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Zak Knight Exposed: A Haunted Past Comes To The Light (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


Zak Knight has been a long term resident of North Ridgeville, Ohio.  He attended school throughout the entirety of his life within the city and from the outside looking in any friends or those assessing his life would simply see an honest, hardworking family man.  As with many people, there are always skeletons in the closet and Zak Knight certainly has some, but one in particular that will haunt him forever.

While attending the North Ridgeville High School, Zak Knight and his friends attended a party at the Crystal Springs Campground located off of Bagley Rd.  It was here, at this party, that Zak Knight raped a fellow student.  The night had started off with excessive drinking and smoking marijuana and lead to several students hanging out around a bonfire.  Others were so obliterated that they would pass out in their tents.  One girl at the party was a popular teachers daughter and she had consumed an excessive amount of alcohol during the night.  Liz Frindt stumbled her way to her tent and passed out at around 1am.  She became so intoxicated that she was unaware of Mr. Knight creeping into her tent and raping her while she slept.

The following day Zak Knight and other friends would discuss how they took advantage of this girl without her knowledge.  This conversation was discussed while in class, sometimes met with sinister laughs and hushed whispers.  The true irony of this situation is that these individuals would actually discuss what they did and what happened while in the rape victims fathers class, Mr. Frindt.  Zak and his cohorts thought that this made the weekend party and what transpired even more of a rush.

Liz Frindt (far right) & mother and father.

COBRA Says:  It appears that this scumbag developed little man syndrome.  The consistent barrage of verbal attacks that he received while in high school resonated deeply within his mind, so much in fact that he developed anxiety, loss of confidence and suffered from erectile dysfunction.  Perhaps the only way he was able to perform fully was while the victim was totally incoherent.  What a sick twisted fuck…

Eye Wittness Account

“I sat in the classroom and listened to Zak and his friends talk about that night.  They talked about how big of a slut she was, how much she liked it.  The whole time I was listening to it I was looking at Mr. Frindt to see if he was able to hear what I was hearing or anyone else.  Everyone else was just minding their own business I guess.  Zak said no less than 5 times that she was passed out drunk and how big of a slut she was and the things that were said I just don’t ever want to repeat.  BUT!  I will attest to this in the court of law as there is no statute of limitations on rape so I would sit on a stand as attest to what I heard that day.  It was rape 100%, no way around it, what he did was rape, Liz was drunk, incoherent and he just crept into her tent and did whatever he wanted.  I wonder if there are other girls like her out there and I often wonder if Liz even knows?”


Violence against women in his background.

Employers, friends, family and the community are all oblivious to the rape that Zak Knight committed while in his sophomore year of high school.  Coincidentally enough, Mr. Knight who gives off the impression of a perfect gentlemen has even more of a history in the court system.  His criminal history shows violent abuse against women, corrupting others and drug trafficking.

Case #2005CRA03527 – In 2005 Zak Knight corrupted a minor female with drugs and was in the middle of drug trafficking an excessive amount of marijuana.  He was charged with 2 felonies (CORRUPTING ANOTHER WITH DRUGS & DRUG TRAFFICKING).   Zak (Zachary A. Knight) was found guilty in Elyria Common Pleas Courts and sentenced to 3 years of probation and was subsequently released in 2010.  During his probation he failed multiple urinalysis tests and violated his probation in 3 separate instances.

Case #2005CRB02552 – Possession of marijuana.

Case #2005TRC06147 – OVI, driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Case #2009CRB04333 – While in a highly agitated state under the influence of drugs and alcohol he placed his hands on his then girlfriend (now wife).  Leaving her with bruises and marks.  She had to call the police on him and they restrained him.  He left ligature marks on her neck from the amount of force he had used while choking her.  This case went through the courts for two years.

Real Name & Whereabouts

Zak Knights real name is Zachary A. Knight.  His known previous two addresses are as follows:  3945 Main Ave. North Ridgeville, Ohio & 8755 Harris Drive. North Ridgeville, Ohio.

Risky Behavior

Shedding light on this individual is much needed.  To understand what goes through someones head when they act in such a manner, you first need to understand who they are as a person.  Throughout his early life, Zak’s popularity was steadily on the rise and so with it did his sexual escapades and behavioral pattern.  Although he maintained good grades in school and didn’t find himself in legal troubles (amazingly) his extracurricular life was one that would net him a bad reputation throughout the school and community.  Zak Knight would ultimately become known as “ring finger” during the course of his high school and young adult life.  This nickname was dubbed from the masses of girls whom he would bed and their consistent reports of the lackluster performance & the micro sized penis he allegedly had attached to his body.  Everyday the popular Mr. Knight was faced with a barrage of “ring finger” comments.  Comments that would leave him blushing, steaming, furious and frustrated.

Risky behavior continued for Mr. Knight throughout high school.   Thankfully no other rapes have been revealed, however there were other events that would shed light into his mentality.  While at a party in the 10th grade it was rumored that a friend of Mr. Knights had walked in on Zak and another male friend exchanging in oral sex.  One individual was found with a wash cloth over the others head and on his knees, while the other was standing during the sexual act that was being provided on him.  Zak was rumored to be the individual that was on his knees with a washcloth over his head and found to be extremely intoxicated.  The friend that had walked in on them broke up the sexually deviant homosexual event.

Early Days

Drugs & toxins led to many bad decisions.

One needs to go back to Mr. Knights early days as a child to try and understand this sick and twisted nature.  The development of the brain is at it’s most critical stage between the ages of 4-6 and the consumption of any toxins or unpurified elements could damage the growth process of the prefrontal cortex.  When Zak was at the age of 6 he would swallow Elmer’s Glue that was used for class projects.  Every opportunity that he had he would chug a bottle in the classroom or while at home behind his mother and fathers back.  For a 2 year period Zak Knight would eat the glue whenever anyone was or wasn’t looking (seriously).

Zak was also a bully, one who would make fun of other kids on a daily.  Moving forward into his high school years, the tables were turned and he was faced with excessive insults and degrading comments regarding the small size of his penis.  Zak began drinking and drugging excessively in an effort to erode these shortcomings and feelings of being insufficient.  How could this happen to Zak Knight?  How could one of the most popular people in school be made fun of and have no comebacks?  And so with that, Mr. Knight developed an inner rage, one that despised the women that started the rumors and all those that surrounded him.

The Bottom Line

Not So Fun Fact:  These revelations about the widely loved and respected Mr. Knight will certainly result in a backlash.  The immediate response will be “lies” and “untruths”.  However, many of these same core individuals were directly involved with that night and others are compelled by sheer will and 2 decades of friendship to stand by Mr. Knight.  Just remember, you never can judge a book by it’s cover, especially when you involve drugs, drinks & an under-developed mind – which Zak was 15 at the time that he assaulted his fellow classmate.  

Zak Knight, far right.

Over time Zak Knights drunken stupors only deepened and his attitude would eventually become his personality.  As of this writing Zak Knight is a small pathetic guy in many ways, below the belt and of stature, yet his mouth is one of the biggest around.  His mouth sheds light into the deep inner workings of his mentality.  It is apparent to some that Mr. Knight feels invincible and adheres to a belief that if you’re convicted by the law that you’re guilty as charged and condemned for life and if you’re not, then your perfect and flawless (just like him).  The reality is, that Mr. Knight and many others like him in America’s society have skeletons in their closet, skeletons that didn’t wind up in the court rooms and didn’t result in charges, but all the same society should hold that individual accountable regardless.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  When confronting or speaking with Zak Knight be warned.  If the entirety of the conversation doesn’t resonate with Mr. Knight he will go off on a tangent and begin belittling you and condescending you to the point of nearly violence.  It would be best to stay away from this individual – for one punch could shatter his entire face and land you in jail for 2-8 or one drink too many could wind up with his little creepy crawler going places that it isn’t permitted.  You’ve been warned.






  1. Saw him at Aces once. Dude was shitfaced and got choked out by the one girls bf from behind for trying to kiss her and grabbing on her.

  2. I don’t know about all the other stuff but he has ass mouth. He ever talked to me the way I’ve seen him talk to other people I’d smack the dog shit out of him.


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