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Stalker Alaniz Compton Exposed: Impulsive & Dangerous (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan)


Alaniz Compton is a 19 year old Freshman who attends the Central Michigan University.  He is originally from Mount Pleasant, Michigan, which is located in Isabella County, Michigan.  He (who actually looks more like a she) is also a prevalent Facebook stalker who uses an online pseudonym to hide behind.  Alaniz, whose real name is Kenah Alaniz, frequently add’s random girls from all across the United States and harasses them.  In some cases going as far as to contact one girl more than 100 times and ultimately threatening to kill her.

Kenah was also most recently released from the Isabella County Jail in Michigan for being involved in a hi-speed chase with his brother (read that article here).  The chase, which saw speeds go in excess of 100MPH was in regards to a theft incident.  Kenah was the passenger in this situation and was arrested for having an open container and another minor incident, his brother, however, remains in jail.

Kenah also has been known to take things a step further in other matters unrelated to his most recent incident.  In one situation about 2 months ago he was alleged to have stalked a girl while on the campus of the Central Michigan University.  The girl, who he was friends with at the time stated “I just couldn’t get away from him, like he seriously has a really bad addictive personality and if you don’t reply to him in like 5 minutes he just fly’s off the handle”.

With another girl who also didn’t want her name shared who attends the University of Central Michigan went on to state.  “He’s just a strange person, which is fine, by all means, be who you are, be unique, be different.  However, the way that he acts is just a little too creepy for me.  I once caught him staring at me, in a weird way and then I asked him what he was staring at and he literally said “your tits bitch”.  He’s also made some seriously wreckless comments that could get him into a lot of trouble around the campus”.

Kenah is also an extreme alcoholic.  One who drinks excessively and goes into manic mood swings.  In an effort to control those mood swings he smokes weed all day everyday (literally).  He is a sexually frustrated individual as well.  One who has a very low self-esteem and befriends people from all across the country in the hopes of meeting someone new.  This is because everyone that knows him stays the hell away from him!

When things don’t go his way he becomes irate.  In his last relationship which lasted the entirety of 1 day, his “friend” became physically assaulted and verbally abused.  It’s a nightmare situation for anyone who gets to know him in person.  He blames everyone else other than himself for his own situations…

As recently as March 17th, 2018, Kenah was out on the social networking site Facebook and hunting down new individuals whom he could converse with.  This time he found a woman from Dallas, Texas, by the name of Chelsey Nichole Everett.  In that conversation, the same ole’ same ole’ continued with Kenah getting irate over a slow response time.

His brother, who is also a known gang-banger can be found below:

The Bottom Line:  Individuals such as Kenah who use only pseudonym’s to hide behind are dangerous people to accept to your friends lists.  Especially when you truly never know who someone is.  In this case, Kenah, has been to county jail on more than 3 occasions according to court documents.  You’ve been warned.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Never trust someone who you don’t really know.  You never know their true motivations behind them contacting you and if you’ve never met them in person you really don’t know who they are.



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