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Owner of Six Ohio SUBWAY Stores Exposed: Paid Sex With Employees, No Breaks & Slave Wages (Westlake, Ohio)


Tino Patel is the owner of six SUBWAY stores located in Northeast Ohio.  As a small business owner he has taken advantage of female employee’s at several of his locations by paying them or attempting to pay them for sexual favors, underpaying staff to the point of slave wages while not giving them any set breaks.  His facilities have also failed dozens of SUBWAY Corporate’s (headquartered in Westlake Ohio) inspections.  These inspections have resulted in thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines being levied against Mr. Patel during his ownership of the following SUBWAY stores: Lakewood, West 117th, Beachwood, Westlake (near Crocker Park), Berea and Parma.

Last year, Mr. Patel fired a woman by the name of Jessica Rodriguez from his Madison SUBWAY location (this woman also worked at his Lakewood SUBWAY).  She was fired for stealing thousands of dollars from his SUBWAY, over an unspecified period of time.  However, the two shared a secret & highly unprofessional relationship, one where Jessica would perform sexual favors (blow jobs) in exchange for money with Mr. Patel.  Her firing however was only temporary…  Mr. Patel paid for her to take managerial courses and then re-hired her as manager to his Westlake SUBWAY location, essentially rewarding her for her thievery with a management position at one of his most prestigious locations.

COBRA Says:  How inspiring of a story.  Woman steals from owner.  Owner fires thief.  Thief allegedly gives some head.  Owner contemplates rehiring her and puts her through management courses.  Thief allegedly gives some more head (and perhaps then some).  Owner re-hires her as manager.  What a world filled with sCUMbags….

Update 5/22/18 @ 8:36 pm:  Tino Patel is building up his Westlake SUBWAY circle to include some of the most proficient scumbags he can possibly find.  His most recent addition to his Westlake location is an african-american man named “Ray”.  Ray was previously caught on camera having sex with another co-worker by none other than Mr. Patel at one of his other SUBWAY locations.  Instead of being fired, he’s simply been moved, Patel continues to keep #scum close.  More updates to follow.

Update 5/22/18 @ 7:22 pm:  Tino Patel has deleted his Facebook account in an effort to hide his identity.  

Patel deletes his Facebook account.

It should be noted that the current nappy headed prostitute/thief/manager of Westlake’s SUBWAY also has a history of drug distribution and drug possession stemming from a 2015 conviction in Cuyahoga County.  That information can be found in the screenshot below and is also public record.

Cuyahoga County Court Docket Information
Cuyahoga County Court Docket Information

One co-worker overheard Mr. Patel asking another female employee at his West 117th location if she would give him head for $80 again.  The key word here is “again”, which insinuated that it had happened in the past.  This same employee also witnessed the exchange of cash previously owed to another women for sexual favors.  Mr. Patel could also be viewed as a peeping tom of sorts as he watches his SUBWAY camera’s with a peculiar fervency.  One that leaves his employee’s and customers scratching their heads as to a possible invasion of privacy and a borderline obsessive nature.  He’s also extremely anal about his employee’s wearing their apron’s, yet his Westlake manager is drugged up and dirty, with some speculating that she doesn’t shower for days on end.

Fun Fact:  If you get close enough to Jessica (the Westlake manager) you’ll also catch a whiff of the sweet aroma of burnt chore boy and decaying gums.  Her breath replicates that of rotten goats milk.  You’ve been warned… 

Westlake, 30325 Detroit Rd. Subway near Crocker Park

The situation surrounding Jessica Rodriguez is only the tip of the unprofessional ice-burg for the SUBWAY owner.  For starters, Mr. Patel is a married man, his wife (Jodi Patel) also works for him at various locations filling in for his employee’s that have all quit or been fired for various reasons across his 6 locations.  Perhaps, many of his workers have left due to piss poor wages, but we wager that many have left due to a persistent sexual pursuit being perpetuated by Mr. Patel or extreme unprofessionalism regarding other operating procedures.  Upon further investigation, Tino Patel also pays his workers the lowest pay rates in the entire United States when comparing his SUBWAYS to other SUBWAY franchises.

SUBWAY’s Slave Wages

The wages you are about to witness show the true depths of a sociopathic mentality.  The following is a real time breakdown of the Westlake SUBWAY pay which should be both shocking and disturbing…

  • Manager – $10.00/hr (6 years, Marissa H. – Quit last month)
  • Assistant Manager – $9.00/hr (2 1/2 years – Still employed)
  • Everyone Else – $8.40/hr – $9.00/hr (6 quitters in past 3 months)
  • Blow Jobs – $40-$100 (unknown number and frequency)

In addition to the poor wages NONE of the SUBWAY shops owned and operated by Mr. Patel give scheduled breaks.  Even if a full time employee works a 10 hour shift they receive no scheduled breaks, part time workers also receive no scheduled breaks.  As a result of the lacking pay, the company features one of the highest turn around rates of any SUBWAY in Northeast Ohio.  Mr. Patel hires ex-drug users, prostitutes and the facility is consistently failing for being dirty (inside and out apparently).

The Bottom Line:  When you’re in business to run a business it should always be front and center that anything you say or do can and will be used against you.  Whether those actions are for the betterment of society or towards the detriment.  In this case it’s a clear cut winner that we have a true scumbag owner who treats his workers like slaves, his women as items and his customers as nothing more than a means to further enrich his family and his devious ways.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  When choosing your next SUBWAY locale, be sure to inquire if it’s owned and operated by Tino Patel and we strongly urge you to go to a different SUBWAY.  Why?  Well, with thieves, drug dealers, drug users and prostitutes working behind the counters, there’s no telling what could be going on behind the scenes during the process of your food preparation.  Furthermore the 6” sub you might be ordering could come with some sloppy second residue…



  1. well gosh. This is reason# 6147 that I NEVER eat at SUBWAY.
    Indian born men are buying them up and now hold 70% of the Franchises.
    They have no empathy and water down the meatballs. Don’t wash their hands or cut their fingernails.


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