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The Queen Slumlord – Denise Rego & ARAKA LLC.: 18 Homes Straight From Hell (Lorain, Ohio)


The Queen Slumlord is a woman named Denise Rego, who also owns ARAKA LLC.  Through ARAKA, Rego owns & or manages in excess of 20 properties scattered across Lorain, Elyria & Sheffield Lake – 18 of which are family homes that she rents.  The majority of her rentals are located in Lorain and feature cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, mold, lead based paint, electrical issues, water leaks, rubbish/trash filled yards, holes in the interior and exterior walls and foundation issues.

In the past two years Rego has been found guilty of multiple property code violations.  She has sent workers into her tenants homes without notice (for non-emergency’s).  She has retaliated against tenants who have reported her to the city and Health Department with evictions.  She has had numerous police reports and complaints filed against her in court.  All of which has resulted in zero changes and more of the same ole’ same ole’.

Rego & ARAKA LLC. have been at the center of numerous complaints that have been presented as high up to even the Mayor of Lorain.  Just last week another meeting was held with the Mayor & the Environmental Health Department regarding her properties and the unbelievable conditions that they are in.  It is unknown what if anything will derive from these meetings as the city has openly admitted they have had her in their cross hairs as far back as 2015.

1222 W. 14th St., Lorain OH 44052.

Scumbagged.com spoke with several tenants who have rented from Rego & ARAKA LLC., in the past as well as the present.  Two tenants wished to remain anonymous, however one woman, Lynn Mcginnis who is currently renting a property located at 1222 W. 14th St. in Lorain shared the hellacious nightmare she currently is experiencing first hand with Rego.

“If we use more than one appliance at once all the power goes out. The stairwell to access the breaker is literally falling off the side of the house. The house is also crawling with poison ivy and oak.  The list just goes on and on, it’s an absolute hell.”

“We’ve seen roaches, spiders, lots of moths and 2 bed bugs so far and didn’t see any of that when cleaning so I’m thinking the people that live downstairs are infested.  Fleas also and we have no pets but they do..  They have at least a dozen people in a 2 bedroom including kids and multiple dogs.”

“She won’t fix the property, she shouldn’t have even had us move in here like this.  We took on the responsibility of painting and cleaning up some to try and make the home livable, but there is just so many things wrong with this place.  Please document the pictures and the Environmental Health Report.”

***Pictures and documentation contained within the article below.

We’ve seen roaches, spiders, lots of moths and 2 bed bugs

Previous Tenant:  “I know of other properties she owns in town as bad and worse.”

Current Tenant:  “All her workers look like crack heads and drunks. They talk very unprofessionally, such as dropping F bombs in front of the kids.”

The Queen Exposed

It should be noted that Rego drives a brand new Mercedes Benz, lives in Westlake and has an average annual income of $285,936 per year off of her properties (with an apparent $0/year in maintenance on some properties).


Images below were provided by Lynn Mcginnis the day that she moved into 1222 W. 14th St. in Lorain on October 1st, 2018 (unrelated to the proceedings mentioned above).  Immediately after moving in she called the city on Denise Rego for not updating, maintaining or improving the home as was stipulated in their rental agreement and in accordance with state law.  On October 6th she received a 3 day eviction notice in retaliation for calling the city Rego & ARAKA LLC.

Not So Fun Fact:  Her rent is $550/month + utilities for this 2 1/2 bedroom nightmare.

Skin Rashes & Bites

Within a week of moving into the property, Lynn Mcginnis and her four children began breaking out with rashes, bites and hives.  These were a direct result of a flea infestation, bed bugs, lead based paint and the home being reminiscent of a third world country.

COBRA Says:  After numerous complaints, there still have been zero exterminators sent to the residence and the family continues to suffer.  Only a true slumlord would subject a woman & her children to such torture.

An Investigation

An investigation that was launched in early October of 2018 by the Environmental Health Agency located in Lorain determined that there were 4 health issues.  Those being:

  • Easy access for rodents/vermin or animals to enter the interior of the home (side door entrance not completed repaired).
  • Mold growth at bathroom (ceiling & walls) and at common hallway to the basement (ceiling & walls).
  • Water damage at the common hallway (ceiling & hallway) and in the basement (piping in basement leaking & standing water on the floor).
  • Swimming pool with standing water in backyard (potential breeding ground for mosquitoes).

The Properties

denise rego
The Queen Slumlord – Denise Rego & ARAKA LLC.

The following is a complete property list for all lands registered to ARAKA LLC., in Lorain County.

Fun Fact:  Denise Rego also owns another company by the name of Regos Lawn Care which is registered out of what is believed to be her home address of 25715 Hilliard Boulevard located in Westlake.  

  • 728 F St., Lorain, OH 44052
  • 1403 Pennsylvania Ave, Lorain, OH 44052
  • 2936 Toledo Ave., Lorain, OH 44055
  • 2334 E. 30th St., Lorain, OH 44055
  • 640 W. 14th St., Lorain, OH 44052
  • 624 W. 14th St., Lorain, OH 44052
  • 815 W. 14th St., Lorain, OH 44052
  • 1222 W. 14th St., Lorain, OH 44052
  • Two homes recently acquired & located on Maple Rd., Lorain, OH 44052
  • 307 Roosevelt Ave, Elyria, OH 44035
  • 110 Kenwood St., Elyria, OH 44035
  • 124 Lincoln Ct., Elyria, OH 44052
  • 186 Cleveland St., Elyria, OH 44035
  • 4340 Brockley Ave, Sheffield Lake, OH 44054
  • 825 Howell St., Sheffield Lake, OH 44054

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Are you a current tenant of ARAKA LLC. & Denise Rego?  Is the home you’re living in not maintained?  Do your pictures look similar to that above?  If so, you are urged to contact Greg Putka, RS – Lorain County Public Environmental Health at 440-284-3281.

The Bottom Line:   When choosing your next living environment always keep in mind that if you’re willing to pay $500-$600/month to live in one of Denise Rego’s locations, you can surely get a much nicer living arrangement in a suburb such as North Ridgeville or North Olmsted.


  1. if people not happy with her just plain out leave straight up forreal this is crazy she ask u do you want to work of deposit by fixxing up place if not pay a depsot i lived at one of her properties with no problems and she always fixxes stuff when i bring it to her attention

    • i dont understand how someone can even give a deposit to some of these pictures, these houses need condemned!!!

  2. I worked and rented for such said landlord.
    I dont appreciate the false accusations.
    I have been in places to renovate and repair.
    Some tenants dont take care of theirselves let alone their rentals. This is another deflection oppritunity to deflect responsibility. Her best worker stands here. I have also rented and mortgaged 2 homes. If it weren’t for the greedy I’d still have both my homes. Everybody reaps what they harvest.

    P.S. I read the comment about drugs from a greedy gold digger. I am drug and alcohol free. You have never meet me. Dont assume all of Denise helpers are strung out. I have dealt with more loss than you can imagine or handle. It is wrong to draw blood and money from the grand mother of your son. You disrespect the memory of your late baby father by disrespecting his mom. You disrespect all that is good to supply your need of having others do it for you. Your gonna pay along with all the ppl who falsely accused my boss of the things they did to themselves. No one would rent to any of yall except Denise and this is the thanks yall give a good woman who has children and dealing with the death of her son and partner. Yall really make me sick.

  3. I have to ask, why would u ever move into a shithole like this with your children? Hell, if it was free to live there, I wouldnt. You agreed to do painting, other things to work off deposit, you cant paint over black mold!! Denise Rego may not be doing the right thing, but clearly something is wrong with you!!! Mr. Yates, you are either blind, or just a liar! Hell, you may be Ms. Rego undercover.. you cannot possibly think this is ok! People these days..

    • exactly!!! i wouldve walked right tf out!! these homes need condemned jusdging by these photos and they move thier children in. i wouldve said ok, u fix it then let me look at it when it is completed, then i can give a deposit. im so blessed with my landlord!!! this makes me sick!

  4. Haha in know who u are Martin Yates and ur full of shit your Virginia incest ass just wants in her pants. And your just as nasty as her you live like shit with bed bugs and roaches.your mentally ill and make up shit for no reason but to be involved and feel like we actually wanna talk to you.
    I lived in one of this slumlords houses and this is exactly what its like.