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diane bandy

Diane Bandy – The Dog Hoarding, Child Hating, Radical Feminist (McCandless/Allison Park, PA)

Diane Bandy, Diane Bandy-Ku aka Di An Brandy aka "Childfree Diane" is from the Pittsburgh area. She is married and in her late 50's....

Tom Keenan, The Liberal Terrorist – Philadelphia’s Own Antifa Scumbag Indicted (Philadelphia, PA)

This fat scumbag, liberal terrorist was arrested and charged with 10 felony offenses for his alleged role in attacking two Marine Corps Reservists outside...
taylor swift

Taylor Swift & The Story of Kitty: Democrats, Hate, Kanye & A Spoiled...

Tayllor Swift is a greedy, vindictive, hateful & spoiled little brat.  She's trademarked her own kittens names, she sues everyone to kingdom come, she...

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