Home News 4/5/2023 – Scumbagged Goes Advertisement Free

4/5/2023 – Scumbagged Goes Advertisement Free


Scumbagged.com is now back to being advertisement free!  Our goal and underlying initiative isn’t to make a profit off of this website, but to simply provide a platform that is available to anyone whenever they need to use it.  Unfortunately we do have server, legal and advertising bills that we need to pay and so we rely on personal funds, donations and or advertising revenue in order to stay online.

We will try to keep Scumbagged.com advertisement free as often as we can.  If you’re interested in helping Scumbagged grow, please feel free to donate.  Every little bit helps and we will always place the funds directly back into the website in one way or another.  Additional expenditures come in the form of domain acquisitions, private investigations and future developments.

Those interested in donating simply need to click on the image below.

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