Home News 4/6/2023 – Page Updates & Article Submit Feature Back Online

4/6/2023 – Page Updates & Article Submit Feature Back Online


Several page updates have occurred in the past few days.  The pages that have been updated are itemized below.  In addition, it was brought to our attention that the Submit an Article feature was not allowing individuals to publish articles.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you over the past week.  That issue has been fixed and stemmed from an issue with our caching service (which is enabled to increase page load times).  Everyone should be able to submit an article without an issue now.

Page Updates:

  • Terms of ServiceSimplified and updated our terms.
  • Privacy PolicyIncluded cookie information and it’s use on our website.
  • Contact UsUpdated contact information as well as a new tip line number.
  • Submit an ArticleFixed the submission process as well as updated the context to be less overwhelming for would be publishers.

If for some reason there is ever an issue with any feature on Scumbagged be sure to contact us.  And as always we are open to feedback and recommendations at anytime!


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