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The Horror of HYLA Corp.: Don Paul Wilson & Robert Miller (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


Readers Note:  Upon further review and careful consideration this article has been re-released to the general public.  On April 25th, 2018 we removed this article from public view due to a restraining order being filed on behalf of Don Paul Wilson against Emmett Whisenhunt.  This article was published prior to that restraining order coming into effect and the order itself was only dated until 5/8/2018.  We also feel that the restraining order was used in a direct effort to silence our submitter.  In addition, based on a plethora of information, news articles, arrest reports and user submitted audio recordings that actually substantiate some of the wild and insane claims raised in this article, we will permit this indefinitely.  Freedom of speech will never be shunned on Scumbagged.com, any efforts to escalate the removal of this post will be met with aggressive efforts by both our legal team and our fundamental right to publish any additional articles submitted from our users pertaining to the psychotic individuals mentioned herein.  Perhaps not all that you are about to read is true, but rest assured, there is some validity to the madness folks…

The horror of HYLA Corp. starts with two of the biggest scumbags in Lorain County.  They are Don Paul Wilson and Robert Miller aka Bobby Miller. Don runs the local HYLA Corporation. This is a vacuum cleaning sales company. He employ’s some decent people but mostly drug dealers like… Bob. Bob targeted me at age 14.  He hooks people on drugs then uses the Elyria Police Department to do his dirty work by filing false reports.  Don Paul Wilson lets people like Bob use his company to find naive and broken families to hook on drugs and ultimately rip off.

These two are both sexual predators that use alcohol, date rape drugs like rohypnol, cocaine, heroin and any other drug available to sedate and rape, or set up and entrap their prey. Twelve years ago I told Bob I was not sexually interested in him. Shortly after me telling him this he came to my house begging me to go to the police station and file a false report about someone keying his car.  He wanted me to do this so he could have a counter suit against the man who had some dirt on him. I told him I would not lie to the cops for him.  After a short time, he came back to my house posing as a friend, where he fed me and my current girlfriend some mushrooms and said we would have a good time together. Instead, we were roofied. I lost 4.5 hours of time to wake up and find my at the time girlfriend bent over our inflatable mattress with her pants and underwear undone and pulled up only half way. The next day she didn’t remember anything.

Knowing how horrible Elyria PD is and out of fear that he would kill me I kept my mouth shut. Later the next week my ex tried to kill herself with the knife Bob left at my house. Then she wanted me to kill myself with it. Then tried to slit her own throat with it. I grabbed the knife bare handed got 8 stitches the next morning after holding her till she slept.

What is going on here?

HAWK Says:  This information surely sounds crazy, but then the submission starts to have weight. 

Bob Miller arrested 6/26/2018 for Felony 1 heroin possession.

Fun Fact:  Robert Miller recently had a run in with the law where he was arrested for Felony-1 heroin possession charges on 6/26/2018. Miller was also featured in The Morning Journal back in 2011 where he wound up being stabbed by the very knife that he himself wielded.  A cop was also exposed to Hep-C (as he is hepatitis c positive) during the incident.  Miller was also combative with hospital staff while being treated for his stab wounds.  See that story here:  http://www.morningjournal.com/general-news/20111026/man-stabbed-in-fight-elyria-police-officer-exposed-to-hepatitis-c

He and another ex of mine are in the Elyria paper for spraying a cop with Hep C after a knife fight between him and her.  Bob brainwashes people in their sleep to do things like this. I believe he and my uncle Wade Romans have used the anarchist cook book and CIA documents on brainwashing to create a entire small army of heroin and coke junkies around town that are brainwashed into doing and saying whatever they want. The pattern of abuse mimmicks that which Wade Romans used to brainwash me as a child. These men are pedophiles & rapists that record and trade and sell their tapes of chopping up addicts and permanently mind fucking people.

Don Paul Wilson uses the HYLA Corp. to keep tabs on everyone within the entire Northeast Ohio region. After he realized I was a difficult target he asked me to help him kill pedophiles. When it is obvious that he and Bob are the biggest pedophiles in Lorain County. They will stop at nothing to get to their targets.  Bob once offered me 100k a year if I would hook my fiancée and her friends on heroin and then move on to the next. As long as I didn’t get “high on my own supply”. I refused and forced him to promise me he quit heroin after his parents dropped him off at my house with cotton fever and half dead from shooting up something evil obviously intended to kill him. I force fed his face water and medicine till he came back to life. These were in the days before narcan. I wish I would have let him die. Because, instead of quitting he hooked another girl I once dated on heroin and chopped her up while they were on dope. This mans motto is “once I fuck a girl she stays fucked” his favorite thing is to fuck another mans wife, second only to Facebook, or internet sex websites, and skyping with innocent and sweet girls from out of the area.

HAWK Says:  I just want to state that the owner of Hyla Corporations email address is “fluffybear1969@yahoo.com”. Just keep that in mind. Fluffy fucking bear 19 sixty nine 69.

All of his methods are to hook them on heroin and cocaine, to ruin them and then send them back to mommy and daddy with permanent damage. Bob, Don and Wade are so obsessed with me they contacted my boss and tried to set me up with a life insurance fraud. I grew up being groomed to be a insurance fraud adjuster. Meaning I would help women set their men up to look abusive, then set them up with really lucrative insurance policies and or SSI for their women and children, then set them up to be drugged and recorded so the recordings could be used to inspire murderous scumbags like Bobby Miller or a underaged kid to kill them or “help them commit suicide”. Like what happened to both of my fathers.

This article is insane…

I refused my uncles offer and have had my life and every thing I ever try to make for myself destroyed. I cant go to school, I cant have a job, I cant have friends. Because, when Bob and Don wanted to fuck my current fiancé and I said no. That meant that they could then resort to all of their connection’s and resources and salesman tactics on all my fiancees and my associates. Slowly he went through each of my friends and my fiancés friends hooking them on dope and heroin and brainwashing them into his little tools. Until after my fiancé and I left the state to get away from them. They manipulated my family into helping them kill me off. I had family in Tennessee tell me to kill myself because they believe Dons and Bobbies lies. Then offer me protection if I would share my fiancé with them sexually. They set me up and ruined my life and stole my life savings and inheritance over Bobs and Dons manipulation.

While we were gone. Bob got into my fiancés home. Turned her little brother into a drug dealer. While turning him into a copy of himself like he tried to do to me. I was chased and drugged all across Ohio. With drugs being put into my food like meth and flocka to force me to act out. While the trigger words that my uncle brainwashed into my head with the same drugs as a child were used to try to get me to act out and deserve to be murdered or incarcerated. My family all helped him, my fiancés family helped him, even my own little brother and all the bosses and some of the teachers in the college after I went back to school helped him. To the point I have been suspended from college and punched in the face at work. Because, these two men want to fuck me and my fiancé and I said no.

They went around my home town and convinced everyone I am a rapist. When these two men are just trying to get rid of me because I know who they are. Bob even slammed his babbies mothers face into a pile of heroin before she gave birth. So, he could make her look like the bad one. These two men use drugs and illegal tactics to get the cops to do their dirty work, their junkies, and manipulate even the local psychiatric and mental health institutions into stockholming their prey into submission.

I have personally seen their children preforming sexual tendencies as though they are either witnessing their parents sexual exploits, or are being drugged in their sleep and sexually molested to the point they have muscle memory but no mental memories. These two people combined with my uncle have utterly destroyed my life, every friendship, every job, and every opportunity I have ever had in my life. To the extent I am being called a threat by the school board for carrying even a pocket knife as a tool. They used this same routine to ruin jobs for me and had my ex boss thinking I would be some kind of mass murderer, all the while I was building his silenced m16s and guns.

Who knows
No way this shit is true… Or is it?

I asked him about why he was letting them manipulate him. I got death threats in return. These three men are abominations to the human race that get into peoples houses as vacuum sales men. To target new victims for their insurance fraud scams. Killing the fathers and ruining good men so they can ruin and rape our communities. Bob has over the last 5 years paraded as a changed man. While getting into the amish communities houses to rip them off and take advantage of their isolated mentalities. I am positive he has taken advantage of many of them. Ruining as many families as they can in a sick competition.  One that they have been playing since they were in Christian school together. The entire northern Ohio community needs to ban together to out, ruin, and stop these men from making more duplications of them selves…

The Bottom Line: If the submitter was truly mind fucked and abused beyond repair then it would make sense as to the roaming and wide ranging-ness of this disaster of a piece.  However, we don’t judge, we don’t analyze and so here we have it. However due to the lengths and extremes take to silence this submission in its entirety, and upon our further due diligence we can 100% say that there is something SERIOUSLY wrong here.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Lorain County Courts may have been taken for a ride by individuals and entities with money and power. We urge the authorities whom have u limited printing capabilities that so fervently read our articles to engage on their free time and asses these individuals listed above.  OH and don’t forget about the wack ass Hyla email, strange

fluffybear1969@yahoo.com – hmmm wtf lol.


  1. None of that is true, this is almost comical how much of a joke the guy that wrote this is. I’m embarrassed for him for being so stupid. Lmao!! And I think this website needs to check its resources. Maybe they all like drama queens.
    This dudes an idiot for dating so many whores.

    • I do not date “whores” people like the aformentioned invite us to parties. Where they roofie me and slip MDMA into her drink. Sure I grew up surrounded by drugs. However, I did not make them my life. Hence why the dealers obsessed with me hate me. Because, I am not one of their whores that sell my women for drugs or protection. Same as I refuse to sell their drugs for a living. Hence why all the junkies like you. Resort to calling your self my mom and fucking with me.

  2. What an idiot! The author of this admits to trying different drugs then getting mad when they werent what he thought they were. HAHAHAHA

    I am more disappointed in scumbagged for allowing such a fool to write something like this. Also, what proof does scumbagged have to prove any of this?

    • We don’t need any proof – our users utilize their first amendment right to publish on their own behalf. We don’t fact check their articles, there was a restraining order request to take it down, the date didn’t coincide with the publication, we reviewed the situation and re-approved it. Upon browsing around, one of the individuals mentioned within this article has had a history that actually lines up with this insanity. It should be noted however, that if we were the truth police – we would have included the explicit prostitution involvement on the behalf of some of those mentioned within this article for our “opinion based lines”. That would have added a nice little touch, no?

      Move along now, move along… 🙂

    • This was written by one of the sluts bob turned into a prostitute. I know her well. She has tried to do the same to my fiance out of spite and hatred for going on well since Jenna met her in ninth grade when she started public school. When Jenna stole the attention of all of this girls men. Right before this chick. Tried to turn Jenna into a “coke whore” to devalue her reputation. The amount of horror and rampant jealousy fueled sadistic murderous psychopaths in lorain county is amazing. But with a mafia like organization like this. Killing off or mentally destroying all the good men and women. Like this girls parents and mine. It’s a end that is predictably logical.

    • This is a extrapolation of the lie bob is using to ruin jobs for me. He is going around brain washing people into believing I’m a snitch, rapist, or them into the feds for them selling me bad drugs. No I turned them in. Because, they tried to murder and incarcerate me. For not fucking them or joining their pedofile, rapist, porn, and beastiality ring. From age 10 and on. Even though all of my girlfriends and friends and family have been drugged and tricked and blackmailed into behind my back. Since before I was 10. Obviously. Especially after loosing 2 dads to my mother being turned out by this massive (5 state large that I know of) ring of sexual criminals. Willing to kill anyone that knows of them and wont put out and let them tape and blackmail them.

    • This is a extrapolation of the lie bob is using to ruin jobs for me. He is going around brain washing people into believing I’m a snitch, rapist, or them into the feds for them selling me bad drugs. No I turned them in. Because, they tried to murder and incarcerate me. For not fucking them or joining their pedofile, rapist, porn, and beastiality ring. From age 10 and on. Even though all of my girlfriends and friends and family have been drugged and tricked and blackmailed into behind my back. Since before I was 10. Obviously. Especially after loosing 2 dads to my mother being turned out by this massive (5 state large that I know of) ring of sexual criminals. Willing to kill anyone that knows of them and wont put out and let them tape and blackmail them. I am being so forth coming. Because, my life is forfeit. The abuse I’m dealing with has been life long. Realizing they are all interconnected by sex crime rings that will kill to keep their secrets. That will poision developmental issues into children and adults to feed their sexual desires and fill their bank accounts. Has driven me insane. They have drugged my brains out repetitively. Poisioned my food. Got me cut off from proper medical care. Broke into my home while I was sleeping and broke my neck. Even my doctors have tried to force me back onto heroine by allowing the local law enforcement and these manipulative drug dealing psychopaths. To make me look like a druggie. When in fact. All of this I am going through. Is because I’m not enough of a druggie to fit into their crowd. I will not sell myself or my women or my friends for drugs. I will not help them commit felonies for drugs. I will not help them commit fraud, theft, murder, breaking and entering, prostitution, blackmail, exploitation, or any thing of the like. For drugs or protection. My only mistakes in life are being attractive and choosing attractive mates. Being nieve and coming from a broken family that is only broken because my mother was targeted by these people because she was once young, nieve, and beautiful like my fiance also. I am watching the same pattern repeat in my life that happened when Mark Kocel stood up to my uncle wade Roman’s. From rumor I also hear the exact same scenario drove Emmett Perry Whisenhunt III to suicide. Both deaths could have been easily avoided and both could also be murder. If not direct murder than murder by stress and torture. Torture I have endured since I stood up to wade Roman’s than found myself being set up every time I turned around. While he used his connections with the local rings to manipulate every aspect of my life. Hindsight clearly shows that it has taken the combined efforts of many different people working closely together and driven by fraud and sexually criminal goals. To make it impossible for me to even have a job. For saying no to the advances of their most popular sadistic sexual predators.

  3. All these ppl that are commenting are DPs little click. This is what he does he makes himself look like he’s innocent and the first to stab you in the back. He will do anything to destroy you then when you retaliate he hits you with Cops and restraining orders cause he can’t take the heat and he’s a pussy. Robert Miller is one of the biggest heroin addicts out there. Infested with Hepatitis and passes it with no problem. He use to jack off dogs so his puppy mill and dog flipping would gain him cash. Sick fuck. Advice: stay as far away from Don Paul Wilson and Robert Miller as you can. The Hyla company is a scam and falsely advertises their company, and Don Paul has nothing but felons coming in to your house to scam you to make u buy a 2700$ machine when he gets them for dirt cheap and even buys them off the internet polishes it up and triple charges you. This man also is a theif, he will go buy brand new things and go through his personal belongings find the same thing of that product package it up and take it back to get cash. The Hyla company is truly a scam beware if you get a call saying you won a vacation from a fair or a gathering HANG UP.

    • Thank you, thank you SO much! Now if only I could get to all the families these scumbags have ruined. That dont even know what happened to their beautiful family. But still have the ability to remember who, what, where, when, and why. Everything in their lives fell apart as these people prospered.

  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UBxvT8CnOTqFmB-GHfvpRvOmEd7jIbch/view?usp=drivesdk
    I caught one of dons gang members following me around driving and at cedar point. Then we both blacked out and my girlfriend passed out like she was roofied. I woke up with no memory and a m1 and m2. She woke in the hospital. We were profiled, set up, and drugged. I found this video the next day in my phone after sitting in jail all day. This is what happens when you “poke the “fluffy” bear”. They use the cops to silence you. Or give you a physical and mental disability so they can say you made it all up then force you to be their friend again. Or kill you.

  5. These predators steal peoples free will with drugs. Meaning at work, on lunch, when ever they share food, buy you gifts, offer you gum, offer you drugs. You never know what its laced with. From Acid to Zoloft and everything in between. How about your spouse coming home mad she can’t stop getting horny at work for no reason. Then every phone call you get from her. Bugged so it sounds like shes fucking someone you have tabs on. While your boss takes you aside and tries to give you a heart attack and or to get you to snap on your woman by telling you her place of employment doubles as a brothel where she basically fucks everyone that intimidates her. I have been forcably gaslighted, drugged, and robbed of my very sanity. By these evil bastards trying to get me to beat my Fiance. So, they have a good excuse to kill me. Other than the fact that I exposed them for trying to murder me in the first place. How about eating something out of your friegerator then getting a boner for 4 hours. While your getting hit on by the last person in the world that thinks his 55 year old ass is going to touch me or my woman. How about coming home to your ex beating the shit out of you because someone slipped her extacy in her drink at work and the boys passed her around then you have to deal with the emotional drama, pain, damage, and come down from a drug neither of you even know shes on. After two decades of intelligent observation and trying to rationalize and forgive and make excuses for these people. No more. There is no excuse at all for any of the things they have done with their lives or the lives they have impacted. These people drug families apart for fraud and sexual exploitation. By taking peoples free will with drugs. They are the biggest druggies in lorain county. But are closet cases who will force you to believe they never have even seen a drug. Because, I know this. I cant go anywhere at all or do anything at all. Without manslaughter and malicious attempts to maim and ruin my life. Like the 5 car pile up they tried with me the day before yesterday on my way home from West Virginia. Or my uncle following me to the laundry mat. So, I have to face my abuser that started it all the week before. I go from anxiety attack to panic attack all day every day. In fear for my self and my loved ones. I have been this way for years on end. Every since I realized a undercover was watching a semi truck try to run me over on my way to Lakewood from work 5 years ago. Waiting on my body to sprout out from under the trucks tires. So, he could start the prosecution process on my ex boss, family, and friends involved with the fraud game to make my uncles rich from fraud and from my inheritance. All people I loved. So much I have avoided death plot after death plot and am still surviving the abuse I could easily escape by giving in and letting them murder me. Instead of risking my life trying to get them to quit.

  6. Due to recent enlightenment. I believe we are dealing with a pedofile, prostitution, and beastiality ring. Selling their tapes using the dark web and semi truck smut rings to reap proffits. Along with everything else. That has to much of our community black mailed. For me to even leave my house.

  7. I want to state not all of the EPD are bad people. If it wasnt for them jeepinggood records of my ex beating me and my demeanor after being beaten and my property destroyed. In a bipolar rage instigated by wade and bob ruining my ability to have a job. If it was not for the fine officer that was following me around that I pulled over to ask why. Letting me know someone reported me driving around smoking crack. After I told him I found the planted crack pipe in my car. I would have fallen victim to bob and Wade’s game years ago. There are some fine men in the EPD. I just wish they would quit letting themselves be manipulated. Into helping these sick perverted criminals get their dicks wet with other mens women. Using convoluted blackmail and stockholming games that incorporate the local law enforcement, court system, and mental health institutions.

  8. Omw to court again. Fearing for my life. Scared to be locked away with these mens friends. As my stockholmed fiance accuses me of stirring shit. This is horror.

  9. @Emmett
    You control your “woman” as if she were a object. That’s why she has been cheating on you at work. Steve and everyone else has had enough of your treatment to her. We see the way it affects her.

    • That is exactly the whole problem. Everyone around her thinks if they get me locked up. I wont be able to protect her from. That is all this 5 year solid assaults goal is. Force me to kill myself or lock me away and Stockholm her into submission. Just like all of their other victims. I adore my fiance. You and your friends are ripping our lives to shreds. For sec. To Stockholm her into fucking everyone that cannot get over the fact. She hides behind me so she does not have to.

    • He filed a tpo on me. But wont stop insessantly stalking and slandering me. Will not stop with the sick attacks and set up traps every where I go. I asked for help. I was informed that it is his right to do this to me. In front of my fiance. This is the most blatant and sickest stockholming abuse I could ever fathom. There is no way for us to defend ourselves. They wont even allow me to have a job & have demanded I leave the area and leave Jenna here. For 3 years now. I have delt with felonious assault after felonious assault and did my best to keep my mouth shut. All I have done to defend myself. Is write and ask for help. How is that a punishable offence. One I already have spent one day in jail for.

    • I don’t know who you are but that is the most absurd thing I’ve heard all day. For one, I would never cheat on him and it’s people like you that want to play on someone’s insecurities that is causing so much grief in our life. For two, I would not do anything to jeopardize my career, period.
      For three, if people would just quit thinking that its “fun” to mess with someone’s head just to A. Make themselves feel better about their sad lives. Or B. Just because someone told them it’ll be “fun” to watch him flip out, then we’d be extremely happy. Too bad these ghouls have too much “fun” messing with the emotionally unstable. Notice I used the word ghoul, because no human in their right mind would ever think about hurting somone like that. I say good day life eaters, find a different host!

  10. As I was growing up I couldnt figure out why my uncle kept setting me up to be violent. Now I know it is because he was conditioning me to feed him sexual pleasure from my pain. Once it became clear to him I would never permit his dreams coming true. He turned malicious and insidious. As a pre teen I had to endure his threats to kill me, get me a lobotomy, and get me tortured to death. While he inquired about what I would do if a gun was at my head and I was told to suck dick. Would I bite it off or suck it. He was obsessed with this torture for some time. I couldnt figure out why. Until my friends, girlfriends, bosses, coemployees, and teachers. Started helping him torture me. Set me up. Then poision my food to give me that lobotomy he promised me. The only threat he has made that has not come true. Is being tortured to death. I live horrified that that is the only thing in life I have left to look forward to. Especially, after hearing there is a price tag on my head and I am not permitted to work. All Emmett is good for is being set up and tortured. Even though I used to make my ex boss a half million almost every year.

  11. As I was growing up I couldnt figure out why my uncle kept setting me up to be violent. Now I know it is because he was conditioning me to feed him sexual pleasure from my pain. Once it became clear to him I would never permit his dreams coming true. He turned malicious and insidious. As a pre teen I had to endure his threats to kill me, get me a lobotomy, and get me tortured to death. While he inquired about what I would do if a gun was at my head and I was told to suck dick. Would I bite it off or suck it. He was obsessed with this torture for some time. I couldnt figure out why. Until my friends, girlfriends, bosses, coemployees, and teachers. Started helping him torture me. Set me up. Then poision my food to give me that lobotomy he promised me. The only threat he has made that has not come true. Is being tortured to death. Because, I have even had a gun pulled on me by a man that wanted me to force Jenna to fuck him. Then started setting me up as soon as I didnt. I live horrified that that is the only thing in life I have left to look forward to. Especially, after hearing there is a price tag on my head and I am not permitted to work. All Emmett is good for is being set up and tortured. Even though I used to make my ex boss a half million almost every year. The last rumor I heard is someone found a bag of poision after I left the last place I tried to go work. The extent of the set up abuse being perpetrated against me. Is the stuff of graphic horror novels. Neither Jenna or I have done one thing wrong to earn this lifestyle. Other than be nieve and attractive loving caring and trusting people.

  12. I am under the impression that the same hyena ring after me in my hometown did this to her. I have witnessed these same type of things happening to to many people around me. This ring of sadists use drugs, conditioning, and brainwashing. To control peoples lives. If you dont do what they say and be a perfect puppet. They kill you off. Preferably with suicide so they dont have to get their hands dirty. First they trick you into doing things on drugs that are so embarrassing that once the person sobers up. Suicide is the only escape. Illegal sex videos worth so much on the black market that if they went mainstream suicide would be the only option. That and or public humiliation as you watch all of your friends and family. Be brainwashed into believing your the psycho. That you did that to yourself. Which is enough to drive anyone off the deep end. Especially kind and loving people that would never hurt anyone. That depend on the respect and love of their friends and family to be able to enjoy life. I am scared the only reason this happened to her. Was because she met me. I have to live my life knowing my ex heroine dealer and uncle targeted me and all my friends. The ex heroine dealer is obsessed with fucking and brainwashing every woman I have ever known. From everything I have gathered it is specifically to torture me. Amanda was always attracted to me and I to her. So, it’s only natural she would be targeted. Just like every other woman I have ever had in my life. My uncle started in on me as a kid about how he owns me because he trigger word braineashed me. Then after my exes suicide attempts after he drugged and brainwashed us in our own house. After dealing with being randomly suicidal even though I am not. While friends and family try to torture me into killing myself. I became aware that outside influences like bob and wade and their puppets are intentionally me. The most scarry part is. The mental health board in lorain county. Has to know what is going on. The protectors of the women and children raised on the bad side of town. All die miserable set up tortured deaths. I cannot be the only person that can see the pattern. Drugs, prostitution, suicide, murder. Because, some sadistic psychopaths think they can rape and murder their way through our town. Because, they have enough access to technology, drugs, and fraud money. To control every aspect of anyones life they want and force them to do whatever they want. They target the people from weak families that nobody cares about or will believe in. Or weaken families with attractive women or children using drugs. So, they can blackmail their victims into WHATEVER they want. What would you do to stop your husband, wife, children, mom, and dad, friends, and bosses from seeing what someone tricked you into doing “to yourself” while you were jacked on their scopolamine laced coke, heroine, mdma, or flocka. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1190450050973060&id=100000242288977

  13. On Halloween. The sherrifs patrolled past my house all day. Then paraded the sheffield wood chipper past my house. I live in sheer terror at all times. I feel like we live in a pedofile, rapists, paradise. I should feel the love and protection of every good person in America. Instead we live in horror. Because, our abusers control every aspect of our lives.

  14. A decade ago. Bob tried to force me to work with Tomco. I thought about it. Till he started bragging about all the guys that “accidentally” got sucked into the wood chipper. Then I got worried. Cause he was intentionally hooking me on heroine. So, I devised a plan. I told him I wanted to try shooting up. Then I rigged up a syringe with a bunch of bubbles in it. Then I asked him how to get the bubbles out. He said shoot them up so I wouldnt waste the dope. Because, all this murder, fraud, pedofile ring really cares about. Is killing off everyone that they know. Will never submit. Or turn a blind eye.

  15. I would like to retract all statements with regards to don paul Wilson. I have a bond revoking hearing Friday. For seeking help and writing about his exploits. The tpo against me strips me of my constitutional rights. It seems seeking help is a punishable offence. I would think if they cared at all about shutting my mouth. Instead of torturing me. The tpo itself would have been thrown out by now. & I would be permitted to work without dealing with attempted manslaughter threats every time I get a job due to the slander. I do not understand how our legal system could be used to commit crimes. It sickens me to the core. Last job I got I turned around and someone put a hyla in my path. After making it clear that there is a price tag on my head. I started a new face book to seek help. Since the attacks became so malicious. It got shut down. So please scumbag take everything bad I said about don paul down and maybe I wont have to go to jail.

  16. I stopped this man from forcing his sexual way into my life. So now he is using the court system to Stockholm and punish me for it. I reached out for help in every way possible. All I have gotten in return is abuse intended to force me into suicide or jail. Where I cannot hide from this mand friends. His ex girlfriend is a prison guard. My life is literally forfeit. Because, I do not want anything to do with someone obsessed with me.

  17. The simple fact that there is a tpo out on me filed with purgery. Is enough to drive anyone insane with fear. I should have filed numerous charges and tpos on these people. But I kept my mouth shut in fear. I should not have to be punished. Nor my lady left unprotected. Because a criminally obsessed psychopath will not stop stalking me. Every time I get a job I have to hear about how my Fiancé I trust is cheating on me with her co employees. Then how I am not a man for staying with her. How i should leave her. Ect. Ect. Ect. The assaults are so sick in nature they are felonies. I have literally delt with so many felonies being perpetrated against me. I do not even leave my house unless I have to. Last time I got a tooth extracted. I was not even allowed pain meds. The abuse we are enduring. Is like third world torture. Nightmares are made of this sort of sadistic obsession. Our lives are forcibly being ruined. Because, our stockholmers want Jenna at her feet and me dead for not putting her there for them.

  18. 10 years ago. When bob Miller came to my house and demanded I go to the police station with him and file a false charge on someone. I figured he was setting me up to commit purgery si I wrote the truth on my statement. The next week he came over and fed me and my ex poisioned laced mushrooms. I woke up with her pants half down sprawled out in the living room. Remembering all the brainwashing he repeated over and over about how I am nobody while he raped her. After that I found a crack pipe planted in my car. Then the cops informed me someone is setting me up in a traffic stop. Flash forward ten years and 3 girlfriends he ruined from ever being my wife. & he and his buddy have convinced the world. I have done so many drugs my life is a bad trip. No, these two rapist stockholming criminally obsessed sociopaths. Are intentionally making my life a nightmare. Over sex. Over me not helping them set up incarcerate or kill people. I would not help them file false charges on or kill their targets. Or let them roofie me and date rape my fiance. So, now I am their target.

  19. What would you do if your ex friends and well every single person that does any drugs at all. Was hell bent on putting you in jail. To isolate you away from your spouse. So, they can take advantage of black out, hook on drugs, stockholm, rape, and turn out your spouse. Just like they did to your exes. After you fought them for 20 years as they whittled down your life and stole every future you make for yourself. It is a combined 20 years. Because my uncle wade started this on me as a kid and his heroine dealers crew has been trying to finish me off since high school. But it didn’t get really bad until I said no. To sex at a party because they told me if I didnt let them fuck Jenna. They would put me in jail. Then fuck her any way. Which is exactly what they are doing. Jenna is not allowed to have a protector. She has to watch them get murdered. Put to sleep like dogs that have problems. Becuse, can you think of a better way to stockholm a young lady. Or ruin a couple chances of supporting themselves.

  20. If they’re not using their friends, my coemployees, the LGBT community, the legal, the medical, fields to ruin me. Now I have the KKK up our asses. Anyone these TV sales man tactic using narsistic sociopaths can come across. Gets brainwashed and coerced into doing their dirty work. It’s why it’s so important for them to jail me. So, they can get me what I deserve. For asking them to quit raping and murdering my life with felony after felony. Because, they want to fuck my Fiance.

  21. We are just two Americans in love. Trying to say no to rape, murder, torture, and sadism. & have been since teens. I do not and cannot grasp. How that made it permissible. For the people forcing their exploits onto us. To say we deserve it. I have even heard that this is what I deserve for showing off my Fiance. Am I the only one that grasps how sick that is? Do you want me to force her to wear a burka? The narsistic criminals after us. Do not care about anyones free will. We are having our free wills revoked. By our childhood abusers and their friends. Who have plans for our orfices and established those plans when we were children. Trained us for this episode of rape, humiliation, torture, and stockholming videotaped gold. Then gave us no option other than the life you see me writing about being forced to live.

  22. Every junkie, predator, informant, and snitch around us. Is setting me up and torturing me. Into jail or suicide. Because, I wouldnt sell my fiance to their bosses. I have to live in fear she has to live in fear. All to Stockholm us. My bi ex heroine dealer and all his rapist friends. Want me in jail and raped. So, when I come out. I will be another of his stockholmed abused bitches. With a fresh batch of psychotropic medication for them to steal from me and use to brainwash and train their next nieve victims. My entire life has been shredded and ruined piece by piece. As I watched and begged for them to stop. Only to have my pleas used as a excuse to file a tpo on me. I could never fathom how our very legal system could be used as a stockholmers tool. I could have never prepared for this. False charges and slander on top of felonious assault after felonious assault. From them manipulating my teachers to the cops. To me not being allowed to have any friends at all but them. Being forced to say I made it all up as my only escape from being raped to death by their friends in jail. Over and over the same game. They bring drugs into my life. Then ruin my life. While stealing my fiance at the same time. They give me a option either I let them fuck my woman and turn into either their bi sub or a guy to roofie that’s not mature enough to handle a orgie. So, they can ridicule me into suicide with added shit my uncle mom or brother told them about how we were abused as children. Or suicide. Its come down to them forcing suicide or jail on me. They could be real people. But their only motivations are suicide, murder, rape, and imprisonment. I know I am not the only victim. How could our police, legal, and mental health institutions. Allow a criminally psychotic murderous group of individuals sexually obsessed with sadism. Completely own and destroy our town? One sweet person at a time. Seriously every single party I have attended for 5 years. Has been shadowed by someone forcing a scenario on me that ends with me roofied. Or a pile of people between me and my fiance stuck in the bathroom. This entire assault started at Don’s house. I was fixing his boat. Jenna had to pee. So he locked her behind two locked doors. Then his girlfriend told me he was forcible raping her upstairs. Every since then every party we attend. Every job I get. Someone goes out of their way to tell me. My Fiance is fucking everyone possible in the bathroom. This assault is absolutly horrid and sick. Don is literally using the elyria court system. To punish me. For not making sure he can rape my fiance whenever he invites us over. Or at least gaslight me into believing he is.

  23. The local government cares more about helping my ex drug dealers rape my fiance. Than stopping them from selling death to kids.

  24. My ex dealers and the legal system. Is jailing me. Because, my fiance does not want to be their full time whore and hides behind me. Even my shrink told me to leave her. All we really need. Are friends and fellow citizens around us. That wont treat her like a sex object. A animal to manipulate and own. To abuse me to stockholm her into submission. We basically have rapists raping our lives. Then calling me a rapist and using the manipulation from that. To torture me into jail, murder, or suicide. So, Jenna will have no happy or safe place to hide from their abuse.

  25. There going to kill me. For posting and asking our invest obsessed families to leave us alone. For begging my ex heroine dealer and his buddy to stop trying to kill and incarcerate me. For not allowing them to fucking fuck us without asking first. We are literally being stockholmed and I am being murdered. Because, we wanted our friends to ask instead of rape. Because, I am sexually awkward when my fiance does not want to fuck a pack of strangers at a party and hides behind me so she does not have to. I dont just force her pants off. So, I have jail time hanging over my head and court tomorrow. Because, our abusers dont want me to be able to even verbally defend myself. So, they made it a crime. By filing a falsified tpo on me. For asking him to leave me alone. 80 times.

  26. These sick individuals are calling me a snitch. After I gave them years on end of manslaughter attempts and assaults. Before i ever made a peep. Then they tried to murder me for warning my fiances friends about them. Before I ever used face book back at them to seek help. Or told the feds about all the homicide attempts after it became clear it was to ex me out of my inheritance then torture my fiance like my mother was tortured and even my closest friend I trusted with my Fiance behind closed doors was helping them.

  27. Just because I can say no to sex with intimidate raping scumbags and she cant. Does not mean I deserve jail time. For letting her hide behind me or for speaking out about the ways they have cornered us, tortured, and exploited us. Then lied to make sure they can legally force us to put up with it. Or face murder.

  28. According to my informant. They’re going to make me watch the video of my fiance getting raped. Before they kill me.

  29. I am having my life and health murdered in front of my Fiance. To stockholm her into submission. By people that should be protecting us.

  30. just like every party we have attended for 5.5 years. Every time I go to court and might be locked away. When we get out. A member of the rape and tape squad I have spoken of is waiting on her to walk out alone. The horror we live in is despicable. She doesn’t even want to go to court with me over it. The stockholming and abuse is literally so blatant I don’t understand how our abusers are not already in prison. For doing this to every single person they can that has something they want. Like my life, Fiancé, and inheritances.


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