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Gas Stations Gone Wild: Crack Kits, Sex & Prostitution (North Ridgeville, Elyria & Lorain)


Gas stations are going wild in three local Cleveland suburbs.  The city of North Ridgeville is filled with an unprecedented amount of gas stations that regularly conduct shady operations from both the inside and out.   The city has tens of thousands of residents and frequent customers who stop at the pumps and shop at the stores of the gas stations listed in this article, most, if not all are unaware as to what has been unearthed.  From selling crack kits behind the counters, engaging in prostitution and even coercing female employees to have sex as a contingency to get hired or in some cases, keep their employment.  The city’s of Elyria and Lorain also find themselves with the same issue, however, not on as large of a scale as North Ridgeville.

The three gas stations involved in this expose pertaining to North Ridgeville are at the following addresses: The Marathon Gas Station located at 35600 Center Ridge Rd., the Snappy Gas Station located at 8995 Avon Belden Rd., #3903, & the North Ridge Marathon located at32499 Lorain Rd.  The two gas stations in Elyria: 128 Lake Ave., & 404 East Ave., & the one gas station in Lorain: 2806 Grove Ave.  All of these gas stations have been fully documented as to their unethical, immoral and illicit behavior.  Some of the actions that have taken place are on behalf of the owners of the gas stations or the primary managers/family that maintain operations for them.

COBRA Says:  Perhaps the North Ridgeville Police Department should actually revert back to doing real police work instead of “hitting quota’s” via speed traps and excessive OVI checkpoints that they continuously waste tax payer dollars on (while also sucking money from same tax payers in the latter).  How is it that a smaller city with far less crime and a large, decorated and highly awarded police force has more corruption taking place than it’s larger populated and higher crime rate neighboring cities?  Alas, we know the truth, but perhaps we’ll have another story for another day…  

crack kits
Smoking Crack Made Possible with Crack Kits in North Ridgeville

Snappy Gas / Marathon

Address:  8995 Avon Belden Rd., #3903, North Ridgeville, OH 44039

gas station snappy
8995 Avon Belden Rd.,, North Ridgeville, OH 44039

fired or let go girls for refusing to have sex and refused to hire girls for refusing to have sex.

The owner of the Snappy Gas Station located at the corner of 83 and Chestnut Ridge Rd., has engaged in manipulative sexually motivated tactics throughout the employment hiring process.  Dozens of North Ridgeville girls, with some just entering adult-hood, have been approached with opportunities for employment in exchange for sex.  This location has also seen it’s owner(s) produce cash in exchange for sex with employees, fired or let go girls for refusing to have sex and refused to hire girls for refusing to have sex.

The insanity behind this local establishment is that the police have been made aware of this situation for years – and as usual nothing has been done, perfectly fine, keep eroding and degrading the community in which they reside.

Marathon Gas

Address:  35600 Center Ridge Rd., North Ridgeville

marathon gas
Marathon Gas – 35600 Center Ridge Road North Ridgeville, OH


The Marathon Gas Station located at 35600 Center Ridge Rd., in North Ridgeville has been selling crack kits for years.  Hector and Skinny for years have been keeping brown paper bags behind the counter stuffed with glass stems (masked as roses) and chore boy in those same bags that they have sold for $7.50.  These are the little things that degrade and destroy communities that go unnoticed…

Not to mention just how much of a hound that they are when women walk in the store to purchase said “kits” or appear to be under the influence of any drugs.  The unbearable truth about these neighborhood gas stations and businesses only begins to shed light into the true under workings of various stores and individuals in and around the community.

North Ridge Marathon

Address:  32499 Lorain Rd., North Ridgeville

marathon gas station
32499 Lorain Rd, North Ridgeville, OH 44039

Prostitution & Manipulation was the regular with Jay Linn.

It should be noted that the Marathon Gas Station (listed as permanently closed) located at 32499 Lorain Road was previously owned by a man named Jay Linn.  Jay Linn was also the Olmsted Falls City Council President.  He sadly passed away in April of 2018, but prior to his sudden departure at the age of 63, Mr. Linn was at the center of a controversial sign in 2017 that read “If you don’t know who you identify as pull down your pants and look”.  Indeed the sign raised an outcry in the LGBTQ community and as a result he resigned from his post Council President position due to the mounting pressure from said sign.  That though is not the juicy details…

For those who wish to know more about Mr. Linn and who he really was, perhaps those closest to him will know that he had a certain addiction.  One that consisted of an “online” service that is no longer available, one that in truth probably caused his messy divorce in the first place.  In light of his death, we will take it easy in this regard and spare the specifics.  However just know this, Mr. Linn may have given the front of being a holy and godly man but he had absolutely zero problem taking advantage of the addicted in order to satisfy his own sick and twisted desires.  He was manipulated while serving as City Council President and also utilized his position to his advantage to manipulate others.  These “obsessive, unethical and immoral” events transpired after hours at his Marathon gas station where he would conduct his “extra” business and also later on at his security staffed, gated & monitored trailer park in Olmsted Falls.  His activities all the while went unnoticed for years, spanning roughly a decade…

COBRA Says:  Think this was harsh?   Should have seen what we removed.  If any family members are reading this, then you know exactly wtf we left out.  You’re welcome.

Dairy Mart & Sunoco Gas

Address:  128 Lake Ave., Elyria & 404 East Ave., Elyria

Location is within walking distance of the Elyria Police Department.
Sunoco selling crack kits


Two stores in Elyria are supporting and profiting off of crack cocaine.  The Dairy Mart and the Sunoco Gas Station both in Elyria sell what is known as “kits”.  These kits are accompanied with glass stems and chore boy in a brown paper bag.  These two devices are essential to smoking crack cocaine.  The irony behind these two locations is that the Dairy Mart is within walking distance of the Elyria Police Department and the Sunoco Gas Station is within a mile of the Elyria High School.

Lorain Dairy Mart

Address:  2806 Grove Ave., Lorain

Dairy Mart Selling Crack Kits


The Lorain Dairy Mart / Marathon Gas Station conveniently doesn’t just distribute gasoline, but also sells crack kits.  Once again, just like the two businesses in Elyria above, this company is explicitly aiding and abetting the use of crack cocaine.  For without the glass stems and chore boy made so readily available, these users would have far more difficulty smoking their product.  As a result, this company is making money hand over fist off of some of the worst addicts in the region.  Tssk Tssk…

The Bottom Line:  Individuals who own businesses need to understand the functional aspect of accruing wealth.  The addition of excess money simply magnifies ones already existent personality.  If you’re an asshole, you’ll become a bigger asshole, if you’re sarcastic, you’ll become more sarcastic, if you’re happy, loving, giving and pro-active, you’ll magnify those traits.  That’s all that money does.  If someone creates a company, hits the lottery, and they already exhibit negative, deceitful and illicit behavior – they are only going to become magnified.  North Ridgeville has this problem as does many other communities.  These are the people with the money who can conduct things in such a manner and have been able to get away with doing so for so long – until now…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Need to get gas tomorrow?  There’s a plethora of additional gas stations located in the city other than those mentioned above.  Why continue to enrich individuals who are both harming your community and or taking advantage of your daughters?


  1. I knew something was. Wrong with this gas station in Ridgeville on center ridge rd . I remember they were the ones who sold bath salts years ago .. Nd the weed scents .. Bc I bought the weed nd still have a bag . I don’t shop there anymore don’t like the owners or the employees .. Also I have been to some of the other gas station nd felt uncomfortable .. This is good that they r found out .. But there will b others after they r gone .. Sad world I live in

  2. This is a bullshit article, snappy gas owners have only been there 7 month and they have nothing to do with the old owners shenanigans. Do your due diligence before you talk shit about hard working people that are from the community! This is a damn shame that you could post this not credible article.

    • Hey scumbag… Tell that K. L. Tell that to K. N. Tell that to D. R. Tell that to S. M. If it’s not true (but if you are who we think you are – then you know it is) have the pieces of shit sue us for defamation slander or libel. They’ll not only be counter sued but they’ll risk getting their asses put out of business (if not worse) #SCUM