kidnapped? Response: I’ll Stab You (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


Where in the world is Nicole Gramatikos?  Questions have been raised over the past 3 years as to where she is and what has happened to her.  Her once active Facebook with a constant stream of updated photographs pertaining to both her and her son have now been replaced with the monotonous sharing of others posts and one word or one sentence comments.  On May 2nd, 2018, a “memory” was shared of a photograph with Nicole dating back 2015, to which someone replied on the post “I feel like you’ve been kidnapped or are in witness protection.  You haven’t posted a real picture of you in years, is everything all right?”.  That post was immediately removed and a threatening message ensued…

The message was dispatched from Nicole’s alleged “boyfriend”, a man named “Tom Allen”.  Mr. Allen went on to say the following “Wtf are you talking about with that being held against her will bullshit.  Don’t try and disrespect me like that.  Bad shit will happen and I know where you stay.  I know you tried to get her to do some b.s. before.  You are a creep ass fuck and I’ll find you and stab you the fuck up.”

Nicole Gramatikos went to the North Ridgeville city school system.  Shortly after graduating she got into modeling and became a traveler, experiencing the world and living life to it’s fullest.  However, somewhere around 2015/2016 everything changed and her public pro-active life came to a standing halt.  Whether or not this is a direct result of some unseen physical threat by an individual, group or simply by her choice is entirely up for debate.  Rest assured that once this is published there will be rebuttals made by both her and her boyfriend.  The question is – are they done willingly?

“I’ll find you & stab you the fuck up.”

tom allen
Tom Allen could be a serious threat to Nicole.

The question that was posted onto her page was a sincere and honest question.  One that probably has been asked behind the scenes by hundreds of Nicole’s oldest and closest friends.  Where is she?  There are some pictures here and there, but in those photographs you can clearly see a shell of Nicole.  One that, if paid attention to, could be viewed in an extremely controlling (and after last nights threatening message) dangerous environment.  Carefully choreographed.

Upon analyzing Tom Allen’s (Frankeberger) Facebook page.  He too has the same type of posts.  In fact, it would appear that he is making the majority of the posts on Nicole’s Facebook page.  The same emoticons are used for Mr. Ford in some of his posts – in one example a long string of lovable hearts and kisses followed up immediately by a reply to his post with 70% of the same emoticons used by Nicole in her reply.  See the screenshot below.

Something doesn’t add up here…

Individuals have been able to speak with her on the phone and she even went as far as to take a picture for someone holding up her middle finger in February of 2017.  The mere fact that the picture was even taken shows the extent of which someone (or something) is willing to go to protect the situation.  Is it possible that Nicole is a private person as she claims and doesn’t want to be bothered?  That is possible.  Or is there really something else going on.  If not for the insane death threat issued from her so-called boyfriend, one might have let such a thing go.  However, after waking up to that – it’s ones responsibility to share this situation to the masses.

HAWK Says:  I agree, a simple question posted on a Facebook page asking if she’s in witness protection or kidnapped followed up with a death threat and said post being removed are serious red flags.

nicole gramatikos
Last public picture of Nicole dated May 16th, 2017.

The Bottom Line:  If you know anyone who you think might be in an abusive or controlled setting you are urged to call your local authorities and have them pay a home visit.  Individuals can control people with threats of violence against their loved ones (ie; children) and could have guns or other weapons nearby.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  The signs are always there and people tend to miss them.  Not saying that this is 100% true in this situation, but the red flags definitely are going off when someone is threatened to be stabbed and killed over asking a sincere question over ones well being.





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