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Scumbagged.com related media.  Audio recordings, official videos and videos submitted by users.


Home Media
Scumbagged.com related media.  Audio recordings, official videos and videos submitted by users.

Freedom Of Speech Under Fire – Scumbagged Responds


The First Amendment provides individuals who use our site to push the limitations of their Freedom of Speech.  Defamation of Character, Libel & Slander do not come into play UNLESS there are untruth’s told about an individual, at which time, there must also be accompanying damages in some way shape or form.  You MUST be able to provide PROOF that the statements are & were false.  In addition, Scumbagged.com and National Innovators Group LLC., cannot and will refuse to be held liable for any of our user based submissions.  We are explicitly protected under the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which specifically excludes us from prosecution in any litigation process under Federal Law.

See the full article:  http://scumbagged.com/2018/03/11/freedom-of-speech-death-threats-lawsuits-intimidation/

Racism: Brian Griffith Video & Audio Spewing Racial Epithets


Brian Griffith the owner of Sheffield Automotive Sales in Elyria, Ohio was caught on a voicemail recording of a prospective client using profane and racist language.

See the full article here:  http://scumbagged.com/2018/03/09/racism-sheffield-automotive-sales-owner-brian-griffith/


Developing Story: Ohio State Representative Tom Patton


Upcoming articles surrounding Ohio State Representative Tom Patton and his relationship with a woman involved in one of the states largest meth busts.  Additional information on this situation will be provided in the user submitted post that will be released in the coming days.    Tom Patton also allowed his government vehicle to be driven and his kids to be babysat by his girlfriends heroin using daughter.  Furthermore the Walmart sign that went viral has been debunked entirely in our most recent article that was published yesterday thanks to a close friend of the perpetrator.

Moving forward, Bobby & Katie Nakoff of North Ridgeville will be featured in an article today and we’re very hopeful that the North Ridgeville Officer and Police Dispatcher article will be ready to be released this coming week as well as the failure to protect a citizen from that city as well.

We are working diligently to provide a steady quality stream of articles and in order to do so we have to sift through many user submissions, submissions that are sub-par, do not fit the spectrum of our website and would not meet necessary user engagement levels.

Thanks again for all of your support!

Breaking News: LifeCare, Catie Fawn, NRPD & more (Featured Video)


Scumbagged.com will be featuring weekly videos.  Our first video can be found above. These videos will shed light on upcoming user submitted articles and contain information related to current articles.  The purpose of these videos is to provide an easier user experience for obtaining information and to provide an additional avenue for expressing user opinions.

Any video content will reflect context submitted entirely by our users.

Due to the Article Submit feature not allowing video uploads any individuals that are interested in providing video content needs to upload them to another medium and submit the link to us via email or embedded within their article.  

It should be noted that we currently have a 20,000 daily unique reader base.  We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has submitted quality articles, they have made our website an immediate success.






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