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Anthony Roman – The Bi-Polar Maniac, A Murder & His Girlfriend (Sheffield Village, Ohio)


Anthony Roman is 29 years old and he’s one of the most deranged and mentally challenged individuals currently residing in Sheffield Village, Ohio.  Roman, who still lives with his mommy and daddy, suffers from extreme bi-polar outbursts which are escalated when he drinks alcohol.  He has no job, steals from his own family, beats his girlfriends (almost to death in one case), abuses drugs and to top it all off, is a deadbeat father.  

Regarding his drug use, no matter what you have around him he will do it.  He also drinks alcohol almost on a daily basis.   In order to pay for his various endeavors, Anthony Roman steals from those whom are closest to him.  He literally sneaks into his parents bedroom and will steal their money or their weed and anything else he can find of value.   Instead of getting a job, Roman tries to sell drugs, but somehow he can’t even manage to get that right and ends up, more often than not, owing money.

When Anthony was in a relationship with a woman named Grecia P. Colon, the two conceived a child, once he found out she was pregnant, he kicked her out of the house.  He then got into a relationship with a different woman and failed to inform the new girlfriend (who he got into a serious long-term relationship with) that he had a baby on the way.  Never, not one time, did Mr. Roman mention the fact that he was about to be a father.  When eventually his current girlfriend discovered that he had a child, Anthony would pretend that his ex (Grecia) wouldn’t allow him to see the baby.

Anthony Roman beat his ex with a tire iron.

Fun Fact:  Anthony Roman’s parents still pay his cellphone bill and let them drive his vehicles (when his 1994 Honda Accord is out of gas or broken down).  You might catch him whipping around town in his mom’s dark gray Ford Fusion or his dad’s black SUV.

Anytime that Anthony Roman doesn’t get his way – he will stop at nothing to destroy you.  If he doesn’t get attention or if he doesn’t get sex when he wants it, he will literally attempt to give his girlfriend a panic attack by getting in their face and screaming at the top of his lungs.  He’ll even resort to hit them, leaving bruises on them and then act like it’s a complete and total accident…

COBRA Says:  Can someone say douchebag.  The epitome of scumbaggery regarding relationships.   What a total fuckin degenerate.  

A Girl Beat Almost To Death

One night, when Anthony and his ex-girlfriend were at his Aunts house, Carla Rodriguez, in Sheffield Lake, things turned almost deadly.  Everything was fine for a while and then  the Aunt had asked his girlfriend to take her to the bar.  When the girlfriend returned, she found that Anthony was on the phone and in a heated argument.  The girlfriend tried to calm him down and when that didn’t work she grabbed her keys and was about to leave.  She had been through enough nights to know that when Anthony Roman gets mad & he’s drunk, it’s best to just leave.  That’s when Roman prevented her from leaving and an argument broke out between the two.  Roman then proceeded to punch his girlfriend in the face causing her to have a bloody and broken nose.  The girlfriend took a picture of her face and sent it to her uncle hoping that he would come home to help her (since Anthony wouldn’t let her leave the house).

Then Anthony proceeded to hit his girlfriend in the head with a tire iron while she was attempting to make phone calls to anyone in his family, trying to get them to come home to help her.  Right when she was in the process of dialing 911, he took her cellphone and threw it across the street.   The girlfriend, after being struck in the head with the tire iron began blacking out and losing consciousness.  At some point, his Aunt had finally returned and the girlfriend remembered bits and pieces of Carla Rodriguez attempting to stop her nephew from the never ending assault.

Roman, who joked about intentionally killing someone on a drug overdose.

Instead of taking the girl to the hospital, the family rushed her over to Anthony’s mothers house where she had instructed her son to simply “watch her closely”.  Anthony & co. forced her to stay in the house and didn’t even allow her direct access to any phone.  After finally being allowed to leave, almost 3 days later, the girlfriend didn’t go to the police, but exhausted and defeated from the ordeal simply went home.  Two weeks went by and she began having extremely painful and debilitating migraines.  She was rushed to the hospital where they discovered she had a brain bleed as a result of the trauma she suffered during Anthony Roman’s attack.  They had to drain the fluid from behind her eye to relieve the pressure.  Her doctors informed her that had she waited another day or two, she most likely would have died (from the pressure).

A Murder Bragged About

“they overdosed and fell out – I dropped that nigga”.  – A. Roman

Anthony Roman has also taken credit for killing someone and went as far as to brag about it in public (on numerous occasions).  He stated “I gave someone something” then he began laughing “they overdosed and fell out – I dropped that nigga”.  

Readers Note:  This quote has been made directly in front of numerous people on more than one occasion.  The individual that has been discussed indeed did pass from a fatal drug overdose.  Anthony Roman was also selling drugs and pills at the time – to this individual.  It is unknown whether or not Anthony Roman is truly responsible for the death of this person due to his impulsive and bi-polar behavior, he may have been saying these things out of pure menace.  As a personal request from the family of the loved one that was lost, the name of the victim has been removed, for now…

The Bottom Line:  For an individual to beat his girlfriends with tire irons, break their noses, kill individuals (allegedly) with intentional/accidental overdoses, there is clearly a breakdown of something somewhere.  His lithium is entirely out of whack, his brain isn’t working properly and if he gets into a relationship with anyone again (or perhaps he already is) then things like this are going to keep happening.  It’s only a matter of time before he truly kills or murders someone, again…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Stay away, stay far far away.  Anthony Roman is the type of individual who will drag you down.  Misery loves company, don’t ever forget that…




  1. All those things are not true. I made it up. These guys are not bad. I was just angry at them. Even my ex. I still love all of them

  2. This is all true don’t use my name to be a troll. Nobody can love a man who acts like an angry toddler. But I think it’s cute you edit your comments to use my name trying to save face. Hadn’t seen him in months and bumped into him… said nothing and he still acted like a lunatic. He needs locked in a mental hospital and some serious help.


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