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From Molly to Meth: Ronnie Lee Gose aka Goose is “Spinning the Product” (Monroeville, OH)


Ronnie Lee Gose aka Goose needs to be brought to justice. Do not accept his drugs.  He is telling people, mostly women, that he is selling molly when in all reality he gives them meth.  He tricks them into thinking it’s molly but they are spun before they can say a word because he gives them so much.  Recently, I came home from work and my girlfriend was hiding in a corner with knives because she said people were watching her and trying to get her. She ended up having to go to the hospital.

A few days after the hospital, when her mind was right I asked her who she got the drugs from. She said “Goose” so I did my own research and found him myself.  Just so you know, my girlfriend is an exotic dancer and what he did was purposefully done.  He got her so fucked up and strung out – and then didn’t even bother paying her.  Throughout my research, I found out he’s done this to more girls, way too many times.

It should be noted that Ronnie’s a deadbeat dad as well.  He has a daughter that he doesn’t both to call or visit. On top of her, there’s another two children that he’s fathered that he doesn’t bother to recognize.

Ronnie Lee Gose

Someone needed to put the word out and that’s me. I’m not giving my name for my family’s safety but someone needs to take this guy down. He makes himself out to be harmless and appears to be a saint, when really he’s the devil.

COBRA Says:  Sounds like he took advantage of your girlfriend in the worst way.  Rape is a capital crime, one that you hinted at but didn’t dive into.  It shouldn’t be overlooked just because drugs were involved (especially in this situation).  

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Ronnie is a drug addict, drug dealer and community savage. One who takes advantage of anything and anyone that he can to selfishly benefit himself. You’ve been warned…

P.S.:  Don’t do drugs.


  1. First and foremost i havent had contact with a stripper that wasnt my wife since i was 19. Im now 31. This person also seems to know an awful lot about certain things pertaining to my children. That being said. I dont sell drugs . yes i party but not with the likes of strippers. Usually lol. I find this article rather funny. It goes a bit further than the craigslist one. Please for the sake of humanity find something better to do with your time. Thia story doesnt even make sense. Where did this take place? How does a stripper get strung out in a single night. How did goose manage to fit her into his 6 and sometimes 7 day work week. “All provable thru time cards.” How has he done this to many ppl but no one has ever said anything or how is it that both times this was posted came directly after turning down an offer to chill with the soon to be ex wife. Slash exotic dancer who has been strung out thNks to carson decarlo since the day we parted ways . wich btw is the reason why he left
    In the first place. Even used pics from our last outing as a couple. Yall need to just quit this shit before someone takes this seriois and tries to hurt me
    At wich time i will fully comply in any way shape Nd form to get down to the bottom of this slander. Also my pics from facebook can only be viewed by few. So either your on my friendslist ( i.e) no research needed to find me. Or you yourself have your own copies of these pics
    And that makes sense considering how important in my marriage these specific dates that these pics represent. My silence on these issues is commonly seen at an admittance of guilt. And it couldnt be further from the truth. I dont typically defend myself against lies but im getting fed up. Like seriously grow the fuck up. Get a job like some of us have. Pay your child support like i do and stop blaming otherz for the shit wrong in your life. My oldest is almost 14 and uses the internet id rather not have her see lies about me. ..especially when there are far better stories to tell that are actually true.

  2. Anyone willing to get ahold of me and learn the truth about why these lies are being spread feel free to call or text me 4193704336. Thats my real number. I have nothing to hide never have never will. And deadbeat? How far behind am i on child support. My life was threatened in person by a stranger in public less than 5 minutes ago. I have requested for mine and my familys saftey that scumbagged and cobra remove this article. If i am harmed or if there is another attempt to harm me i will be going to the police. And will be seeking damages. These are blatant lies spun around a horribly constructed story. And is a danger to mine and my familys well being. This article is the act of an angry woman who realizes she will never get me back. And for whatever reason making me look like the boogy man helps her not feel so bad about herself.

  3. This is the wife of Ronnie Lee Gose. (Goose)
    Now, typically I dont bother commenting or posting a comment on anything that pertains to Ronnie because it’s really none of my business; however if I’m being wrongfully accused of writing this article I have to at least post a copy of the message I just sent to Ronnie.


    DUDE!!!!!!! WE NEED TO TALK!!!!!
    I JUST SEEN THAT FUCKING ARTICLE!!!!!!! RONNIE I DID NOT WRITE THAT!!!! I swear on everything i love. What a smack n the face! I honestly have been reaching out to u lately to try n show u that i care about u dude. I want u to be happy and healthy and a part of ur kids lives if u so choose. (because i guess now its an option)
    & just so u kno……my JAW DROPPED when i seen the way they used that picture from my fucking birthday with u passed out on the ground to almost justify the remarks about u being a dead beat. (WHEN THERE WERE NO CHILDREN EVEN PRESENT AT THAT FESTIVAL!!!!)

    Ronnie I am not your fucking enemy! I’ve actually been doin really good stayin positive and takin the necessary steps towards becoming a better mother and just a better person n general. & Carson loves u dude. Hes got nothin bad to say about u….other than like…u rly dont bother to c ur kids or even ask how they r doing or anything……EVER.
    But thats irrelevant.
    You can believe what u want. But trust me……I have wayyyyyyyyyy better things to do than slander ur fucking name. Ronnie I have no clue what u do on a day to day basis. And i rly dont wanna kno. It might be wise to re-check ur circle….cuz I did not write this!!!!
    I had no clue u were sellin a buncha girls meth disguised as Molly.
    Well…i started catching wind of sum shady shit that may have been happening…but I stayed out of all that mess. Not my business & not my problem.

    I genuinely hope you’re okay 😞

    Love Always,

  4. Really Ronnie? Do you even realise that you just admitted you dont give a shit about your kids!!?

    You said, and I quote, “This person also seems to know an awful lot about certain things pertaining to my children.”

    The only comment made pertaining to your children at all was, “He has a daughter that he doesn’t both to call or visit. On top of her, there’s another two children that he’s fathered that he doesn’t bother to recognize.

    Im out of it.
    I wish you the best!!!!

    P.s. Please leave me out of your future drama. I dont even know why I was accused of writing this. We left off on decent terms last I remember.

    • Fuck off everyone. Leave Ronnie alone especially you the so called wife. I highly doubt you didn’t know at least something about this. The things you and Carson did to Ronnie I don’t believe you. Whos the dead beat ….? mommy who ran off with a junkie to become a junkie or daddy that got his head a little two twisted because mommy jumped ship. 😳😱 This post really needs to be removed this is bulshit. Fuck whoever did this.

  5. Ronnie is Bitch and I heard he has sucked a few dicks for drugs don’t know,how true it is but they say he’s better at than his girl friend

    • Facts! I let him come over and he was deep into my mesh underwear and tie up apparel. Needless to say we know what he’s sticking into himself besides just the needles!

  6. Well goddamn Ronnie… I hope this shit isnt true man.. like legit.. and I heard you got arrested.. leave the fucking drugs alone and get your shit together.. be a fucking dad take care of you kids.. you basically didnt have a chance seeing as how your mom was fucked up along with your step dad growing up… Break the fucking cycle dude and grow the fuck up.. I hope this is a reality check for you man I honestly do…

  7. Ronnie is a piece of shit. He robbed me big time him and his gang of thieves. He will take anything any everything without any remorse. He is a sick drug addict that has caused me to lose alot because I put trust where it should never had put placed. ALSO . there is a certain rather disgusting SD that is used for pedophilia and sex trafficking .
    These people are robbers , drug addicts, and connected to some nasty shit.

    Fuck you Ronnie.
    Like you said the truth always comes out .
    And in your case I hope when yours does I hope it gets you where you belong and that’s 6 ft in the ground


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