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The Mayors Misfit – Charlie Gillock (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


A NEW STORY: After you’ve finished reading this article please refer to our follow up story on Charlie Gillock: “The Serial Predator”.

THREATS: Charlie Gillock shows his true colors in physical threats of violence HERE.

One of the best kept secrets in North Ridgeville, Ohio surrounds itself around the cities Mayor.  Mayor David Gillock, who has failed the city, it’s residents and it’s employees in numerous ways has been enabling a local predator.

The mayors grandson, Charlie Gillock, is the son of one of the Mayors daughters.  Charlie has been residing in North Ridgeville at the Mayors residence off of Broad Blvd. for most of his life.

The Mayor of the city has a gorilla pimp under his roof.

Most recently Charlie was staying at the Colonial Oaks trailer park in Elyria, Ohio.  From the legal docket available on Elyria Municipal Court, you can clearly see a pattern beginning to form, one that shows how this individual and those he surrounds himself with live on a daily.  When removing the precious veil of being a “Gillock” everything seems to come to light.

From an early age Charlie Gillock began to exhibit behavioral patterns much like that of his father, Charles Raston.  Charlie was dubbed “The_Rubberband_Man” and was known for preying on girls who had drug addictions (we’ll get to all that later on in the article).  Moving forward, Charlie’s father, who goes by the name of Charles Raston, begins working for the Water Treatment Plant out of Sheffield, Ohio.  In June of 2006 while Mr. Raston was working at the Wastewater Treatment plant he raped a fellow co-worker of which he served a 4 year prison term being convicted of rape & gross sexual imposition.

Charles Raston (far right), with his son Charlie Gillock, Mayor David Gillocks grandson (far left)

One can only begin to wonder how Mr. Ralston, who had a criminal background including multiple domestic violence & marijuana convictions, could get a job working for the city?  The answer as to how he obtained the job is evident when looking into who owns the plant.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the waste water treatment plant is owned by none other than the city of North Ridgeville.

Clearly, there was some favoritism played when hiring Mr. Ralston as there was a plethora of applications submitted from many individuals around the Lorain County area.  Individuals that didn’t have a single blemish on their record, yet Mr. Ralston got the job over all of them.

Fun Fact: The Mayor was aware of Mr. Ralston’s extensive background but advocated to have him hired anyways in an effort to enrich his own family ie; daughter & grandchildren through the hiring process.

Charlie “The Gorilla Pimp” Gillock

The Ohio Supreme Court awarded $240,000 to the victim citing various failures to protect her due to a breakdown in the hiring process (no shit).  The cities insurance company then discontinued offering their insurance plans as a result of the verdict. Therefore, the City of North Ridgeville had to find a new insurance company and at a premium, which put the burden on the tax payers of the city.

Tssk Tssk Mr. Mayor, how did you ever get re-elected?  (See more of the Mayors failures here: https://scumbagged.com/2017/07/15/david-gillock-mayor/)

A Gorilla Pimp Emerges

Charlie, while down on his luck financially, began forcing his then drug addicted girlfriend, Nicole Croskey, (who had to flee to Tennessee for safety) to use her trailer to act as a bordello for would-be johns.

  • He began coercing girls with small amounts of heroin.
  • He manipulated girls to work with him via cash & drugs.
  • When a girl got out of line, he resorted to physical and emotional violence.

Charlie even went as far as to contact every single heroin addict he could on Facebook.  Sending them pictures of hundred dollar bills, drugs and propositioning them to sell themselves.

Nicole Croskey who was abused and manipulated for years by Charlie Gillock.

As of this moment Charlie Gillock is heavily engaged in gorilla pimping.  Where he continually uses the drug addicted to his advantage by providing drugs in exchange for their demise.  Another girl that he took advantage of was an ex-girlfriend/stripper – who was forced to give him hundreds of dollars per day, or else.

Several Facebook posts on behalf of Nicole Croskey can shed some light into the toxic relationship that these two had and her despise for him as a human being.  Not to mention the several domestic violences that were filed against Charlie by her.

As recently as 2017 there was a domestic violence complaint filed against Charlie “The Gorilla Pimp” Gillock for physically abusing Nicole Croskey.  The case was dismissed when Nicole fled to Tennessee to finally rid herself of this scumbag once and for all.  This was the second domestic violence complaint filed against Charlie Gillock in a 2 year time period.  It should be noted for the record that Nicole Croskey has been clean going on more than a year, she has a steady job and is in the process of getting custody of her children from this scumbag.  This article was created without Nicole Croskey’s influence and was submitted from numerous sources close to the scumbag.


Find Charlie on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010846815925

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Charlie if you’re reading this let this serve as a wake-up call to you son.  Stop taking advantage of individuals who have drug addictions just to make money.  Stop acting like a thug, you grew up in North Ridgeville, get a real job, stop mooching off of others and above all, stop being a scumbag!

SCUMBAGGED Update:  There has been new information submitted that we are currently investigating, stemming from a juvenile rape allegation in Olmsted Falls.  As of yet we have nothing else to go on other than the original sex offender registration information.  Apparently, the juvenile records are sealed and when Charlie Gillock turned 18 he was no longer mandated to register.

Anyone that has more information on this developing story or any other story, please resort to the tip-line at (440) 295-5526.

References: http://www.chroniclet.com/news/2014/12/02/North-Ridgeville-settles-rape-lawsuit.html


  1. This dude was convicted of rape as a kid. I’ll send the information ovsr. Check the phone phone number. Records are sealed because he was a juvenile 🙂

    • We’ve received reports of this stemming from an Olmsted Falls incident. Have done research and cannot find anything to support the claims. Haven’t received your information yet, please resend it you sent it earlier. Thanks!

  2. Been reading a few articles on here as of late, and if nothing else they certainly hold your interest! A little constructive criticism though – I do notice a few spelling and grammar errors and I think cleaning those up would help add legitimacy to the site. (For a quick example, the image below with text underneath it uses “your” multiple times instead of “you’re”). Also I’m a little confused on what “gorilla pimp” is supposed to mean? I get the “pimp” aspect but what the hell is a gorilla pimp? Guerilla MAYBE, but nobody ever claimed he pimped gorillas. Just my two cents. Looking forward to the next article!

    • Thanks for your reply. Gorilla Pimping is “To pimp with an aggressive style. Instead of persuading his tricks with drugs, a Gorilla Pimp would beat his hoes. Gorilla Pimps use violence.”

      Glad you find the articles interesting. As far as grammatical errors are concerned, we have a lot of articles we are currently processing and only two editors at the moment.

      Just know, that there is more where this came from and our sources are always credible. Thanks for reading :).

  3. This is a bullshit article. This is straight slander and you have no proof. You better hope nobody sues this website for slander

    • Actually, quite the contrary. We have plenty of evidence in the form of screenshots sent from Facebook messenger and text messages from Charlie Gillock’s personal account as well as 3 girls that can corroborate the facts in this article. Thank you!

    • I don’t think is write you take out one girls name, but leaves my sister and show the picture of hers kids. Do you not Realize the problems this is gonna Cause her in court. There is no name as to who wrote this and to them they’re gonna to say its her.. You should really think about the affect this is gonna have on a victim/victims kids.

  4. You have such irrefutable, peer reviewed proof that you have the completely wrong name for one of the main characters in your story. You seem so eager to attack I’m willing to bet you don’t have a solid grasp of what constitutes actual proof. Other than the proclamations of a few scorned “drug addicts” as described by you. I think we all know how easy it would be to procure a picture of this young man( you have several for this article) then make a fake profile and create incriminating screenshots as “proof”

  5. sounds like a bitter ass dad who’s daughter got the dickens from this boy. stfu and sit down before someone exposes you’re own kids for the dumb shit they do to try and hurt you.

  6. Lmfao I’m loving this attention , my juvenile records sealed for a reason my dude. Yours is not. Whoever knows me knows this is bullshit. And yes a lawsuit is in process this website will be terminated. I’m sorry for all the drama queens who like reading false statement from people lives. I don’t have to register anymore because I’m an adult now.

    • Just because you don’t have to register anymore, or because your domestic violence charges were dismissed due to the fact that the victim had to move several states away doesn’t mean you’re not a scumbag. We look forward to any court proceeding and will have two witnesses, with cellphone data linked to your cellphone & facebook messenger account willing to support our articles if it ever comes to that (but in all reality it’s not going to). It’s apparent you haven’t learned your lesson yet, we will not be silenced by threats or purely because your last name is Gillock (the Mayors grandson). We will never stop posting articles that are based on the truth and filled with facts. You have said nothing but words here in an attempt to deny reality, when we have done nothing but report on your actions. Actions speak louder than words. Thanks for reading Charlie & have a good day! 🙂

  7. Yeah terminated because mayor gillock blocks everything from the public. You are a piece of shit and everyone knows it. Your just salty because it is FINALLY coming out to the public. You can’t hide forever you f^@k!ng pervert piece of shit!!

  8. U should spend a little more time worrying about actual facts in the world and a little less on trying to sabbatage people lives. So much stuff is going on in the world that u could change seeing as how many followers u have I’m sure the response will be increasingly active. But to call people out for their mistakes and poor judgement is just wrong. Now I’m not favoring either side to this story. But to publicly ridicule someone knowing they did not authorize your use of pictures or names is slander. I get every one is entitled to their own opinion but how do u think these people feel? Have u stopped for just one minute to think about what this could do to someone. It’s bullying it’s straight up cyber bullying. And with a nation that has increasingly high numbers of not only suicide but murder, homocide and violence. U would think someone with ur amount of journalistic talent would know better. This site should be shut down for the use of mental abuse portrayed on these victims.

    • Bullying would be the death threats we have received in response to our article. Bullying would be the intimidation that was pressed up Nicole Croskey. Bullying would be the Mayor using his leverage to conceal certain events that transpired years ago regarding Charlie (his grandson). This is not a bully bashing website, this is a website dedicated to exposing people. This site will never be shut down – because it’s not illegal. Slander can’t occur when pictures are used from a public domain. All pictures were taken legally from public facebook accounts which were also indexed by google and available to anyone whether they were a friend or not. Thanks for your interest!

  9. This is a literal joke. If they had this evidence why wouldn’t they post it? I call bull shit. Just some bitter shit. Also juvenile records are sealed for a reason. They were a minor. Not justifying his actions but it’s said and down and can’t be brought up in court 👌

  10. Yes Scumbag as you are the ONLY Scumbag that there is here. As you do not have the slightest clue of what the hell you are even talking ABOUT! Charles Ralston served 4 years. Yes, that is correct. Those 4 years came from bitter b!t@$ that got mad because she wanted a baby by him and asked if she got pregnant what would he want. He told he that he didn’t want any more kids. And thus because she didn’t like it AND she filed a rape charge. I wonder just HOW MANY MEN IN YOU DONT SIT AND REPORT AS THE REAL SCUMBAGS. HMMMMM ……I EVEN WONDER HOW MANY OTHER MEN IN THIS COUNTRY HAVE HAD THIS VERY SAME PROBLEM WITH A FATAL WOMAN THAT HAVE CHARGES FILED, ARE REPORTED ON THE NEWS, IN MAGAZINES ETC….THAT HAVE THIS VERY SAME PROBLEM OF BEING LOCKED UP FOR HAVING RELATIONS WITH A WOMAN THAT WANTS MORE WHEN THEY CLEARLY DON’T. YOU KNOW SCUMBAG WHY HAVEN’T YOU REPORTED YOURSELF FOR SLANDERING SOMEONES NAME NOT KNOWING WHAT THE HELL YOUR EVEN TALKING ABOUT. FACTS!!!!!!!! MU$ERFUC$ER NOT FICTION!!!!!~ SO THAT NEXT TIME YOU CLAIM YOU HAVE FACTS…..MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE FACTS AND THE REAL INSIDE EDITION……B!T$H



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