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Dwight Chillious: Serial Fraudster Busted for Theft, Drugs, Deceit & Sex (Strongsville, OH)


Dwight Chillious, a serial fraudster who for the past 3 1/2 years has vigorously launched illegal, deceptive and methodical corporate level scams in the health & fitness industry has officially been busted.   On 9/14/2017 he was indicted on grand theft charges for passing more than $7,500 in bad checks.  In addition to the pending felony criminal proceedings that are currently making their way through Cuyahoga Common Pleas Courts, Mr. Chillious is also facing additional theft, fraud & drug charges stemming from multiple incidents that transpired over the past two years at his Blue Fitness Gym (19832 W. 130th St., Strongsville).

On August 16th, 2018, Dwight Chillious received a text message from an employee that the gym equipment was being removed from his facility.  The equipment in question was in all actuality being repossessed as a result of his carnal failure to pay his partner, who was the true owner of the clubs fitness equipment.  Dwight and his silent partner (David Barna) had signed a mutually binding contract that entitled each of them to 50% of the monthly memberships draft in exchange for Mr. Chillious paying the lease and operating expenses and Mr. Barna providing the equipment.  Mr. Barna didn’t receive a single payment in more than 2 years of operation.  More than a dozen attempts were made to collect some form of income and each time Mr. Chillious would either pass a bad check or make up excuses as to why he had no money to distribute.  He even went as far as to block his partners key fab (electronic entry mechanism) from being able to gain access to the facility.  It should be noted that the pending felony counts for passing bad checks and grand theft that were mentioned in the beginning of this article against Dwight Chillious are entirely unrelated to  David Barna – this is an entirely new, separate and ongoing matter. 

As if the non-payments weren’t bad enough, Mr. Chillious also illegally stole & then sold 12 or more pieces of David Barna’s equipment (stationary bikes, ellipticals, benches and free weights) through the website Craiglist.org.  The Strongsville Police have launched an investigation into the blatant theft and are currently determining whether the sale of the stolen items will be classed as a criminal or civil matter against the serial fraudster.

The Strongsville Police were also on the scene during the August 16th repossession of the equipment and during the move a bag that belonged to Dwight Chillious was discovered (the bag was located in his private office and had paperwork that belonged to him contained within, amongst many other things).  The contents within Mr. Chillious’s bag contained pressed pills, hypodermic needles & powder like substances.  Drug dogs and another round of intense searches ensued at the Blue Fitness gym (also known as Evol Blue) in an effort to find more drugs or contraband that may have been hidden within the facility.  No additional drugs were reportedly found from the search, however the bag and its contents have been placed into evidence.  Dwight Chillious is under further investigation and could face additional felony charges pending the outcome of lab testing results.

Dwight chillious
Dwight’s handwritten sign featured on the front window of his Strongsville gym (authentic).

Featured Video

The video below shows the despicable conditioning of the gym during the repossession of the equipment, documents the drug use and paraphernalia found in his office and offers a first person view of his fitness club scheme.

A Serial Fraudster

Cuyahoga Common Pleas
Felony court docket – Cuyahoga Common Pleas

In just the past 3 years alone Dwight Chillious has made 4 fraudulent business sales & or acquisitions, 3 attempted backdoor shady business deals, had 2 felony charges pressed against him and a slew of other illegal and corrupt activities, most of which were conducted in the fitness industry.  They are as follows:

Fraudulent Business Separation (Owes $25,000):  In 2016 Mr. Chillious had a different partner and was involved in an entirely different gym franchise.  When his partner realized that Dwight wasn’t who he thought he was (he began skimming money, not showing up for work, letting the club fall into disarray) he decided to part ways.  The agreement stipulated the permanent relinquishment (any and all rights) of the clubs name  and ordered Dwight to pay $30,000 to his partner in order to retain one of the clubs.  Mr. Chillious paid $5,000 of the amount due in a 2 year period and still has an outstanding balance of roughly $25,000.

Fraudulent Business Operation (Blatant Theft):  In 2017 Dwight’s “Cleveland Hookah Company” was kicked out of East End in the Cleveland flats for not paying employees, writing bad checks and failing to pay rent.  He was also kicked out of Barley house for the exact same thing – effectively putting an end to his Cleveland Hookah Company and once again defrauding countless others.

Fraudulent Business Sale (Deceit):  In 2017 he sold his failing DC Fitness Gym (also located at 19832 W. 130th St., in Strongsville) to an individual by the name of Chris.  Dwight “cooked the books” and fluffed the numbers of his membership levels and drafts which boosted the evaluation of his gym tenfold.  The new owner paid the falsely inflated price and was out of business within 3 months.  Dwight then purchased the gym back for pennies on the dollar.

Backdoor Shady Deal (Avon Gym):  In 2017 Dwight Chillious was working within the Avon Gym that started with his personal training company and then ultimately culminated into a partnership with the owner that saw him take full control of the club. Almost immediately he defaulted on his rent, stopped cutting checks to the actual owner and began robbing the owner of his own money until he was physically forced off the premise.

Backdoor Shady Deal (Elyria Powerhouse): In 2015 Dwight Chillious arranged a meeting with John “The Con” Dixon.  Mr. Dixon is the owner of the Elyria Powerhouse Gym.  This meeting was formulated to develop a plan as to how to steal the personal training clients and business of Fitness Professional LLC. (a personal training company that was in the middle of a 5 year signed contract with John Dixon and Elyria Powerhouse).  The result of this meeting saw Fitness Professional LLC. being robbed of all clients and yet again Dwight was in the fray.

Backdoor Shady Deal (Theft by Deception):  In 2018 when Elevated Fitness (renamed Evol Fitness) went out out of business.  Dwight Chillious attempted to and successfully pitched the members (which are owned by an entirely different entity) in a manipulative plot to join the new “Evol Blue”.  During the course of the illegal and shady scheme he changed his club from Blue Fitness to Evol Blue in an attempt to lure as many members as he could from the old Evol Fitness.  It should be noted that the screenshot below documents Mr. Chillious’s notes regarding the members, the draft and the figures of members that are physically owned by another company.

Dwight Chillious
Conspiracy to steal members from another companies gym.

Grand Theft, Passing Bad Checks (Felony Charges):  As re-iterated in the beginning portion of this article, Dwight is currently facing two felony counts for passing bad checks that total more than $7,500 to one individual.  His case is public record and can be found on the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Docket.  A quick search under his name will pull up both him and his father (who coincidentally enough was also a thief).

The Real Dwight

dwight chillious
Dwight Chillious is a Serial Fraudster

Dwight Chillious is a con-man and with that comes the territory of having to sift and sort through the truths from the untruths.  This article has shed enough light into the serious nature of Mr. Chillious, however the above aforementioned information, screenshots, quotes and even the video don’t fully describe the who’s, the why’s and the what’s.  The information below will give you even more insight if you ever have any doubt about his retractions and counter statements to what has been mentioned (because he most certainly has an answer for everything).

Contact Information

As a result of his legal battles, drug abuse and eccentric lifestyle Dwight and his wife were forced to downsize from their spacious home in Avon.  They now reside in a modest apartment located in Evergreen Farms Apartments in Olmsted Falls.  For individuals who wish to pursue Dwight with any future legal litigation please resort to the new updated information below.

Drug Use

Dwight Chillious is a prolific cocaine user, his extra curricular life is always kicked into “high” gear.  Literally high gear, with nights and days blending together and what would eventually become reminiscent of a Scarface movie on repeat.  The cocaine that is stuffed up his nose can only be matched by the new cars he drives, the parade of women that he bangs in secret and the individuals he robs.

The (un)Married Man

tiffany loescher
Tiffany Loescher, Dwights girlfriend.

It should be noted that Mr. Chillious is also a married man, but the question remains as to why he is even married?  Days prior to his wedding, Dwight had sex with no less than 2 strippers and 1 hooker while out galavanting at his bachelor party.  Since then his sexual escapades have only ramped up in their intensity…  He’s had numerous gangbangs in gym’s that he’s operated out of. He has a girlfriend who he’s been seeing consistently for more than a year.  His girlfriend’s name is Tiffany Loescher.  Dwight and Tiffany can be spotted at BW3’s in Avon almost every Sunday night for their regular rendezvous.  Dwight conceals his communications using various texting applications on his iPhone, applications that he deletes prior to arriving home to his wife and simply re-installs after she leaves.

Trap House Mentality

blue fitness
One of the bathrooms at the Blue Fitness gym in Strongsville.

He operated his most recent gym like a trap house.  His bathrooms were flooded almost to the ceiling at some points with trash and beer bottles.  His member shower area was stuffed with junk.  There were many times that the facility had zero toilet paper, had no cleaning materials and members were even being forced to bring in their own cleaning supplies in order to keep the club clean.

COBRA Says:  This is just how I feel…  Will the real Dwight Chillious please stand up?  Dwight’s a smooth talking mass manipulating cocaine addicted sociopathic con-artist.  One who has an inert greed that few possess and he’s willing to fulfill it at any cost and by any means.  Don’t allow his words to sway you – otherwise you might just find yourself broke, bankrupt or out of business.  

Can’t get enough of Dwight?  Read another story that was published on him in February of 2018 here:  Dwight “Triple C” Chillious Exposed: A Con Man, Coke Head & Cheater (Cleveland, Ohio)

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  When seeking out a business partner or forming a personal relationship with someone, always remember, silence is golden.  If someone is quick with words and shows extreme wit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are a con or a fake – however, if everything seems too good to be true, it generally is.  There’s always hiccups and reality is reality, unless you’re dealing with Dwight.  Why go into business with someone who is only about themselves?  The traits are always apparent, all you have to do is open your eyes and see past the shiny cars, the inflated drafts and the smooth talking points – then you can see things for what they really are.  Dwightism…

The Bottom Line:  Dwight if you’re reading this there’s always time to change.  You should start off by making things right with all those whom you’ve previously intentionally harmed.  There comes a time when we all have to face the harsh reality of our self-made decisions.


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