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New private investigation into a local Chief of Police.  Interested parties looking to contribute to this investigation please feel free to do so.  Currently at $1,800 for necessary goal. 5/12/2018

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Information pertaining to submissions yet published & what you can expect to see in the coming days or weeks on Scumbagged.com!

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ScumbaggedTV will be launching soon and feature 10-20 minute video blogs in a news geared format covering Scumbagged articles and other Scumbags around the country. 5/02/2018

Donor who sponsored the law firm for the Lorain County Water Scam provided an inaccurate law firm.  $1,750 was returned to the donor & the law firm was removed. 2/13/2018

Tip Line has been re-opened, please call or text (330) 915-7483 with any and all information pertaining to any new information. 8/07/2018

Your Articles & The Results

Interested in sharing your story?  Want to report a scumbag today?  Use the Article Submit feature now!  Below are the end results of some previous user submitted articles.

Mike Freeman of North Ridgeville, Ohio was exposed for misconduct and a variety of issues putting the North Ridgeville Police Chief in the hot seat once again. July 12, 2017  See The Article

The Mayors grandson, Charlie Gillock, was exposed for being a 2 time sex offender while in high school and the Mayor was also exposed for concealing his behavior.  July 20, 2017  See The Article

As a result of several articles that were submitted, Scumbagged.com received it’s first ever death threat, several more threats quickly followed. July 22, 2017  See The Article

Detective John Graves of the Cleveland Police Department was exposed for his alleged corrupt behavior that has spanned almost 2 decades, shedding light into a serious issue with the nations law enforcement.  July 22, 2017  See The Article

Life Care Ambulance Inc. based in Elyria Ohio was exposed for underpaying their overworked workers.  A Pay Raise Ensued.  August 4, 2017  See The Article

Sheffield Lake Mayor Dennis Bring was exposed for antagonizing and intimidating peaceful protesters.  This put the Mayors re-election up in the air.  August 5, 2017  See The Article

Walmart was in the national news for an alleged display showing a back to school gun sign.  Scumbagged was the first outlet that the sign was debunked on and several major news sources referenced your article helping to clear up Walmarts name.  Ausut 11, 2017  See The Article

North Ridgeville Police once again find themselves exposed this time featuring several officers prompting an internal investigation into the police department.  August 26, 2017  See The Article

Harbor Light in Downtown Cleveland is exposed with multiple videos (and subsequent articles) that expose corruption from within.  Gave various familes an outlet to reach to, since none others were made available.  August 30, 2017  See The Article

Lucky Bezak of Aces Bar & Grille in North Ridgeville is exposed for various levels of corruption.  He was forced out of Aces as a result.  August 30, 2017  See The Article

Several user submission put extensive pressure on Senator Tom Patton and exposed him from everything from bribery to misappropriation of funds to belittling female opponents.  Tom Patton folded his bid for congress.  September 2, 2017  See The Article

A user submission allegedly exposed Nik Richie and TheDirty.com for accepting payments in order to take down published listings.  Nik Richie & co. sued Scumbagged.com in return.  February 10, 2018  See The Article

The city of Lorain was exposed for using compromised radio frequency water meters.  This prompted hundreds of residents to reach out and file a lawsuit against the city.  February 9, 2018  See The Article

Several articles were submitted, leaked documents and recorded officers shedding light into various violations down at the county jail.  Things are getting interesting down at the jail from this one.  February 12, 2018  See The Article

Anthony Campo, the Sheffield Lake Police Chief was exposed through a private investigation that was launched from one user.  Investigation revealed questionable gun sales to unknown individuals.  February 26, 2018 See The Article

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