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Darren Ambler – Prostitute, STD Carrier, Drug & Sex Addict (Cherry Hill, NJ)


It is very important to keep the public updated on the notorious Player – Sociopath – Prostitute Sex & Drug Addict Darren Ambler. Naturally – an Obsessive, Out-of-Control Sociopath will certainly get worse over time and Darren Ambler is no exception. Darren Ambler will continue his life of Illicit- Dirty Sex, His Lies, Con-Games- his Disrespect of females- his male Prostitution and his extreme SELFISHNESS and ODD Behaviors.

Darren Ambler lives at 12 Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- NJ. Darren is Pharmacist Registered in NJ and PA. He loves Porno. Darren watches Porn- Hub on a regular basis. Darren used to watch the pornography prior to having Sex with many of us. Darren was obviously terribly jealous of the guys that had well sized organs. Reason- Darren Ambler has a micro sized underdeveloped wee wee- just like his underdeveloped body (also recycled). Mr. Darren Ambler of Cherry Hill NJ can be described as “used and or recycled goods” that no normal or decent person wants anything to so with. Of course- being a person with no class- breeding, morality, personality, warmth or decency makes him even more gross and unappealing to hookers and non-hookers alike.

Darren Ambler in many regards is DANGEROUS. He cons vulnerable females into Degrading SEX with Himself. Then Darren Ambler throws these helpless creatures aside once the scum bag gets what he wants. Lets face it, Darren Ambler is so Gross- so Ugly- so lacking Personality- Morals and Social grace. Darren has nothing to offer anyone but Trouble, STD Infection, Abusive and very BAD SEX and Horrible Noxious Breath that is harming the Ozone layer. Several former Sexual Partners of Darren Ambler including seasoned Prostitutes agree that Darren Ambler is a total “Disappointment” in the bedroom. Darren has a less than acceptable male organ and his Face is another huge “TURN OFF”. Darren Ambler is a horrible selfish and very evil person. In reality, Darren Ambler is a lonely sexually insecure – homely -unappealing loser seeking approval from anyone that will give it to him. Darren has tried unsuccessfully to prove his “MANHOOD”. Manhood is not proven throug bullying females into sex. Darren is a first class piece of Garbage as well as an COWARD with a Capital “C”!

Darren Ambler entered into the world of Dirty Sex- Pornography- Drug Abuse and Filthy Lies of his own accord, no one twisted his skinny scrawny arm. When you live a life like Darren Ambler has you have made a DEAL with the “DEVIL” and you must be prepared to accept the Consequences that come with it. Stop Blaming everyone else for Darren Ambler’s Immorality- Lies- Ugliness- Selfishness and Rotted breath, Darren Ambler willingly had sex and oral sex with several females beginning in 2015. Darren did what he wanted weather it was right or wrong. Lets face it- Darren Ambler is a total DORK that probably never had a date his whole life until he began his stalking and sexual provocative behavior.

Darren Ambler has screwed divorced females, single, senior citizens, married females- you name it Darren has screwed it. Mr. Darren Ambler is a Filthy PIG with no Morals- Class- Manners- Shame- Dignity and he has no remorse for his bad beheviors. Several former Sexual Companions have come forward since November 1st 2019. These women want justice where Darren Ambler is concerned. Darren has been EXPOSED big time. Darren Ambler is an Ugly coward. He attempted to blame his Immorality- Practice of Prostitution- Vulgar baheviors on poor Megan Bentzley. Megan Bentzley met Darren Ambler when he was in the heighth of his Immoral lifestyle and Prostitution Services. Megan ran a “meet up” organization in Phila PA. Darren Ambler gladly joined Megan’s Organization. Darren felt screwing numerous females and exchanging monies for SEX would fulfill his out of control sex and drug addiction at least for a while. Darren Ambler did start a sexual relationship with Miss Bentzley also. Megan taught Darren explicit sex=- Bondage-Group Sex- Cross Dressing- Sex with men and other filthy acts. Darren Ambler was in SEX Heaven for a time. Prostitution is still a Crime and severe consequences can result when the LAW becomes involved. Darren Ambler is a male prostitute with over 3 years experience. Darren Ambler has no Moral Conscience and he is a very low class person with no self esteem or conception of right vs wrong.

Darren Ambler accused Megan Bentzley of Slandering him. Darren Ambler is an idiot and an ugly liar. Darren slandered himself the day he started screwing multiple partners. Darren does not have decent or respectabel bone in his gross 130 pound underdeveloped diseased body. Yes- Megan Bentzley is troubled. Megan is a drug addict and Prostitute – However, Darren Ambler is also a Prostitute and Drug abuser so he has no right Bashing and attacking Megan Bentzley. Everything that has been said by Megan Bentzley- Angie Parsons- Natalie B and the other abused women is 100% TRUE. Darren needs to stop lying – face what he did and GROW Up. Darren is a Coward with nothing going for him.

Darren Ambler is psychotic. He has brain damage from years of Drug abuse and sexual diseases. Darren Ambler ha sgiven at least 8 women STD’s. Transmission of STD’s is an CRIMINAL act. Does Darren understand that? Darren is a true scum bag. What decent guy screws an 68 year old senior with incontinence problems. Answer- an UGLY sick Sex and Drug addict like Darren Ambler-thats who. Darren Ambler is a mental case and is getting worse. He lives in Denial and a Fantasy land. Now the world knows what a scum bag liar Darren Ambler really is.

BEWARE- stay away from this dangerous sociopath addict. Darren has beaten other women- threatened them- degraded them during sex and drugged these women so Darren had more control over them. Darren Ambler even impregnated a Prostitute (like himself) and refused to pay t terminate the pregnancy. The child is better off not coming into this world. That would be horrible punishment if the baby looked like Darren Ambler. No one deserves that kind of punishment. Some feel Darren Ambler is evil and the DEVIL himself. Darren Ambler better get all his screwing over with because there is no SEX where he will spend Eternity. Just fire- heat- devils and sinful acts.

Darren Ambler must be punished and removed from society. Justice will be served. Darren Ambler does not deserve children. Any sane Judge will certainly remove those kids from Darren Ambler’s custody. Darren is incompetent among other things. If Darren solicits you for SEX or anything else call 911 Immediately: Run- scream for your life he he chases you. Darren is a mad crazed sex and drug addict he will stop at nothing to get his next Victim into his slimy stinky bed.

Remember- Darren Ambler is infected with std’s and puss. Many feel GOD has punished this Sex sinner with his Internal organs decaying at an alarming rate. Darren is literally rotting from inside out. It may be all the evil- lust -sex- and infection oozing out of his pores and evil mouth. The fumes escape from Darren Ambler’s pores and the fumes are toxic and Highly Flammable- Explosive. His breath smells like recycled rotted garbage. Two former lovers feel Darren’s face may be recycled also.

Stay away from this Liar- Prostitute- Con-man- Sex and Drug addict and deviant. Darren is no good in any way shape or form. No one wants a liar and bed hopping drugged out relic in the end. Darren is a throw away who does not belong in society.

This is a post that  Darren Ambler made on another web site in reply to a TRUE and FACTUAL post-article written about him and his Prostitution and abusive behavior toward females.  You must admit Darren sounds like a deranged and angry Scum bag who doe not like being exposed.  (read on)

Submitted: 10/25/2018

___________________sounds a like u have a 2 much of time on ur hands. ur a cunt for exposing yourself to the world. douche your snatch ugly cunt. use milk for douche.

equals sour pussy

Talk about a scum bag!-  Darren Ambler is Scum bag city.  He used the screen name  “Goawayplease” But the screen-name Goawayplease.  / But he then signed the post.  Makes no sense.



  1. He and Mindy Murray (Cincinnati’s version of him) need to get together and just disappear forever for the sake of society.

  2. How many thousands of people in the world agree with Emily’s statement. Seriously- I am sure Darren would enjoy Miss Murray’s company. Darren doesn’t even pretend to be a civilized- refined – up standing person: It is almost like he enjoys the notoriety of being a scum bag. I don’t get it but No one understands or gets Darren Ambler- Probably no one ever did. He will deny any wrong doing forever. But- so much proof exists it doesn’t really matter what he says or what lies he tells. The games are OVER!!! After learning about recently that one of his flings became pregnant and terminated the baby made me very sad and literally sick to my stomach. Rest my case Darren Ambler is dangerous and brings havoc and trouble wherever he goes. Hope and pray he goes away forever! Maybe someone will buy him and MIndy a one way ticket to some far away land. The two can screw all day- get high- use foul language and watch porno movies.

  3. Is this the same Darren Amber that is being sued for child support? I read several articles about that issue on at least 3 web sites over the past month? i guess it makes perfect sense. If you live life and SEX is your most important pass-time and hobby then you will certainly end up with some illegitimate kiddies out there. It is inevitable. Unless you have sex with all women past menopause years or they have been sterilized. This Darren should have been “Fixed” long ago. It is a simple procedure just “Snip”- “Snip”! It doesn’t seem like this guy is too swift.

  4. Three words that best describe Darren Ambler:


    *If Darren Ambler wants to continue his life of ILLICIT SEX, DRUGS, and Whatever else he does he needs to do the following:

    1)..Get Fixed so he does get any other women Pregnant with Freak babies. (Baby would be half freak because the father is):

    2). Get that long awaited Organ Transplant that I have read about on numerous forums.

    3). Get Plastic Surgery on the face so at least a women or man can look at him without getting sick to their tummy.

    4). Get Isolated treatment in a Infectious control hospital for his Herpes/ HIV and whatever else he might have from his numerous sexual encounters.

    5). Stay away from children. They catch disease more easily.

    Finally. when this sick freak dies one day he should donate his brain to science so that they can study the brain to try and get more insight on Insanity, Sex diseases, and Multiple personalities.

  5. Agreed/// Darren Ambler must at least try to act like a mature adult instead of an immature 14 year old girl with his immature and spiteful antics. Mr. Ambler posted photos of one of his Ex’s (one of the many that he had sex with) the photos of this particular person also has a photo of her young daughter. Darren must learn if you are going to dish it out then you better expect to get whatever you dish out right back at you. So many people are sick to death of him and hearing about him. Wish he would VANISH!!!


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