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PlainSite.org Owner Exposed: Aaron Greenspan Caught Engaging in Extortion Practices (Shaker Heights, OH)


PlainSite.org is an extortion machine owned and operated by Aaron Greenspan, Dr. Neil S Greenspan (case western reserve university) and Judith Keene Greenspan.  These individuals will not remove any names until you pay them $4,500.00.  There is no reasoning with them, they are simply greedy, rich white people.

Due to a vast amount of backlinks to the site (more than 1,000) they ensure that if and when new information is listed or published on their website that your name is among the top 5 when Googled. This means, that when people check on you or your company – they will see this and automatically be prejudiced against you.  This should be an unfair business practice.

I also was a fool and paid Aaron Greenspan $4,500 to remove my name from PlainSite.org.  Aaron Jacob Greenspan threatened me if I spoke out.   Seriously…  he is autistic.

HAWK Says:  Can’t believe you paid to have something removed.  That’s a shame.  Why don’t you just document the payment and take it to the authorities?  That’s blackmail & extortion.  Felony offenses right there for these scumbags.

Where’s PlainSite.org?

PlainSite.org is ran out of the following addresses.  This information should be utilized for any legal paperwork that needs to be sent to the individuals and or the website/company.  Do not violate the law with this information, do not harass these individuals, do not use this information for anything other than lawful purposes 

  • 20560 SHELBURNE ROAD, 44122 Shaker Heights, Ohio
  • 340 S. LEMON AVENUE #6720 WALNUT CA 91789.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  We never heard of this site before, but we’ll be keeping tabs on them.  If anyone has had any prior issues with PlainSite.org or any of the Greenspan’s please feel free to submit an article with more information.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  Only true scumbags would force individuals to have things removed.  It’s either you report on it or you don’t.  You can’t charge people money for the removal of things that you yourself have published, this is extortion and blackmail.


  1. Dr Neil S. Greenspsn who started this scam. They avoid paying the IRS by stating the website in under a 501c. (Supposedly helping autistic children). Dr. Neil Greenspan is currently a professor as Case Western Reserve University.
    Judy Keene Greenspan owns Keene Promotions. The entire family are in on this scam.

    Click on2:22 mark. See Neil Greenspan trying to con people for money.

    In FISCAL YEAR ENDING Dec. 2009 they donated $250,000 to themselves to avoid paying tax. They were able to write it off against the free baseball tickets they recived. They should be locked up.

  2. There is no difference between a Thief, Con Artist, Scam Artist and these people.

    Its obvious that these criminals do not like to work for a living.

  3. Parasitic Sociopaths like Aaron Greenspan @plainsite plainsite.org need a “host” for survival. Aaron Greenspan is on the lookout for strong, healthy hosts. When Aaron Greenspan finds a suitable host, he latch on, and he isn’t satisfied until he has sucked the life out of the person who has had the misfortune of becoming his target. For example – Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg .

    Some sociopaths physically kill their targets. Others kill their psyches, financial health, self-esteem, reputation, ability to have another relationship, or their spirits.

    Being without conscience and enjoying lying are two key elements of Aaron Greenspan sociopathic personality. These elements go hand in hand in that sociopaths’ lack of conscience means that they can lie without showing the normal markers of lying. That’s how Arron Greenspan pulls people into believing his lies and get away with as much as he gets away with. Arron Greenspan is very practiced at lying that he responds to being caught in a lie by creating a new lie. It is very difficult to pin them down. Aaron Greenspan lies tend to be complex and detailed. This is how Aaron Greenspan gets away with running a fraudulent Think Computer Foundation.


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