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Jessica “The World Is Mine” White (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


Hey Scumbagged this local nightmares name is Jessica White, she currently resides in North Ridgeville, Ohio where she’s busy turning tricks inside her own mothers house (her mom’s name is Rose and knowingly allows her daughter to do this), located at the top of Root Rd. She’s also busy ducking and dodging the cops because she’s on the run from the law (again her own mother lies to the police when they come-a-knockin).  This girl is one of the worst of the worst.  She’s left people to die that were overdosing just so she could steal the money, dope & few belongings that they had.  She’s ratted on too many people to count (and is featured on the Scumbagged Lorain County Top 50 Rats and Snitches).  She’s robbed her own family and friends, the list goes on and on and on.

With 3,000+ Facebook friends, half of which are local area Johns just waiting to get a piece of the action, by all rights she’s a menace to society.  While staying at the Ramada Inn in Elyria she was literally having sex with delivery guys for pizza and breadsticks.  I don’t mean to be a total asshole here, but instead of her seeking help, getting sober and doing right by people, this girl is busy burning all the bridges, youth & opportunities that she has left.

She’s only like 22 or 23 years old at that, too young to be throwing her life away.  Part of the problem is she’s busy being brainwashed and controlled by one of the most manipulative pimps in the Lorain County area:  Byron J. Larrosa (read article on him here).

If anyone comes across her path beware, she’s a manipulator, a liar, a thief and a whore.  She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, even if it comes at yours or her own demise. She’s gone by the name of Sammie Sweetheart (Google: 440-453-7472) most recently on Backpage, her pictures that were featured on those listings can be found below and actually match the same pictures that can be found on her personal Facebook account.

Match Game: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001827569085

Jessica White aka Sammie Sweetheart

She is still busy on BP although she’s using a stage name that isn’t easily identified at the moment.  However, “Benny” (Byron J. Larrosa), her pimp, seems to have upped the game and is using outlets such as Seeking Arrangements and various SugarDaddy applications in an effort to obtain clientele and fly under the radar.

Active arrest warrant for Jessica White.

Checkout the case here:  https://rrcourt.net/eservices/home.page.2

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Reality is, poor girl has been taken advantage of, but if all you want is lemons, then all your going to have is lemons.  Girl you live in a fantasy, with a “the world is mine” mentality, the pictures of money, the illusion of grandeur you have, this is a false sense of reality thinking she’s actually going somewhere and doing something when she’s stuck in the same rut in the vicious underworld of the dope and pimp game.   If you’re reading this, check your ass into rehab and get some help.  The Wellington Police Department offers 24-72 hr inpatient treatment (even if you have a warrant).  Bet your Judge would look highly upon you if you did that.  Give them a call (440) 647-2244 or even contact them via messenger on their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Wellington-Police-Department-759508177392915/


  1. Hey everybody && to Jessica white if you’re reading along with whoever else sees my reply..
    I’ve known Jessi since i was 14 1/2 – 15 years old.
    The way I first found out about her was that she was talking && I think trying to hook up with a dude that I was friends with since I was 13 && who was by boyfriend at the time.
    When she found out I was his girl she felt shitty she had to get ahold of me && a friend of mine to tell me what happened & for that I respected her, didn’t look down on her, left my dude && we became friends.
    The first time we actually hung out I believe was at one of her uncle’s who used to live on Grafton eastern.
    I could tell from that day besides being a cute ass friend of mine that I liked she was so unique, loving, caring but sneaky, slick && liked to break the rules when she could a little drug rebel.
    Her mom Rose is like my other mom hands down.
    It doesn’t matter how long it is that we don’t see one another but when we do that’s still my momma.
    This woman has struggled && so has Jessica her whole life.
    Her mother is a smart, strong, hard working at any job she gets.
    She will do anything to take care of what needs to be taken care of and let’s nothing get in her way that’s how any mother should be she deffinately a mom & father combined for Jessica & in the end they got each other that’s about it. Back in the day rose had Jessica on lock down so hard she’d stop by my house frequently when we were together, she would have certain times for Jessica to call her she would always be in her room and would ground her from anything if she found anything that didn’t need to be in Jessica’s things she always looked out for her child.
    Jessica has had allot of fucked up people in her life including family that would be helping her mother & Jessica out on hard times but in the end making her do things if she wanted to or not which I can’t answer that but I know it’s true from what she’s told me. Over the years we grew distant for I got pregnant && she was always by my side when I had morning sickness & no air conditioning she was my friend when my other ones slipped off from me. It’s when I couldn’t chill as much a few years later is when she started to get involved with certain people that gave her the mind set she has today. Being around others & her depression from her thinking nobody has got her back like before because of The decisions she’s made due to these pieces of garbage from around here try to find a pretty girl who likes sex & turns them into nothing they need to be. Jessica white isn’t the person that she used to be no, she’s not the friend I once had no, she’s not the fun care free let’s have innocent fun together kinda girl I once knew but I haven’t seen her since our friends funeral so I’m not the one to talk shit about nobody unless it’s the truth but when i think of Jessica white && from everything I’ve seen on here pictures & all besides that point when it comes to people that have a piece of her heart that bitch has a sweet, caring wild child heart, a gypsy spirit full of love & creativity. She can be so beautiful if she would quit with every trashy picture I’ve just seen above & took some like she did back in the day to somehow find the light that could lead her the way she deserves to live her life && to actually make her mom proud like she should feel because when you wrecked Mommas car you could’ve died, you could’ve lost so much over drugs & you have been givin another chance. I know a few people that have been put out on blast for all this fucked up shit & I’m not saying it’s wrong or she’s innocent at all but these drugs, people surroundings even today’s society so many loved ones lives, families & friends being completely corrupted & twisted upside down even death over degrading bull shit. I love you Jessica & momma rose not everybody knows how everything used to be but I know deep down Jessica you can do what ever you want but quit saying you’re getting clean n quit you need to take charge don’t let momma down don’t let this get you down let it be some motivation everybody has a past don’t let this or anybody else’s comments get to you unless it is for motivation.
    Like you cheated death why can’t you push yourself further & quit the next thing to it!
    Know we’re not on the terms like we used to be but just trying to post something that probably won’t help but might.

  2. So essentially your condoning her and her mothers actions. Bullshit! I grew up on South Lo all the people I grew up with are dead or in prison 5 of us made something of ourselves. We did not get caught up in the trap and we did not make excuses for ourselves or our friends. The fact this girl grew in N. Ridgeville already put her ahead of us. I joined the Military at 19 and became a man I was successful, I had an awesome career, and I am a class and half away from my Master’s Degree. A wise woman once told those four friends and myself……”If you want something bad enough the only person to stop you, is you!” It’s true. Unfortunately for Mizz Jessica the prostitution, stripping, and drug scene is hard on the body. In another three years she won’t look the way she does now she will be disease laden and her pimp won’t even have her back. She will have nothing and no one cause mom isn’t going to live forever. So then what is she going to do. She’ll be walking the streets of Lorain or Cleveland between 9PM and 5AM trying to hustle more than likely. Unfortunately for her she’ll run into the boys that rule the night and get locked down and county every week! Yeah awesome life style choices!

  3. She was arrested on her warrant and faked illness to get out of jail. She was supposed to return but didn’t. She now has a felony warrant for Escape. An F3. What a smart girl. LOL. Enjoy prison.

  4. I too kno miss white she stole a 1600 dollaring from my house .i hope she enjoyed what she got from it .she not the only jessica out there either .what about jessica bittner another drug addict .that has ruined many of ppls lives by all her lies and telling men how much she needs them and loves them .she is a useless piece of crap .then you have her sister Jessica is the carbon copie of her big sis ashley bittner .they lie and steal and rip ppl off every chance they get .they say there clean and try to make ppl believe they are clean but the fact is they been doing that same shit four over four years .ashley was just busted once again in elyria for drugs .her sister was busted back in April when she was tricking like she always does .take a word of advice if you meet either of them run and dont look back you will regret it .

    • Perhaps you should consider submitting an article on the “Twisted Bitner Sisters”. Might be a good informational read. Anyways, thanks for your reply!


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