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The Walking Dead – Katie Seibert (Elyria, Ohio)


Please Note:  This article contains the true events surrounding the death of Nico Castro.

Katie Ann Seibert, originally from Elyria, Ohio has become a menace to society.  The girl is an actual living, breathing plague.  Everything that she touches becomes corrupted, diseased, winds up in jail or worse.  She’s been involved in no less than 9 drug & prostitution raids, has graced the front page of the news countless times and yet she somehow manages to walk the streets to this day.  She’s directly responsible for the deaths of many loved ones via. heroin overdoses and has manipulated her way into the homes of hundreds by corrupting wives, daughters, husbands and sons across the Lorain County area.

At a young age Katie moved to North Ridgeville off of Root Rd., she also lived in the trailer park behind Aldi’s located off of Center Ridge Rd. for a short period of time.  Her parents were heavily addicted to crack cocaine and as a result she was taken away by children services at the age of 11.  From there, Katie was tossed back and forth between her Aunt and Grandmother – until she eventually wound up back home with her parents.

When Katie’s parents regained custody of her she began developing anti-social behavioral patterns.  Skipping school, sneaking out at all hours of the night and stealing from family & friends.  Katie would often see her own mother sneaking out late at night to acquire drugs and then catch her parents in the bathroom smoking crack.  It should be noted that her father was also an extremely violent alcoholic. This unfortunate upbringing definitely contributed to who she ultimately became.

When Katie turned 18 she took up after her parents and started smoking crack and using heroin on a daily.  She would steal products from local stores (Marshalls, Target, Walmart, etc) and return the goods for gift cards, which she would later on sell for cash.  At the age of 19 Katie started snorting heroin with her boyfriend and quickly her life began a tumultuous downward spiral.  It wasn’t soon thereafter she began using hypodermic needles.

She sold herself for $50 with no condom being used during sex.

Katie would stop at absolutely nothing to support her high, going as far as stealing from her family, stores and robbing people.  Katie and another friend stole a safe from a local business owner (Bryan of Columbia Fence) filled with $20,000 in cash.  Katie, as always, got in no trouble for this.  She then worked at Circle K (82 and Island Rd.) and was giving wrong change back to customers by shorting them and pocketing the customers money in return.  Katie would log into other employees accounts while at work, hide cigarette packs in the garbage to be picked up after she got off of work and steal store merchandise.  She went to jail for one day but the charges were ultimately dropped because the manager quit.

Then Katie began selling herself, often putting advertisements on Craigslist.org, backpage and contacting people through Facebook.  She would offer herself as a full service experience for $50.  This included no-condom sex.  She would even go as far as to make-up stories that her father died because she needed money, sometimes forgetting that she had already used the story with a john and then stating “that she had to get home soon because her father needed her”.

In 2016, Steven Michael and Katie Seibert were in a “serious relationship” & both were engaged in a join drug trafficking scheme.  When the house was raided by authorities Katie walked away scott free, not a single charge, even though she herself had been known to sell drugs during the course of the investigation.

Katie Seibert is also directly responsible for getting Nico Castro hooked on shooting heroin.  She did this by continually egging him on to use a needle.   Eventually Mr. Castro progressed from snorting to shooting.  Mr. Castro then stopped seeing his probation officer because he couldn’t get clean, which resulted in the U.S. Marshalls placing him under arrest.  Katie had needles, spoons and drug paraphernalia all over the ground when the U.S. Marshalls arrived, but for some reason she was let go without a charge.

Katie watched as nico castro took his last breath, and then left.

Mr. Castro then went to jail (also went to drug treatment) and was released after having 6 months of sobriety.  On the day that he was released, Katie picked up Nico and together they went and cashed his prison check.  Immediately thereafter they went and scored drugs.  At this time Katie had a room at the Ridge Motel in North Ridgeville and this is where Katie took Mr. Castro.  This would be the last time that anyone ever got to see Nico Castro alive.  Immediately after Nico Castro used the heroin with Katie Siebert, he began showing signs that he was overdosing, instead of saving his life and calling 911, the selfish Katie took the remaining drugs & money and left Nico Castro to die.  Which is exactly what happened.  Nico Castro died on July 14th, 2016 all by himself at the Ridge Motel in North Ridgeville, Ohio.  Once again Katie was charged with nothing.

The Walking Dead – Infected & Diseased

As if Katie Seibert hadn’t done enough already.  Allowing someone to die when she had an opportunity to save them, robbing individuals & businesses and corrupting all of her friends within the community.  Katie took it one step further.

  • She developed a flesh eating disease on her arms from excessive needle use.  Which she hides to this day with long sleeves.
  • She shared needles with numerous other users infecting them, causing one to almost die from a rare form of endocarditis which stemmed from Katies staph infection that had riddled her body.
  • She refused to get any blood work done saying that “she would rather die than ever get clean”.  She has been rumored to be infected with HIV, Hep-C and Herpes.

Katie then wore out her stay in the North Ridgeville community.  As a result, she relocated herself to Elyria, where to this day she can most often be found at the local roach motels or drug houses.  Such as Motel 9, Journey Inn or the Ramada.

In October of 2016, Katie Seibert was involved in one of the largest drug raids in Elyria city history.  Netting 49 individuals of which she graced the cover of every single local news network & newspaper.  Somehow, she managed to walk away with no charges.

In February of 2017, Katie once again found herself on the front page of the news.  This time for staying at a house off of Harwood Avenue in Elyria, Ohio.  The house was raided due to drug activity – the police confiscated drug paraphernalia and heroin during the raid.  Once again Katie was released.  The answer as to why this keeps happening can be found at the end of the article.

Katie Seibert also has a split personality when she abuses the prescription drug xanax.  This causes her to have an alter ego named “Catherine”.  Catherine becomes highly agitated, one second she’s super nice and the next she appears to be obsessive compulsive.  “Catherine would go wild, destroying anything in front of her, striking people and appeared to exhibit signs of a total psychotic breakdown” one girl who was close to Katie said.  After her xanax high would wear off she would become Katie again and not recall anything about “Catherine”.

So this is the story of “The Walking Dead” Katie Siebert.  She lives a life of chaos, and anyone that tries to help her due to her physical condition receives the worst treatment.  Most recently, her own family members have given up on her as a lost cause because she refuses to get help for her addiction and treatment for her disease(s).

How Does She Keep Getting Away? This type of pattern is seen throughout the entire United States.  Women who keep getting away with crime after crime.  This is possible because of two factors.  One Katie is consistently viewed as the victim due to her drug use and two she cooperates with authorities during every single investigation.  The question that has to be asked is this.  What’s worse?  The girl that continues to string out the community, or the guy that sells to those that are stringed out?  Either way, she needs to be off the streets and the police need to stop using her as a puppet, because at this point it’s the police that are on her strings – even though they think it’s the other way around.

SCUMBAGGED TIP:  Katie if you’re reading this, go seek treatment immediately.  The Wellington Police Department offers immediate inpatient treatment (even if you have a active warrant) for the drug addicted.  You also need to stop manipulating everyone and dragging people down to suit your needs.  Above all, you need to do the right thing and speak to the Castro family and explain to them the events that surrounded the death of their loved one.  They need closure.



  1. I’m not defending anyone. However, don’t lack the courage of your convictions. Don’t be a coward and hide behind a pseudonym. Put your name on it and own it. She didn’t kill Nico, nor force him to do anything. The young man made terrible choices as has Katie. This kind of thing does nobody any good nor does it help with the real problem. Drugs, the epidemic destroying the county. Dozens of people are dying everyday. They need. Real help. Not this kind of thing.

    • I disagree, it is, if nothing else, very informative on who she is, what she does, and that there is a possibilty that she is infected with something that penacilin cant get rid of. I agree that the author needs to put their name on this. If for nothing else than a thank you for making communities aware of her. I wish more stories of deadbeat, infected, lowlifes were put out more often. If nothing else, it informs the public so they don’t go home with somethimg they can’t shake. I have daughters and pray that they don’t ever get involved with anyone like this, or a man that has any similarities to this person. All i can do is raise them to the best of my abilties, and pray they make right choices. This poor girl, Katie, had a very slim chance of success from jump start. She has made her choices and refuses to get any help. So I personally thank the author for this, I don’t live in Elyria anymore, but my daughters go home every summer to visit their mother and I worry constantly. There is a reason I am 1000 miles away from Lorain County, and its because I realized how many people (including former friends) were driving that county into the depths that it is. The place os a black hole now, and if you let it, it will kill you, your family, and anyone involved with you, thanks to the amount of corruption, and dealers.

    • Well said 👏🏼 I met her once, maybe 3 years ago, but it was very brief. She wasn’t a memorable person at the time I guess. I didn’t meet her because I do drugs or anything. She dated a guy who is an acquaintance of mine, who eventually got as far away from her as he could. I just hope she gets what’s coming to her.

  2. I would like to know how does the person writing this know the exact details about nico’s death? Or for that matter all of these details? Not sticking up for her but it’s scary whoever wrote this knows so many details 😮

  3. For One This Is Katie, &:; Two Your Facts Are All Wronq. Be A Fuckinq Woman OR Mann &;: Speak Up Who You Are..The Types Of Thinqs Your Sayinq Can Really Destroy A Person.. Cause I Promise Your Life Has Issues Like Everyone Else. I’m Thinking This Is Nikki Well DOESN’T Matter, Yeah The circle k Thing got dropped that is correct but ha ha get away??! i’m Still Fighting My Cases Never Ever Work With The police, and For Nico I loved him even with the abuse Nd if i was there I would of tried to save him.. I’ve never ever would leave someone. and nico was on the shit way before me and him got back together he was it Doingitbdoig it n smokin work, he had his own hotel not mine. I left that morning wen he beat my ass twice and cops were called. It’s funny three people on here so this gotta b Nichole. you can’t make anyone do drugs. yeah I have problems but who don’t, and never ever have I stole shitbfrom stores I can’t even still a candy bar.n. Wrong again nedvr been in 9 raids. N on hardwood they didn’t Find shitbi I had a warrant so again dumb ass if any of these raids your saying I was in if that was true they’d say what I was caught w or how much. n for my parents let’s talk about yours if you got any
    Just know the pictures u posted isn’t going to turn out good says my lawyer thanks btw wasn’t takin away at 11 n Nichole Croskey interduced me to drugs but it was my choice to keep doing them ya noone perfect

  4. Katie also used in took advantage of an old man in North Olmsted she would give him sexual favors for a place to live in for drug money it got to the point where he would drive her to get the drugs and eventually after she had spent all his money on drugs he began selling all his collectors items and eventually had to foreclose on his home

  5. Everything you described is the exact story of many who already died or still in deep drug use. It’s a very common story. But, it’s not your to tell. I’d love to put the microscope over your life. I’d can tell by your writing you are not college educated & I question high school. So, please, write your life story & show all of us what kind of person you really are. And, any amazing things you’ve done. I’m guessing by your language skills: zero. So, stop entertaining yourself with street activities & be a productive part of soxiety. Ya know, the same thing your telling a drug addict to do. Live your words.

    • In what world is it okay to hide behind excuses for a decade? A few years perhaps, but not a decade. Clearly this girl needs help. She’s refusing the help. That’s on her.

  6. The girl is being controlled by drugs. She isn’t in the right state of mind. I’m sure some of you have family or friends that are or were on that shit. They become a different person just like my brother did and thankfully he is now in prison.

  7. I personally know this poor girl. She didn’t have a chance to start. With her background and everything she has gone through. She allowed the wrong people to put her in a situation, she did stuff to Please them. Now she’s in way too deep and can’t get herself out. She has no self worth. No self esteem. Nothing. She’s just a lost little girl. She has had no one there for her in her life! We talked about such a different future for her than this! Yes she did let a man lead her into this but it’s her fault for carrying on with it. She is so downgraded, and feels she is worth nothing so it doesn’t matter to her! She was such a sweet caring girl! She was head over heels for a junkie her whole childhood and he drug her into this. Now she can’t get herself out and he’s dead. This is such a sad heartbreaking story. And the funny thing is, is that “author” has such personal details and pictures? How do you know this stuff and why won’t you own up to your “work”? Yes people do need to be made aware of her. But she needs help. Obviously help that her family can’t provide. So heart breaking what this pos drug does. The katie I knew didnt drink, smoke, do drugs or anything. All she ever wanted was burger king. Seeing shit like this really breaks my heart.

    • Thank you for your comment. We understand the plague that drugs are wreaking upon our loved ones. If Katie would like to seek help, she can do so through the Wellington Police Department – they will get her into an inpatient treatment facility within 24 hours free of charge. As to who we are, we are merely editors who take the submitted information and draft them into articles. We personally don’t know Katie and hope that she can some day get clean, healthy & sober. Thank you for your interest in this article!

    • We are gonzo writers and try to write from a first person narrative at times which is why you will see such phrases as “we”, “I” and so forth. Amber Horvath had no input on this article. Thank you!

    • Keep up the good work. There’s an endless supply of Backpage bitches that need outing. Cash-n-dash, bait & switch, boyfriend jumps out of the closet or working for cops.

  8. I’m the mother of Nico Castros only child..I need to speak to whoever has the information provided in this article because not even the family knew that she had left him for dead..I know you’re reading this so please give his only child some kind of closure..his baby doesn’t deserve to grow up without a daddy because of this piece of shit scum!! You can call or text me right now! (NUMBER REMOVED)

    • We’ve passed along your phone number and hopefully the source will give you a call. We also removed your personal number for your protection. Thank you.


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