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Exposed politicians from your local communities and around the United States.


Home Politicians
Exposed politicians from your local communities and around the United States.

Ward 14 City Council Election Heating Up – Citron Campaign Facing Intimidation, Threats (Cleveland,Ohio)

The city council seat for Ward 14 in Cleveland, Ohio, between Nelson Citron and Jasmin Santana isn't shaping up to be your typical election....
Jasmin Santana

Jasmin Santana Exposed – 14th Ward Candidate’s Financial & Legal Woes (Clevend, Ohio)

Hailed as the heroine who is going to rescue Ward 14 from the clutches of Brian Cummins, many still want to know "What's the...
Senator Tom Patton

Senator Tom Patton Exposed – Corruption, Bribery, Kickbacks & His Bid For Congress (Strongsville,...

Since taking office, Senator Tom Patton has mastered the ability to keep the public unaware of a great multitude of potential scandals and wrong-doings...

State Representative Tom Patton & The Largest Meth Raid In History (Strongsville, Ohio)

In June of 2006, more than 60 members of federal, state & local law enforcement descended upon Kimberly Corrigan's home in Chardon, Ohio.  The...

Sheffield Lake Mayor Intimidates Protesters (Kelly Miller Circus)

Dennis Bring, the Mayor of Sheffield Lake, Ohio, felt pretty strongly this afternoon when he pulled up to the Kelly Miller Circus and saw...

A Serial Predator, A Coverup & A Mayor (North Ridgeville, Ohio)

In 2012 a 15 year old girl named Bryanna (name changed to protect her true identity) was enrolled at the North Ridgeville High School....

The Mayors Misfit – Charlie Gillock (North Ridgeville, Ohio)

A NEW STORY: After you've finished reading this article please refer to our follow up story on Charlie Gillock: "The Serial Predator". THREATS: Charlie Gillock shows his...

The Hillbilly Mayor, Mayor David Gillock (North Ridgeville, Ohio)

North Ridgeville is a suburb that has approximately 32,000 residents and as of May, 2017 was declared the fastest growing city in Northeast, Ohio....