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Mark Pi’s Exposed: Chinese Restaurant Admits To Serving Old & Pre Ate Food (Avon Lake, Ohio)


Mark Pi’s Chinese Restaurant must be avoided at all costs!  I have been a long time customer of this place and have been eating here almost every other week for the past 2 years.  The restaurant is located at 32730 Walker Rd. in Avon Lake, Ohio.  My issue arose when I most recently ate here and at what I discovered that would ultimately make me sick to my stomach.  Mark Pi’s served my wife food that was previously nibbled on & saved from someone else’s plate earlier in the day!

My wife and I were out to dinner and she ordered her usual meal and I ordered mine.  My wife is pretty picky when it comes to food, so she has to have her meat cooked just the right way otherwise she won’t eat it.  We’ve never had a problem with Mark Pi’s in the past because they have always listened to the order and specifically catered to what my wife wanted.  That came to an end when they brought her the wrong food and then simply dished her food off onto someone else’s plate and swapped her’s with leftovers.

When my wife got her plate of food returned after making the requested changes, she noticed that it was cold and that the vegetables were chewy.  I called the waiter over and my wife asked him why the vegies were chewy like rubber.  Basically we had a conversation that consisted of the waiter telling us that they simply re-heat leftover and returned food because they couldn’t waste it.  This was also confirmed days later when I had called and asked to speak to the manager but actually got one of the owners on the phone.  Below is pretty much how our conversation went with Mark Pi’s.

A Mark Pi’s Disaster

Mark Pi’s Menu.

Wife:  “Just wondering why my vegetables seem a little off, like they weren’t cooked all the way or they are old because they are chewy.”

Waiter: “Ma’am we don’t have money to spare throwing food away, we need to save all food we have and so this means we reheat food to serve”.

Wife:  “So I’m eating leftover food or food from someone else’s dinner perhaps that was returned?”

Waiter: “Yes, we do not throw food away, we save it and if we can use it we will use it, it’s heated up, no germs, you’re fine, please eat.”

Wife:  “I don’t want to eat my food, can I speak to the manager?”

Waiter: “I am the manager, get out of restaurant, don’t ever come back!”

Me:  “Hey, we come here all the time, I don’t understand why you would tell us not to come back any longer, we just want a refund at this point.”

Wife:  “Let’s get out of here seriously this is crazy I don’t even care about the money at this point this is unbelievable.”

Waiter:  “You get refund and go and don’t come back, don’t come back, go.”

Food similar to what was server at Mark Pi’s.

Then, like I said, I proceeded a few days later to call up to Mark Pi’s and ask to speak to the owner, which I got one of them on the phone because I am pretty sure that there are two owners, the person I spoke to was a woman.  She told me the same exact thing, basically that in order to save money they don’t throw away any food.  Food that someone doesn’t like for example like what my wife had and returned they would set to the side and if/when someone else made an order that they could use the food on her plate they would use it for that order.  Which is crazy because my wife ate some of that food.  Then the lady assured me that the food is heated to appropriate temperatures to ensure any and all germs are killed…

Needless to say we will never ever be going back there, it’s a shame too because this was truly one of my favorite places to eat, but after being treated that way and them blatantly admitting that you pretty much have a shot at getting served someone elses leftovers, I wanted to throw up.  This is like seriously, 100% the truth too, no bs in what I’ve said here either, I loved that place, a part of me wishes I could just block out what they said and go back up there (joke), but that’s just not going to happen.

The Bottom Line:  There needs to be some health inspectors and food administrators that come and swarm this place.  There are serious health implications and risk factors at play here if all of what has been stated is to be found true.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Instead of worrying about saving a few pennies by not throwing away old and previously aten food, perhaps you should be worried about throwing away your customers.  Don’t eat here folks, unless you want to be like a baby bird and have some regurgitated reheated food gobbled up and spit out to be re-served just for you!  Yummy!


  1. I am the mark pi restaurant owner. I saw your article about my restaurant. That is a lie, this is not true. I don’t know who you are but this is a matter of law. I have been here 16 years and have many loyal customers who would never say this about my Resturant nor my food. I don’t know who you are i don’t know why you are hating on my restaurant. I did not do anything wrong. I have been serving food for 30 years. I’m going to get a lawyer and find out who you are and why you said these things about my Resturant. If you would like to talk to me you can come into my resturant and talk to me.

    • I am worker in the kitchen at Mark Pis, and have been for 2 years, and this is just not true. This is a blatant lie. We cook everything fresh and it is made to order. I’m sorry you feel the need to lie.

  2. I’ve worked here for months and I can say w full honesty that this is billshit. The author is a liar, and I am more than happy to call out this worthless scumbag out on it. Everything made here is fresh, and anything the customer doesn’t eat or take home is thrown out. Under no circumstances would anything s this article states be true.

    To the admin of this page, you really need to check your sources and facts.

    Also, to the author of this article; you are dumbass, and your wife is a fat whore.

  3. This is not a blatant lie. I worked here years ago and watched the owners wash off noodles and vegetables. There was a few times things dropped on the floor and were washed off. I quit because of that reason.

    • This is probably the one who submitted this Fake article, I’m sorry you feel the need to lie, what’s your name? Why are you being a coward?

    • This is probably the one who submitted this Fake article, I’m sorry you feel the need to lie, whatever s your name? Why are you being a coward?

  4. The guy above MICHAEL (ALL LIES) got fired because he was stealing the liquor in the corner 😂 so he talks bad about the restaurant

  5. Just thought all of you scum bags at “scumbagged”, and Cobra The Coward should know that here at Mark Pi’s yesterday, the health inspector came and checked everything, we passed everything of course, don’t you all worry. Thank you The Onion, oops I mean Scumbagged for not doing any research on stories that come in, even ones that are blatant lies. You guys are truly a pitiful, sorry excuse for a website that publishes lies and slander. Everyone knows about your ignorance, I’m sure that’s that’s not the first time you have been called out on it, and surely it won’t be the last. Also, if you are going to text someone and act professional, at least use proper grammar, it’s “you’re” not your, this just further proves your ignorance.

  6. Article Translation: Cobra had a bad meal and decided to inflate an otherwise mediocre/disappointing dining experience into a potentially slanderous rant regarding soggy vegetables intended to dissuade future patrons. Exacerbating his misguided opinion further, Cobra then proceeds to concoct a hilariously juvenile opinion piece about his experience in the hopes an authority will investigate and ultimately shut down a restaurant he has frequented for two years and otherwise has no issue with.

    More importantly Cobra foreshadows the experience with what must have been a recorded conversation of the event (assuming he is aware this will validate his version). If this is true, Cobra either records all of his dining experiences in the hopes his blind squirrel will find a nut, or deliberately stacked the deck in his favor by discussing what to do with his wife in the event their food is presented in a distasteful manor. Either way you view it, his account is disingenuous and should be dismissed. And dude, who uses the term “waiter” anymore? “Server” has been in the national dialogue for years, so either you’re a tragically disconnected hipster, or a senior citizen who had a very senior moment.

    If you’re going to write something like this, and yes even if it’s just your own opinion, you should probably have your evidence ducks in a row with such a claim. Did you have a bad meal? Perhaps. Did you discuss your bad meal with the owners? Yes you did. To insinuate the owners had a ” These are not the droids you’re looking for” moment and offered up a convenient/ salacious detail about their business model detailing the active recycling of leftovers requires more than just “below is pretty much how our conversation went”.

    Also, correct grammar demonstrates to an audience that your ideas are well conveyed. This is not apparent in your piece. How the hell are you an Admin for this page?

    ….and Hi Lisa!


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