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View user submitted exposed scumbags from the State of New Jersey.

Darren Ambler – Prostitute, STD Carrier, Drug & Sex Addict (Cherry Hill, NJ)

It is very important to keep the public updated on the notorious Player - Sociopath - Prostitute Sex & Drug Addict Darren Ambler. Naturally...
darren ambler

Darren Ambler – Psycho Update, A Psychotic Meltdown & Justice (Cherry Hill, N.J.)

Darren Ambler is a known sex addict, sociopath, Con-artist, liar, STD Carrier, Selfish poor excuse for a "real man". He has split personality disorder...

Michael S. Topley & Jess Rio – The Abusive Tandem (Hackensack, New Jersey)

Michael S. Topley is a long time women abuser.  He has spent over 5 years in prison for a variety of crimes ranging from...

Nik Richie Exposed: TheDirty.com Engaging in Blackmail & Extortion (USA)

TheDirty.com, an extremely popular website that is almost identical in comparison to Scumbagged.com, has been discovered engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.  The...

Darren Ambler Exposed: A Sociopath, Liar, Sex Addict & Some STD’s (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Darren Ambler  is  a Sociopath- Abusive to Females- a Liar- Con-Man, Drug Addict turned Sex Addict and an STD  Carrier:   Darren Ambler is dangerous...
New Jersey Eric Freda

Eric “The Cheating & Panty Wearing Freak” Freda (New Jersey, New Jersey)

Hey Scumbagged, this guys name is Eric Freda and he has been featured on numerous sites across the globe for his unique and albeit...

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