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If you are interested in advertising opportunities on Scumbagged.com, then you’re probably interested in the traffic flow, demographics and behavior of our visitors (as well as other data).  Below are the monthly statistical data per Google Analytics (the world’s #1 most trusted and accurate data tool).  Scumbagged.com visitors frequent the site multiple times per day, have high online browsing times and are heavily from Lorain & Cuyahoga County in Ohio.

Advertising Opportunities

SKYLINER:  The cost for the skyliner (directly above the site – site wide and on all pages and visible on both desktop and mobile) is $600 per week or $2,000 per month (if paid in full).  100% exposure rate (meaning all visitors will see your advertisement).

FOOTER:  The cost for the footer ad (found on the bottom of every page, same size of the skyliner) is $200 per week or $700 per month (if paid in full).

2ND PARAGRAPH:  The cost of an advertisement below the 2nd paragraph on every single article is $300 per week or $1,000 per month (if paid in full).

SIDEBAR 300×300:  Sitewide sidebar adverts can be found on all pages and posts.  These sidebars populate differently on desktop and mobile and therefore the overall exposure rate fluctuates greatly as a vast majority of our viewers are on mobile browsers, therefore reducing exposure rate to approximately 37%.  Cost of this advertisement is $200 per week or $700 per month (if paid in full).

TEXT INCLUSIONS:  Including your text link within a page or post, depending on the viral-ness of the article can range from $50 – $500 per month or permanently, please contact us for more information on this opportunity and the page/post you are interested in advertising on.

Advertising Payment

To pay for advertising please send payment to SCUM@SCUMBAGGED.COM via PayPal.  Also, please email us with your image/advertising link and specific information pertaining to your business.  We allow any and all advertisements provided they are not adult related or violate any State or Federal Law.

Traffic Breakdown

For the month of July 2018

Average Time Spent Online:  2 minutes & 14 seconds.

Total Unique Visitors:  221,739 unique visitors

Total New Visitors (Users):  58,065 new users

Total Pageviews:  638,112

Country Origin:  United States 98.4%

City Origin Breakdown:  Columbus 13% (Verizon cellphone and cellphone tower provider – local mobile users), Cleveland (5%), Lorain (11%), Elyria (5%), North Ridgeville (17%), Parma (2%), Westlake (2%), Brunswick (3%), Avon (8%), Avon Lake (10%), Strongsville (3%) Sheffield (3%), Sheffield Lake (5%) – Other Cities (6%)

For any questions related to advertising on Scumbagged.com, please refer to the contact form on this page or the Scumbagged contact us page here.