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Viral News Articles: You Can Earn $50-$20,000 For Submitting New Scumbags


Viral news articles that are submitted and published on Scumbagged.com will now present you with the opportunity to be compensated.  We know there’s some really dirty and unethical stuff being done out there and so we have decided to institute a new method to help motivate you to publish.  Sometimes we need to be incentivized to reveal such things, so, as a result we are now paying for your articles that result in viral exposure.  This new program is effective immediately. 

The payouts will be based on unique view counts.  Meaning, the more viral your article is, the more money you can expect to earn.  The average viral article can expect to receive $50, but if you’re article exceeds all expectations you could possibly earn $400-$20,000.  These are realistic numbers.  Remember, Scumbagged already commands 300,000-600,000 visitors per month.  This means that any article you submit has a chance at being picked up by our regular readers.

This incentivized program is meant to give individuals with carnal knowledge of coverups, corruption & more (we know you’re sitting there wondering if you should or shouldn’t – well, you definitely should) the additional reason to finally produce that withheld information.  We will go the extra length to work with you and will always ensure that your identity remains hidden.  And if needed we can work with you (in various aspects) to further distance you from the information you submit so that it doesn’t appear to be coming from you.  Please be sure to provide as much information as possible and if you are reporting on a sensitive topic feel free to contact us at anytime.

Payout Breakdown

Most importantly, be sure to contact us immediately after you submit your article letting us know that you’re interested in the “Viral News Articles” program.  This way we can establish a connection if/when we need to make a payout to you. 

  • 50,000 views* = $50**
  • 100,000 views* = $150**
  • 250,000 views* = $400**
  • 500,000 views* = $850***
  • 1,000,000 views* = $2,000***
  • 10,000,000 views* = $20,000***

*Views are counted as unique visitors only.  *Duration of article view count is a max of 30 days.  **Payouts made via PayPal, Western Union or Walmart Money Gram.  **Payments made after 30 days of reaching set payout level.  ***Individuals paid will receive a 1099 form for their earnings in excess of $500.

All those who wish to participate will be kept 100% anonymous.

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Legal Notice:  This is a pure advertising opportunity and Scumbagged.com refuses be held liable for any issues that may arise from this promotion.  We are not paying for articles, but rather, paying for the traffic that is derived through the users submission.


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