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MAY, 2019 – V.I.P NEWS

BREAKING NEWS  5/30/2019 

[Scumbagged is working directly with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other unnamed law enforcement jurisdictions into a corruption probe pertaining to Portage County.  This will usher in a new article that will be featured shortly that show’s an Ex-Commander having taking pictures of an undercover ATF Agent, missing money from evidence rooms, burning of confidential informant information and a letter from a Portage County Drug Task Force officer who witnessed paperwork trails being destroyed.  We’re connecting the dots with a huge amount of tips and official documentation and evidence that has been provided.  Exclusive coming soon.

The Akron Fire Department Chief sent us a letter commanding us to redact an article.  In his letter he rebuffed several statements that were made on the site and called them “false” – also within the same letter he contradicts himself and admits to the facts that we divulged.  Exclusive coming soon.  

A Northeast Ohio Police Chief (active) is in some serious trouble.  We can’t speak too much on it yet, but we have the inside scoop on the situation.  The chief liked sexual favors in exchange for letting women off the hook and even instructed his officers that they were “off limits”.  This will be a good one, unfortunately due to the underlying investigation we can’t run with this story yet.  Look forward to this potentially sometime in July.

A Judge in Summit County is investigating the accusations made against Lawyer Eric E. Jones.  There’s other women that have contacted us about inappropriate actions taking place as well.  Justice is coming for the woman that was accosted and sexually assaulted as well as the numerous (that we presume are out there) that have been subjected to his unwanted sexual advances.  Follow up coming soon.]

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General Information

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Possible private investigation being thrown around pertaining to abnormal property evaluations in North Ridgeville.  Some homes in excess of $45,000+ surplus in one year with zero documentation provided by the city with several individuals. 5/10/2019

Privileged Information

Information pertaining to submissions yet published & what you can expect to see in the coming days or weeks on Scumbagged.com!

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Working in conjunction with Lorain County Sex Offenders to bring a Sex Offender portion of the site to life. 5/02/2019

Scumbagged.com owns the exclusive to a pending class action lawsuit that stemmed out of the Lorain County Jail.  The suit effects hundreds of thousands of inmates recently released and has been making it’s way through the courts for 2 years.  Should be ending soon, when it does we will have it here first (and you can then watch every other local news outlet and some national ones piggy back off of us). 5/08/2019

Pending exclusives into massive overdose deaths taking place in Summit County.  Scumbagged has several insiders in law enforcement and paramedic positions.  Code Blue’s have been called all over the region to rehabs and other correctional facilities.  All of which has been swept under the rug.  Story will break soon. 5/10/2019

A member of law enforcement (high ranking) who has been in position of power for more than 20 years is in big time trouble.  We are working hand in hand with a female individual who is also currently involved in law enforcement that provided sexual favors to the other individual in law enforcement in exchange for leniency with police interaction, etc.  We are gathering evidence, trying to schedule meetings to create video and audio of the setting so the masses don’t cry “fake”.  This is the method we always try to take when running exclusives. 5/10/2019

There is an exclusive that will be breaking soon regarding rehabs in Medina county, the specifics aren’t quite lined up yet, but it’s on par with Primary Purpose and the Hope house articles.  This one has interviews that will be conducted with individuals and provide insider details and specifics.  Just waiting on everything to come to fruition. 5/10/2019

We have pending submissions on the following officers from North Ridgeville in explicit detail with dates, names, times and locations of events.  Officer Larkin, Officer Gorski and Officer Petek.  One had an affair with a North Ridgeville bus driver while on duty and left his car running in the street.  Another beat up his girlfriend at the time who was holed up at the Super Motel 8 in Ridgeville with another man, when she called the cops, they advised her for hours upon hours not to press charges on him (as he was drunk at the time).  And lastly, another one had an affair on his wife and a woman suddenly died.  All of these will be breaking throughout 2019 and 2020, no rush on them. 5/10/2019

Pending submissions related to Mayor Gillock committing perjury on the stand, exposes on the North Ridgeville Spotlight Forum, North Ridgeville Forum and several other individuals in the North Ridgeville government. 5/10/2019

Classified Information

Listen to recordings we’ve had with the F.B.I and see other behind the scenes stuff that we don’t really tend to publicize to the mainstream.

See a lawsuit we won against IUIC.
(V.I.P Release Date:  5/16/2019)

Listen to a private investigator reaching out to Scumbagged for assistance.
(V.I.P Release Date:  5/25/2019)

See communications we’ve had with a co-founder of Facebook who reached out to us.
(V.I.P Release Date:  6/1/2019)

See a pending lawsuit threat against Scumbagged.
(V.I.P Release Date:  6/28/2019)

See a pending lawsuit against Scumbagged.
(V.I.P Release Date:  7/15/2019)

Listen to the F.B.I calling Scumbagged for assistance in a Terrorist related incident.
(V.I.P Release Date:  8/16/2019)

Restricted Content

Content that has been restricted and is only accessible to V.I.P members across Scumbagged.com.

Link:  A Serial Predator, A Coverup & A Mayor (North Ridgeville, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Four damning text messages sent from Charlie Gillock to his victim.

Link:  Cuyahoga County Jail Imploding: Internal Documents Leaked (Cleveland, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Four emails sent from the Warden and 30 internally leaked documents from Corrections Officers / internal employees.

Link:  David vs. Goliath: Scumbagged.com Sued By Nik Richie & TheDirty.com (Cleveland, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Scumbagged.com’s official response to Nik Richie & TheDirty.

Link:  Sheffield Lake Police Chief Exposed: Police Will Draw Guns During Minor Traffic Stops (Sheffield Lake, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  A 13:31 secret recording of the Police Chief defending his department’s use of drawing guns on innocent individuals for not coming to complete stops at stop signs.

Link:  Nik Richie Exposed: TheDirty.com Engaging in Blackmail & Extortion (USA)
Restriction(s):  Three incriminating emails where Reputation Stars (a service that TheDirty uses) attempted to make cash donations / extortion payments to Scumbagged for removal of articles.

Link:  Pierre Zarokian Exposed: ReputationStars.com Owner Engages In Extortion Practices (USA)
Restriction(s):  Same emails restricted as notated in the article above.

Link:  Senator Tom Patton Exposed – Corruption, Bribery, Kickbacks & His Bid For Congress (Strongsville, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Phone (cell) number, home address & email address.  12 legal .pdf files & one audio/radio recording.

Link:  The Harbor Light Saga – Flooding, Misconduct & Torture (Cleveland, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Fire & Flooding footage on video.

Link:  IUIC Racist African Americans Invade Downtown (Cleveland, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Brief confrontational video of the IUIC Racist Religious group in action in Downtown Cleveland.

Link:  Scumbagged Exclusive: North Ridgeville Officer Groped Me When I was 16 [RECORDING] (North Ridgeville, OH)
Restriction(s):  Full audio recording of an admission where Officer West of the North Ridgeville Police Department allegedly groped a 16 year old boy.

Link:  Theft Of The Elderly Disabled – Catie Fawn Sagges (Elyria, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Video footage of Catelynn Sagges in court.

Link:  Woman Who Gets Sober From Heroin Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail (Elyria, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Two audio recordings.  One of the probation officer and one of the woman that was sentenced.

Link:  Sheffield Lake Mayor Intimidates Protesters (Kelly Miller Circus)
Restriction(s):  Video of the victims while on the scene.

Link:  State Representative Tom Patton & The Largest Meth Raid In History (Strongsville, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  46 second audio of Tom Patton making sexist comments on air.

Link:  Dr. Biswajit Das Exposed: Drugs, Prostitution & Forged Prescriptions (Cleveland, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Footage of the Dr. at the Lorain County Jail trying to see one of his prostitutes.

Link:  WATCH: Lorain Tax Nightmare – City Hall Gets Berated, Treasurer Exposed (Lorain, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Raw footage of an insane situation where thousands of Lorain residents stood in a line that wrapped around 3 streets and stretched for almost a mile.

Link:  Ken Mills Exposed: Cronyism, Contract-Steering & Abuse of Power (Cuyahoga County, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  14 minute video of the council berating Ken Mills (before he was fired).

Link:  Hell On Earth: A Jail Operated By Demons That Compounds Evil (Cleveland, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  30 leaked documents (internal and used in a subsequent Scumbagged article).

Link:  Video: Cookeville Tennessee Man Sets Up Friend & Gets Him 8 Years In Prison (Cookeville, Tennessee)
Restriction(s):  Video footage that came from a motion of discovery during trial showing one man’s best friend wearing a wire on him and netting him in big big trouble with the law as a result.

Link:  Lorain County Judges Exposed: Intimidation, Threats, A Murder & More (Elyria, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Cellphone screenshots of the absurd “mafialistic” conversation between the two judges.

Link:  The Beatdown Caught On Tape – Imari Maldonado Get’s Whooped (Lorain, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  A Lorain woman get’s beat down on video.  Interestingly enough, she was bragging about how she won this very same fight on Facebook just an hour or so after this footage surfaced.

Link:  #BOYCOTT Brian Griffith & Sheffield Automotive Sales: The Racist Cokehead Convict (Elyria, Ohio)
Restriction(s):  Racist audio recording accidentally left on a customers voicemail.

Link:  Road to Hope Men’s Director Exposed: Steve Campana – Requesting Drugs from Residents Girlfriend (Elyria, OH)
Restriction(s):  Screenshots of the Men’s Director requesting crack cocaine and talking about his addiction with one of his residents girlfriends.

Link:  The Rubicon: Cuyahoga County Jail’s Eric Ivey Has A Fellow Officer As His Mistress & Owes $30,000+ in Taxes (Cleveland, OH)
Restriction(s):  Two .pdf’s that document back taxes owed as well as two FlipBooks that document information.  Also, Warden Eric Ivey’s personal home address and information.

Link:  Tony Lance Exposed – A Confidential Informant with An Active Warrant – CAUGHT ON RECORDING (North Ridgeville, OH)
Restriction(s):  Listen to a secret audio recording obtained where Lance admit’s to working with the North Ridgeville Police Department in order to get out of potential jail time.  Also see another recording where the Judge issues a warrant for his arrest.

Link:  Kody Sherman – A Woman Beater, Deadbeat Father & Manipulative Liar (Tiffin, OH)
Restriction(s):  5 Screenshots that show physical abuse in it’s worst form.  Black eye, busted lip, teeth through lips & so on.

Link:  Coming Soon…
Restriction(s):  Coming Soon…

Link:  Scumbagged Girls
Restriction(s):  Women that have been posted to Scumbagged in one way or another, some of which never made the cut, many of which did, some of the images may have been restricted due to editorial decisions (too much skin), etc.  MUST BE VIP 30 DAY ACCOUNT.

Link:  Scumbagged Guys
Restriction(s):  Images that depict that vast majority (if not all) of the male submissions contained on Scumbagged.  These images, just as with the girls, do not contain mugshots.  MUST BE VIP 30 DAY ACCOUNT.

Link:  Area51
Restriction(s):  Sensitive information pertaining to upcoming submissions, investigations, ongoing behind the scenes events (lawsuits, FBI/Local Jurisdiction contacts), contests, events, VIP chat, freebies and more!

Bonus Material

Content featured here is content that was at one time published or was in the process of being published but for some reason or another was revoked or withheld.

VIP NOTE:  Some of the VIP videos and content is hosted on YouTube.  These links are private, they are not indexed, found via search or any other means.  The only way any of the censored content can be found is if a direct link is provided.  Moving forward all videos will continue to be hosted on the Scumbagged server.

The Impersonating Officer

An officer (on recording) impersonated another officer. He did this because he was having an affair with a woman when the story broke. Below is the video of officer Ajay Johnson impersonating another officer as well as a variety of screenshots pertaining to the situation. It was removed out of the user’s personal request.

Scumbagged.com Girls

Scumbagged.com Guys

Breaking Stories & The Results

Interested in sharing your story?  Want to report a scumbag today?  Use the Article Submit feature now!  Below are the end results of some previous user submitted articles.  Granted, these are only some that we’ve selected, there is just so many things that have gone on as a result of our articles.  We’ve been investigating the Mayor of Lorain as a prime example, he knows it, we’ve told him as much.  Then he goes and resigns, alas.  The Mayor of North Ridgeville felt the heat for the Mosque on Center Ridge Rd.,. that plot failed.  On and on we can go with the success stories from out publishers!

Mike Freeman of North Ridgeville, Ohio was exposed for misconduct and a variety of issues putting the North Ridgeville Police Chief in the hot seat once again. July 12, 2017  See The Article

The Mayors grandson, Charlie Gillock, was exposed for being a 2 time sex offender while in high school and the Mayor was also exposed for concealing his behavior.  July 20, 2017  See The Article

As a result of several articles that were submitted, Scumbagged.com received it’s first ever death threat, several more threats quickly followed. July 22, 2017  See The Article

Detective John Graves of the Cleveland Police Department was exposed for his alleged corrupt behavior that has spanned almost 2 decades, shedding light into a serious issue with the nations law enforcement.  July 22, 2017  See The Article

Life Care Ambulance Inc. based in Elyria Ohio was exposed for underpaying their overworked workers.  A Pay Raise Ensued.  August 4, 2017  See The Article

Sheffield Lake Mayor Dennis Bring was exposed for antagonizing and intimidating peaceful protesters.  This put the Mayors re-election up in the air.  August 5, 2017  See The Article

Walmart was in the national news for an alleged display showing a back to school gun sign.  Scumbagged was the first outlet that the sign was debunked on and several major news sources referenced your article helping to clear up Walmarts name.  Ausut 11, 2017  See The Article

North Ridgeville Police once again find themselves exposed this time featuring several officers prompting an internal investigation into the police department.  August 26, 2017  See The Article

Harbor Light in Downtown Cleveland is exposed with multiple videos (and subsequent articles) that expose corruption from within.  Gave various familes an outlet to reach to, since none others were made available.  August 30, 2017  See The Article

Lucky Bezak of Aces Bar & Grille in North Ridgeville is exposed for various levels of corruption.  He was forced out of Aces as a result.  August 30, 2017  See The Article

Several user submission put extensive pressure on Senator Tom Patton and exposed him from everything from bribery to misappropriation of funds to belittling female opponents.  Tom Patton folded his bid for congress.  September 2, 2017  See The Article

A user submission allegedly exposed Nik Richie and TheDirty.com for accepting payments in order to take down published listings.  Nik Richie & co. sued Scumbagged.com in return.  February 10, 2018  See The Article

The city of Lorain was exposed for using compromised radio frequency water meters.  This prompted hundreds of residents to reach out and file a lawsuit against the city.  February 9, 2018  See The Article

Several articles were submitted, leaked documents and recorded officers shedding light into various violations down at the county jail.  Things are getting interesting down at the jail from this one.  February 12, 2018  See The Article

Anthony Campo, the Sheffield Lake Police Chief was exposed through a private investigation that was launched from one user.  Investigation revealed questionable gun sales to unknown individuals.  February 26, 2018 See The Article

Sheriff Clifford Pinkney is exposed for a host of issues stemming from his ineffective management of his department to pulling in favors for “certain” Sheriff’s. This launched an internal investigation into the Sheriff and pushed him into divulging additional details about internal staff.  February, 20th 2018 See The Article

Warden Eric Ivey is exposed again, this time for alleged assaults on inmates, one in particular. In this instance, the Warden and the Cuyahoga County Jail are already being investigated by the city Council and the FBI, unbeknownst to the media and themselves. March 8th, 2018 See The Article

Brian Griffith of Sheffield Automotive Sales accidentally left one of his potential clients a racist voicemail. Scumbagged broke the news and it was ultimately featured on the local news 3 days later. March 9th, 2018 See The Article

Elyria Municipal Court is found (once again) to be publicizing social security numbers on random court dockets. Scumbagged spoke with the lead tech at the city and they ran a search to remove all social security numbers listed, Common pleas still has some showing though as of 5/10/2019. March 20th, 2018 See The Article

Kristi Fitch was exposed on Scumbagged for not being arrested after a deadly crash that saw her kill someone in an opposing car.  The family (and her) erupted on social media proclaiming she was innocent. She was arrested a short time later on vehicular manslaughter charges. April 27th, 2018 See The Article

An article broke regarding crack kits (stems, chore boy, etc.) as well as prostitution taking place at Gas Stations all across Lorain County. Investigations netted hefty fines into all locations.  North Ridgeville’s have since ceased selling them.  The same cannot be said for Elyria or Lorain however.. August 2nd, 2018 See The Article

Sheffield & Avon Lake have a major cancer issue.  Again, this stems from illegal dumping that took place with highly toxic chemicals in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Now homes reside directly on top of these locations or right next door.  In addition, other streets were directly in line with highly toxic and carcinogenic companies. This article went extremely viral and also lead to the sensitive Government Investigation into ATSDR. August 4th, 2018 See The Article

Multiple Sclerosis article broke regarding companies that utilized compounds that have been linked to cluster zones around the world. The article went viral and made Wellington the talk of town once again for it’s MS cluster.  In addition, a month later sensitive documentation regarding a potential cover-up with MS in the area was submitted. August 5th, 2018 See The Article

Dr. Biswajit Das from the Case Western Reserve University.  A leading researcher in the cure for Aids is discovered to be paying for sex, providing drugs and prescriptions to women across Lorain County.  He is caught on video attempting to visit one of the women he frequented while she was locked up. Approximately a month later, after feeling the pressure, Dr. Biswajit Das moved out of the country and went back home to India where he belongs. August 16th, 2018 See The Article

Scumbagged.com received a tip of some unusual activity taking place in Downtown Lorain.  Upon arrival, we pulled out our camera and began interviewing the masses.  We also confronted the workers inside and berated them for the insanity that had deliberately caused. Three hours after Scumbagged.com’s article, FOX8 News arrived on the scene and covered the story. August 17th, 2018 See The Article

The ATSDR Government Investigation report is submitted to Scumbagged related to the Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer Cluster articles. Inside it details prolific skewing of data and extreme indifference to the cluster zones in Ohio and elsewhere. September 5th, 2018 See The Article

After dozens of emails and repetitive harassment from Matthew Berdyck – a psychopathic environmental activist, he took it to the next level and outlined a sinister plot to destroy a Northeast Ohio power plant. Approximately 3-6 hours after our article broke, Berdyck was detained by authorities en-route to Ohio. October 14th, 2018 See The Article

A massive cockroach infestation was discovered at an apartment complex in Lorain and the owner was discovered as being a blatant slumlord. In response the health inspector paid a visit. October 18th, 2018 See The Article

Bridget Dorsey was exposed for allegedly doing a vast amount of illegal behavior, including working for a dentist and receiving illegal scripts from the place of business. Scumbagged received word from the dentist that Bridget didn’t work there.  Yet, in 2019 she was arrested for forged documents related to prescription drugs.  Who would have guessed? October 18th, 2018 See The Article

Laura Lester & Matthew Powell were exposed for having one strange, sick and twisted relationship after his girlfriend died the day before (who was her best friend). Interestingly enough, Powell was arrested on drug related charges shortly after this story broke. October 19th, 2018 See The Article

Another Lorain slumlord graced the front cover of Scumbagged, this time an owned with almost 20 properties in the city and one notoriously known for renting out horrific homes. In the end she wound up being submitted numerous times and now has multiple cases against her in the court of law. October 23rd, 2018 See The Article

In a leaked letter by a high ranking Cuyahoga County Correctional Officer, a sick, twisted and scary picture is painted.  One that divulges life threatening issues to both the officers and the inmates. IThis letter only expedited the process that was ongoing down at the C.C.J, the urgency was really apparent to the investigators and council members. December 19th, 2018 See The Article

After numerous articles ran on Lucky Bezak and Aces Bar & Grille, enough was finally enough. Scumbagged broke the story that sealed the fate of Aces, it’s permanent closure.  The Aces articles fetched upwards of 350,000 unique views in all – more than the entire population of Lorain County. January 3rd, 2019 See The Article

A user submitted post related to a missing or dead dog that transpired at an Elyria pet boarding facility turned out to be a total nightmare for the dog’s owner. It was discovered that the dog had died, shortly after the Scumbagged article ran, local & Cleveland based news stations arrived on the scene.  An arrest was also made and the boutique has since been shut down.  February 12th, 2019 See The Article

The Primary Purpose housing facility for men and women is exposed.  It’s owner is discovered being a multi-felon who is a womanizer amongst many other things. It’s placed a lot of heat on Chuck Craft and a subsequent article ran exposing him again for blatantly lying.  He’s also been submitted since by multiple women for many things (like taking urine tests in parking lots, having sex in exchange for rent).  Stay tuned on this one, we’re not done.  February 16th, 2019 See The Article

A dagger in the heart for the Warden.  Based off of a tip Scumbagged received it was determined that the Warden had both a mistress at the Cuyahoga County Jail as well as a huge sum of delinquent taxes. 30 days later a major news station covered our story.  It was only a few days afterwards that the Warden was indicted and thrown into the very same jail that he used to be in charge of, the irony.  February 17th, 2019 See The Article

An H&R Block computer bug is discovered that is costing upwards of $1,000 or more on individuals tax returns. It caused H&R to have to revisit hundreds of thousands of tax returns and make amendments, as well as fixing the bug in their system.  All because of a Scumbagged user submission out of North Ridgeville’s office.  February 27th, 2019 See The Article

Attorney Eric E. Jones out of Summit County was exposed for groping and sexually assaulting a client.  It turns out he is also married to Judge Jones out of the same courts. Investigation is currently underway with more than 2 women coming forward as having been approached sexually by Mr. Jones while he represented them. March 19th, 2019 See The Article

Bryon Meshew, the Chief of Police for the city of Creston is exposed for his inappropriate sexting and avid sexually based discussions pertaining to someone who was in recovery (a heroin addict at the time).  He was married as well and conducted the conversations while on tax payer dollars. It’s still in it’s infancy, but we can only imagine what’s going on with IA. April 19th, 2019 See The Article

A North Ridgeville Police Officer, Pat West, is exposed for allegedly groping a 16 year old boy. This isn’t the first time that Officer West has been submitted for suspect behavior.  A user submitted information regarding him about a year prior.  Who knows what else may turn up during the next 365 days – it’s too soon to tell. May 5th, 2019 See The Article

The men’s director for Road to Hope housing – Steve Campana is exposed for contacting one of his residents girlfriends in an attempt to purchase crack cocaine. In the span of 60 minutes after being told he would be exposed, Campana no longer had a job and disappeared off of our radar. May 6th, 2019 See The Article