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Diane Bandy – The Dog Hoarding, Child Hating, Radical Feminist (McCandless/Allison Park, PA)


Diane Bandy, Diane Bandy-Ku aka Di An Brandy aka “Childfree Diane” is from the Pittsburgh area. She is married and in her late 50’s. This vile woman is a child hating, dog hoarding, radical feminist, as well as an adulteress. Diane is married to a doctor. While her husband is out all day working, this tramp gets all dressed and painted up, goes out whoring around, and makes lame videos of herself, on YouTube. She also goes on shopping sprees and spends tons of money that her doctor husband works so hard to make.

Earlier this year, Diane and her husband’s house caught on fire. 🔥 Inside the house, they found close to twenty dogs! News reporters and police noted they were dealing with a hoarding situation. Diane Bandy is a hoarder! She is an animal hoarder and a compulsive shopper, buying shit she doesn’t need! Diane stuffs her house to the ceiling with junk, which is a fire hazard! The news reporters did not give out names, because Diane’s husband, Dr. Andrew Ku is a neurosurgeon and a pillar of society with all the work he does and all the donations he makes. But it should be known that Dr. Ku’s wife who praises herself as being an animal rescuer, is nothing but a dog hoarder who neglects her dogs. Diane leaves her dogs behind several times a year to travel the world. She expects her husband and other people to care for her dogs, while she flies to Europe and to other places to have affairs and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on herself, that she does not earn, herself.

One time, Diane flew to the UK 🇬🇧 to fool around with this broke, bipolar man whom she met online; named, Terry Grigg. This guy lives in a camper in an RV park, somewhere in Inverness. Diane left her doctor husband behind to go fuck a depressed creep who lives in a trailer park! 😆 This is what a lowlife she is! Diane often meets men online in anti-natalist discussion boards and meets up with them, in person. These often angry people hate children and worship abortion. They use the excuse that the world is overpopulated and that children don’t ask to be born. These egotistical twats don’t give a shit how kids think or feel. They hate children simply because children invade their selfish world of fun and travel! These self centered adults call heterosexual parents breeders! They accuse parents of being selfish! LOL! 😆 Diane Bandy, herself, is the epitome of selfish! She thrives on non-stop self gratification, while her husband and others cater to her. She, along with her self-centered, anti-natalist friends find it uncomfortable when they’re at a public place and a family with small children appear. They especially hate it if the family is white! These anti-white, left-wing, vegan freaks seem to tolerate black and brown people procreating, over white families.

In The News:  Firefighters Find Hoarding Conditions In McCandless Home, Woman And Dogs Rescued

Diane often brags about how educated she is. She received a four year college degree that is basically worthless, for she never really used it for establishing a worthy career. Obviously her reasons why she chose to go to university was to party, have guilt-free sex and to upgrade her choices of finding a husband. But the main reason of all is for shoving that piece of paper in other people’s faces, emphasizing that she is far above them because she has a bachelor’s degree. Diane Bandy does not qualify to be an academic snob. She’s a joke!

All Diane does is create drama by being a local media whore, over her “so-called” pet rescue. She is an extremist who harasses people about things she personally doesn’t like. This woman stalks mothers and takes pictures of them in public places, accusing them of bad parenting. She really hates dog breeders and verbally berates them, in public. Diane has been cited and arrested more than once for being a public nuisance. This woman is nothing but a menace, disguised as a Good Samaritan.

HAWK Says:  Diane is the type of woman who probably inadvertently does so, due to her crazy personality, but perhaps it’s time she lays off all of the dogs and finds them decent homes…

Check out her videos for a good laugh! Go see this nearly 60 year old hag make a complete fool out of herself. Other than that, avoid this woman. She is not the do-gooder she prides herself on being.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011353277130

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2252U62z-vFXR7F-chweYA

Most Recent Wacky Video

“As long as it does not produce a human baby”…

The Bottom Line

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  1. Diane now lives in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Her rich husband had to buy another house, because she tore their last house apart with her hoarding and being a pig. The house caught on fire, due to Diane’s carelessness and hoarding.

    It has been said that Diane is still harassing mothers in Target and at the local shopping mall. She is being a Karen over face masks, by criticizing mothers for their children’s masks falling off. Diane Bandy does not give AF about viruses, masks, and especially children. She just wants to be a bitch, because she hates babies and children being in her way while she’s out shopping and spending her husband’s money. Diane Bandy is a rude, selfish cunt! She has mental disorders and needs to be institutionalized.

  2. With all the travel bans that’s going on, Diane “Fag Hag” Bandy still manages to go to Mexico for a holiday with her boy toy, Alex. This married woman, Diane leaves her husband behind to fly her young boyfriend first class to Mexico with her. Dude is gay as all hell, but will chump pump an old smelly hag for a week, in exchange for a trip to Mexico.

  3. Oh, she’s a bitch! What an ungrateful pig! This filthy slag hates her parents so much for giving her life, but look at her in her latest video! She enjoys life by hanging out at restaurants, drinking cocktails and traveling. She doesn’t work or do anything constructive. All she does is complain. And she hates children! You can see it, by the way she cringes and carries on about them being in her space. It’s a public restaurant, you stupid bitch! Go the fuck home and segregate yourself there, you child hater!


  4. She likes dogs because dogs eat her pussy. That pitbull she is pictured with looks like it has had its tongue up her dry, 60 year old snatch, more than once.

  5. Diane Bandy is so full of shit! This liberal, hipster wannabe “diANtinatalist” is NO Vegan. Real Vegans don’t eat PIZZA!

    YouTuber diANtinatalist is having a full-on temper tantrum in this video, because her favorite pizza place has been closed down, due to Covid and staff shortages. She is actually crying like a spoiled, overgrown child in this video, because she can’t have her pizza.

    Check out this LOLCOW and see this dumb bitch actually crying over her favorite pizza place being permanently closed! 😆😂


    But Diane claims to be a vegan. Vegans don’t pig out on pizza like this overweight porker wants to do. Even if you order a vegetarian pizza, it still has cheese on it. Vegans don’t eat dairy. If that pizzeria she is crying about has been there for generations, more than likely, they are making pizza the same way they always have: with REAL dairy cheese. That fatty ain’t getting a pizza 🍕 without cheese, I’ll tell ya that! Diane Bandy is too FAT to be a strict vegetarian and or vegan.

  6. Diane’s latest whinge is about ppl not working. This stupid bitch has not been to an actual legit job herself in over 30 years! Why didn’t she apply to work at any of her favorite restaurants, when they needed staff? They had to close down her businesses, because like she said, they couldn’t get anybody to work for them. Diane cried about them not having staff, but did not offer to help, herself. It’s not like the dumb bitch has a job. Traveling around the world on her husband’s dime, while fucking other men, and complaining about overpopulation does not count!

    Also, another thing…Diane does not have a four year college degree. She went to college, but did not graduate. Instead, she went to trade school to cut hair. Diane also went to cooking school, which was a waste of time, because the dumb cunt does not cook! She instead decided to waste more of her husband’s money by taking art classes at her local community college. Diane draws ugly pictures of people’s faces, that are a joke! A kid in middle school could do better. Diane Bandy is a useless waste of space and a no-hoper. Her husband needs to kick her cheating ass to the curb!


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