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Tony Lance: Landscaping Fraudster Now Facing Felony Title Fraud (North Ridgeville, OH)


Hey Scumbagged!  Tony Lance of North Ridgeville, Ohio, was recently submitted to your site back on August 17th, 2018, in the article Tony “Leave You Landscapeless” Lance – Serial Fraudster, Thief & Deadbeat.  In that specific article he was exposed for his related landscaping frauds where he would deceive expectant customers by taking down payments and not completing jobs.  This submission is more of the same old same old.

Tony Lance is now facing additional Felony charges stemming from vehicular title fraud.  This new allegation isn’t much of an allegation as it was a self admission on Mr. Lance’s behalf.  He literally stated that he was involved in a shady situation, one that he may or may not have full knowledge of, but one that happened nontheless.

It is quite difficult to not assume that Tony Lance has once again gotten into the normal routine of the same ole same ole and started to engage in more illegal and deceptive behavior.  When asked about the specifics regarding the situation surrounding the title fraud he said the following, word for word, verbatim.

Readers Note:  Please be warned that what you are about to read is a highly racist, derogatory and inhumane statement.  One that he made of his own admission today.

stolen car
(Image is not of the fraudulent sale/purchase in question).

“A title that a worthless nigger sold me!”

“You know what that title bs is about name redacted?  Nothing related to work or anything name redacted.  It’s over a title on a vehicle a fucking vehicle.  A title that a worthless nigger sold me.” – Tony Lance.

COBRA Says:  The fuck?  Seriously some racist ass shit I just read right here, not cool at all.  Bet you wouldn’t say that word to my face if you saw me in person…

Tony Lance surely hasn’t learned his lesson at all.  He’s a manipulator and just keeps on corrupting, deceiving and moving on down the line.  From one scheme to the next, the question is when will he stop?  What is next?

The reason for my submission is pure and has zero ties to Tony, I just don’t really care for the guy after all of the things he’s done to everyone in my city.  He says crazy things, thinks that he can get away with anything, think’s he’s slick and deceptive when in all reality he’s nothing more than your typical wannabee convict (who will hopefully go to prison and do the time he really needs to do).

stolen tony
We Predict: Tony in action tomorrow!

The Bottom Line:  Out of this, out of all of these, the only thing that sticks to my mind is the racism.  Where and why did this racism need to come out?  Seriously?  Never ends with some people.  Don’t buy a car from this guy, don’t sell this guy a car, don’t hire him to do landscaping, just stay away.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Tony, you would think that the first submission on you would have been enough to cool it down bud?  Apparently you just haven’t learned your lesson yet.  A hard head makes a soft ass – or so the saying goes…




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