Home News 4/7/2023 – New Features, New Sections & Main Menu Update

4/7/2023 – New Features, New Sections & Main Menu Update


New features and sections can now be found throughout the site all of which will be outlined below.  Some of the links that we are working on are currently either password protected or do not load.  This is because we are avidly working working on structuring these new sections completely before they become live.

  • New Menu (XTRA) – XTRA menu will feature additional pages, Scumbagged Girls/Guys (essentially a gallery), Area-51 (being reconstructed but will feature a “Grapevine” which is similar to that of a “Blotter” except it will consist of new publications inbound or other pertinent information pertaining to various scumbags), Media (will feature all videos from Scumbagged as well as a place to house all additional content we intend on publishing), Meme’s (funny/relative Scumbag meme’s), and Shop (Scumbagged gear, etc, which can either be purchased or earned)
  • New Menu (HOME) – Comprehensive Home menu that features information links pertaining to Scumbagged.
  • New Menu (Publish) – Enhanced publishing options via the submit an article page or by email and our new tip-line.
  • New Menu (Blacklist) – Standalone section for “The Blacklisted” articles.

Please feel free to submit any and all feedback to us via our contact page.



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