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Lyft & Uber Employee Using Service To Facilitate Sex Trafficking (Northeast, Ohio)


A Lyft & Uber employee whose name is Byron J. Larrosa is using the well known ride services to facilitate sex trafficking in Northeast, Ohio.  Mr. Larrosa who also goes by the nickname of Benny is a well known, well documented and vicious local area pimp who takes advantage of women that are attempting to obtain sobriety.  He does this in multiple ways, which will all be laid out in plain sight in this article.  A plethora of information has been submitted pertaining to the inner-workings of his underground enterprise and the evidence is absolutely irrefutable.

Key updates featured within this article are as chronicled:  On February 15th, 2017, Byron attempted suicide and jumped off of a bridge in Miami, Florida.  On April 7th, 2017, Byron was operating as a Lyft driver while simultaneously engaged in prostitution and ran into some troubles.  On August 31st, 2017, an anonymous girl who used to work for Byron submitted over 50 photographs and screenshots shedding light into the inner workings of his operation.

The evidence contained within this article is irrefutable.

The Irrefutable – Damning Evidence

The Suicide Attempt

On Valentines Day, 2017, Benny wanted to spoil his girlfriend with a lavish valentines day surprise.  His girlfriend being Caitilyn Anderson, an ex-backpage whore who used to work for Benny and a recovering heroin addict who was at the time in a Drug Rehab in Florida.  Benny rented a Mercedes, packed up all of her belongings, bought her a new wardrobe and drove down to the rehab she was staying at in Miami.  Upon arrival, his girlfriend, did something totally unexpected and threw Benny a surprise of her own.  Ms. Anderson was avidly trying to get sober and knew that his influence would be detrimental to her sobriety, she gladly took the gifts he brought and then slammed the door in his face.

Byron Jumps
A scene, much like the one when Byron J. Larossa jumped off the bridge.

Not able to handle the rejection, Byron contemplated suicide, nearby was a 20 ft. bridge located in the Miami Dade area and he simply drove his rented Mercedes on the bridge, got out of his vehicle and jumped in an attempt to end his life.  He miraculously survived and was then hospitalized for up to a two week period.  He eventually came back to Ohio and his girlfriend, this time pregnant, came with him as well.

It should be noted that Caitilyn Anderson was an instrumental tool in Byron J. Larrosa’s ability to successfully coerce so many girls into selling themselves.  She assisted Byron in drafting women from local area rehabs who were just getting released or attempting to achieve sobriety.  They did this by befriending the girls, inviting them to come over to their hotel room and then offering them the highly addictive drug heroin.  As a result of these devious methods, upwards of 5 girls overdosed at the Woodspring Suites in Avon where Mr. Larrosa predominantly ran his prostitution empire in 2016.

Fun Fact:  Benny has also been featured in another Scumbagged expose.  You can find that here: An Uber Failure

The Concocted Lyft Assault

On April 7th, 2017, while operating under the illusion of a Lyft driver (he actually does work for Uber and Lyft on many occasions) Mr. Larrosa was transporting James Seacrest & Andrew Brown from a nearby motel to a bar on a Friday night.  Larrosa having previously arranged for two women to prostitute themselves with the two men.  After they concluded, the men had asked Mr. Larrosa for a ride to a nearby bar where they could get money and have some more drinks – as both were already highly intoxicated.  Upon arrival at the bar they requested Mr. Larrosa drop them off at & decided that they weren’t going to pay him for the time they spent with his girls.

Bryon Larrosa
Byron being interviewed by Fox 8 where he told conflicting stories.

The two girls exited Mr. Larrosa’s vehicle at his request, leaving Mr. Seacrest & Mr. Brown behind.  Larrosa who had taken the two girls to the rendezvous with the gentlemen at a local hotel earlier, was attempting to collect the cash that the two owed.  They refused.

The following is an official statement from Benny with Cleveland.com regarding the events that transpired that night: “Larrosa told them six to seven times to get out of his car. They slammed his door and got out. Larrosa approached them and asked why they slammed his door.”

Two individuals
The two individuals who robbed Mr. Larrosa.

In his statement to the police and local news, he stated that he couldn’t get them out of his vehicle.   However, he also went on to state that when they finally exited the vehicle he decided to pursue them.

You might be asking yourself why he didn’t just drive away when the drunk men exited his vehicle?  Or, perhaps, you may be wondering why he allowed the two drunk men to enter his vehicle in the first place?

Caitilin Anderson (right) & Catie Fawn both worked for Benny.

According to a girl who worked for Mr. Larrosa that evening, instead of it being business as usual with the two men simply paying the girls at the end of the night, the men refused.  Once they arrived at the bar an argument ensued within Benny’s car and the men jumped out of the vehicle.  At this point, instead of Mr. Larrosa leaving, he decided to get out of the vehicle in an attempt to obtain money from the two men.  The two girls at this point in time got out of the vehicle because they both had drugs and one had a warrant.

The men, after being threatened and intimidated by Mr. Larrosa decided to attack him and his vehicle.  This detailed information was withheld from police as both the men in questioning would have additional charges for soliciting a prostitute and theft by deception.

“I’m trying to better my life and he’s always texting me or calling me saying that there is this one guy I used to see, or this other guy I used to see, always trying to get me to sell myself for him.  I’m done man, I’m trying to get sober.” As a result of Benny’s persistence, the girl also provided Scumbagged with the lengthy evidence to support any and all claims made within this article.

Reporting Byron J. Larrosa

Concerned citizens are urged to contact Uber & Lyft at the following links to report this driver for his blatant violations of their terms of service.

In addition we urge you to call Amazon’s corporate office at (206) 266-1000.  Let them know that the pilot “Queens” by Byron J. Larrosa should not be considered.  We don’t want filth from this degenerate on our screens, nor do we wish to empower him further.

COBRA Says:  You know it’s one of the oldest trades in the books, the sex industry that is.  It’s really one of those things where it’s legal in parts of this country and a great portion of the rest of the world.  However, it’s people like Mr. Larrosa who create a bad name for the entrepreneurs out there, because once you start involving drugs, using massive manipulation and intentionally keep people addicted, that’s called compelling, ie; by force.  Not good, not good at all.  Someone like this, with the potential, skills & brain that he has – and to totally squander it, riding around in a car all day and night.  Selling women, obsessing over this, instead of trying to help people around him.  His true nature really shows in the gallery photos.  Talking shit about every single person, playing one girl against the next, on and on I could go, but why, who cares?  What a scumbag…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Mr. Larrosa has an obsessive personality, one that is based on impulsive behavior.  He’s also a sexual deviant, has been known to touch women in their sleep (as you’ve seen in the screenshots), provide them drugs, responsible for overdosing women, taken money from women, bringing women drugs in rehabs and hospitals and so on.  If you’re in association with Mr. Larrosa, it is best to steer clear.  We have cataloged more than 1,000 text messages and recordings of Mr. Larrosa as well as videos.  You wouldn’t want to be added to the list or become his next victim, would you?








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