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Scumbagged Update 5/10/2019 – V.I.P, New Sections & Developments


Scumbagged is currently undergoing a tremendous amount of updates on the frontend as well as behind the scenes.  We are attempting to bring more content to our ever growing daily reader base while also intensifying our presence online to distance ourselves from just a standard single platform of content.  As it stands, once these new implementations have been finalized we feel that we will be one of the most unique platforms in the world.  We are currently the only user submission based website that actually has 99.9% factually based articles that are backed by evidence, screenshots, videos, audio recordings in the majority of the submissions (of it’s nature).  Meaning, there are other user based submission sites out there, but we fill the gap of what has never existed, right in between WikiLeaks and your local News organization.

Adjustment of Menu:  We’ve adjusted the menu in a more legible fashion.  All of our important links (such as ToS, Legal, Contact Us) can be found underneath the Home tab.  All sub-categories pertaining to scumbaggery are now located underneath “Scumbags”.  The Locked Up section received a rename on the menu tab and is now just “Mugshots” with a far more coherent breakdown beneath.  Up next is the preparation for the upcoming Sex Offenders that are going to be featured on the site followed by the new “Entertainment” tab.  This section will serve as a break from the consistent barrage of negativity and give you, the reader an opportunity to read, watch or listen to something other than just reading about yet another scumbag… Followed by the V.I.P breakdown tab (explained further on down below).

New Sections: Several new sections have been created.  These sections can be found on the homepage as well as on the menu navigation.  Sections such as “Featured Video” will showcase a Scumbagged video.  The homepage will also boast the newly added Entertainment sections and the upcoming Sex Offender section.

User Featured Videos:  You can now submit a featured music video request simply by contacting us.  Videos must be from YouTube.

New Partnership:  Much like we have partnered with Lorain County Arrest Reports, we have also just reached a new partnership with Lorain County Sexual Offenders.  This new partnership will usher in a “Sex Offender” database for Lorain County with an advanced geo-locator map.  Making it easier to find offenders near you with just a click of the button.  You can find more information about the section by clicking here.

V.I.P: VIP is now available for individuals who wish to purchase.  More content is coming as well as promotions, contest and incentives.  It’s still in it’s infancy, but more content will be restricted as we begin releasing more “Scumbagged Exclusive’s”.  We have also restricted all Scumbagged exclusive content from the past as well as videos & audios recorded on our servers.  Other information will become censored after 24 hours from user submissions as well.  Again, nothing censored will take away from the context of the article as we will ensure that the conversations are quoted to ensure that the article isn’t lost in translation.  The goal of VIP is to accrue enough income to re-advertise Scumbagged on a national level.  Special thanks to all of those whom have signed up already!

Other idea’s we have for VIP are special username colors, private chat capabilities, profiles, and much more.  All of which will come and become of primary focus as soon as we finish putting together these other additional sections (which will also all feature VIP specific areas at one time or another).

Proclamations: Individuals keep saying that Scumbagged is fake, phony, when will they learn?  Major news organizations have piggy backed off of our articles in no less than a dozen cases, the FBI has reached out to us, local law enforcement has reached out to us regarding specific cases and individuals.  Warden’s have been fired, Mayor’s have resigned, Senator’s have rescinded bids for Congress, Businesses have been shut down, on and on we can go here people.  Were only fake until you realize it’s the truth, then our user publications aren’t so fake no more.  Friends of friends and family members always stick so close together, even when the truth is right in their faces, and as such they have nobody to blame for their stupidity and blindness other than themselves.  In any case, anytime a user is threatened or if Scumbagged receives a threat directly, we are renewing the domain for an additional year (max of once per week).  So far we’ve registered Scumbagged.com until 2021.

Mobile Applications: Mobile applications are underway for Scumbagged, Lorain County Arrest Reports and Lorain County Sex Offenders.  There is no date of release set for these applications yet.

Feedback?  Do you have feedback, suggestions, ideas?  Contact us.

Scumbagged.com Homepage Redesign & Site Updates


Scumbagged.com’s homepage has been redesigned to provide a better streamlined view.  We received numerous feedback regarding the distorted view of the images and text overlapping the articles in the big box display that we used previously.  As a result we did away with the block’s and went with a more traditional design – one that should enhance your reading experience.

In addition to the slight design change, we also added the “Opinion” section to the homepage as well as the 5 most recent comments.  Most recently comments are also visible on every page site wide now as well.  More features and functionality will be coming.  One thing that we plan on incorporating is a FB messenger bot that will allow you to contact us directly in a more streamlined approach for submission purposes.

If you have any recommendations or feedback for Scumbagged.com, please feel free to send your comments to us using the form below.


    Broadening Scumbagged: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    good, bad ugly, businesses
    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Scumbagged will begin broadening it’s scope.  So much negativity here – so we would like to try and put some positive spins on things.  We’ve thought about ways to integrate this in the past, none of which have seemed as feasible as what we’ve come up with.  Scumbagged will be launching a new chapter that focuses on “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” of businesses.  These businesses and or essentially “top lists” will feature Bad companies, even worse companies which are Ugly and then the Good alternatives that can be used instead.

    If you know of ANY (Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Landscaping, Siding, HVAC, Retail & or Corporate) businesses that you would like to see on the list then please feel free to submit said businesses here:  https://scumbagged.com/submit-an-article

    For now we will continue to utilize the submit an article feature until we create a new platform that is specifically designed for businesses.  In fact, we have a whole new update regarding our submission process moving forward and will begin implementing a whole slew of new platforms to the site that will pertain to a broadening of our website.

    Scumbagged Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary with “Aww Sh*t It’s August”

    Scumbagged Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

    Scumbagged is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary the entire month of August.   On July 18th, 2017 the website first launched with a huge bang as we became an immediate viral sensation in and around Lorain & Cuyahoga County.  If you’re wondering why the birthday bash is taking place weeks after and in an entirely different month it’s simply because the event isn’t one that can be contained to one singular day or even over the course of a few days.  “Aww Sh*t It’s August” will feature more than 60 new un-published articles pertaining to local individuals, businesses & law enforcement in and around the Cleveland Ohio area (with a few submissions from outside of the local area and in different states).

    The celebration is an important reflection of the past as well as a representation of the future.  Scumbagged.com has absolutely zero intentions of ever closing down and we promise our readers to keep the website online until the day that we no longer can, even if we have slow periods (such as the past few months) you can rest assured that Scumbagged isn’t going offline.

    Some of the additions and features that we had intended on implementing on Scumbagged during 2017 and early 2018 haven’t happened yet, but we have realistic goals and timeframes to get some of these awesome new modifications up and running by the end of this year.  We’ve also created a unique site logo on Desktop view.  We plan on changing our logos to become seasonal and to match the trend of the website.   We also have in the works a new custom website design that we are currently beta testing and hopefully will launch in the coming months.

    Scumbagged is an awesome outlet that affords everyone and anyone the opportunity to get things off of their chest.  We created this platform with the mindset of giving you a voice, to give you the opportunity to use your first amendment right and to utilize your freedom of speech – when needed, appropriate and necessary.  The court system is in some cases corrupt themselves and who is to report on these corruptions?  We also know that local news outlets tread extremely carefully with the information that they publish, because they themselves have to publish the content – which would hold them liable and responsible for any falsities that could be related to defamation, slander or libel.  It is your responsibility to publish the truth, because we don’t publish anything other than what you submit.  We truly have an awesome setup here, one that we cherish and one that we hope you find both informational and entertaining.

    We receive both positive and negative emails which obviously comes with the territory.   Here’s our thoughts on the negative ones that we receive (almost on a daily)…  For those of you who don’t like our articles, there’s only one thing that can be said if you yourself, friends or family have been featured on Scumbagged.  Just stop doing scumbag things.  It’s pretty fucking straight forward and simple, no?  If you turn over a new leaf and lead a positive life, then there’s nothing to worry about or fear, if not, then you’re exposed for life with zero recourse (as it stands) for those deceitful, manipulative, hurtful, illegal and scumbag actions.  You have no one to blame other than yourself if you wake up to find yourself published on Scumbagged.com

    For the positive emails of support, feedback and those who submit articles continuously – we would like to thank you.  We also would like to take this time to thank all of our dedicated readers & those who share our articles across the web.  In addition a special thank you to all of our behind the scenes donors, investors and hard working contributors who make this website possible.  You know who you all are and this site wouldn’t be where it is today if not for ALL of your support and hard work!

    • If you’re interested in contributing to “Aww Sh*t It’s August” feel free to do so by submitting your own articles here.
    • If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

    Enjoy the festivities, there’s a lot of interesting reads coming your way.

    Viral News Articles: You Can Earn $50-$20,000 For Submitting New Scumbags

    Viral News Articles
    Submit Viral Scumbag News Articles and Get Paid!

    Viral news articles that are submitted and published on Scumbagged.com will now present you with the opportunity to be compensated.  We know there’s some really dirty and unethical stuff being done out there and so we have decided to institute a new method to help motivate you to publish.  Sometimes we need to be incentivized to reveal such things, so, as a result we are now paying for your articles that result in viral exposure.  This new program is effective immediately. 

    The payouts will be based on unique view counts.  Meaning, the more viral your article is, the more money you can expect to earn.  The average viral article can expect to receive $50, but if you’re article exceeds all expectations you could possibly earn $400-$20,000.  These are realistic numbers.  Remember, Scumbagged already commands 300,000-600,000 visitors per month.  This means that any article you submit has a chance at being picked up by our regular readers.

    This incentivized program is meant to give individuals with carnal knowledge of coverups, corruption & more (we know you’re sitting there wondering if you should or shouldn’t – well, you definitely should) the additional reason to finally produce that withheld information.  We will go the extra length to work with you and will always ensure that your identity remains hidden.  And if needed we can work with you (in various aspects) to further distance you from the information you submit so that it doesn’t appear to be coming from you.  Please be sure to provide as much information as possible and if you are reporting on a sensitive topic feel free to contact us at anytime.

    Payout Breakdown

    Most importantly, be sure to contact us immediately after you submit your article letting us know that you’re interested in the “Viral News Articles” program.  This way we can establish a connection if/when we need to make a payout to you. 

    • 50,000 views* = $50**
    • 100,000 views* = $150**
    • 250,000 views* = $400**
    • 500,000 views* = $850***
    • 1,000,000 views* = $2,000***
    • 10,000,000 views* = $20,000***

    *Views are counted as unique visitors only.  *Duration of article view count is a max of 30 days.  **Payouts made via PayPal, Western Union or Walmart Money Gram.  **Payments made after 30 days of reaching set payout level.  ***Individuals paid will receive a 1099 form for their earnings in excess of $500.

    All those who wish to participate will be kept 100% anonymous.

    Submit An Article Now!

    Legal Notice:  This is a pure advertising opportunity and Scumbagged.com refuses be held liable for any issues that may arise from this promotion.  We are not paying for articles, but rather, paying for the traffic that is derived through the users submission.

    Freedom Of Speech Under Fire – Death Threats, Lawsuits & Intimidation (Cleveland, Ohio)

    Freedom Of Speech coming under fire at Scumbagged.

    On July 12th, 2017, Scumbagged.com was born.  We created this site with the sole purpose in mind to provide individuals a safe and effective avenue to express themselves.  For many, Scumbagged became an outlet of hope – one that would afford each and every submitter the opportunity to finally be heard for the atrocities that they had been subjected to in their lives.

    Readers Note:  This article puts on full display a recent surge in attacks against our members, our ex-webdesigner, our affiliates and our attorney in an attempt to silence our First Amendment rights.  We have included an audio recording in this article, as well as a video, screenshots and more.  

    Immediately our website shattered any and all expectations, with some articles fetching more than 50,000 unique views in a 24 hour period.  The effectiveness of Scumbagged.com was on full display:

    • Wages were increased at LifeCare Ambulance Inc. in Elyria after two user submitted articles were published.
    • Senator Tom Patton, who was featured extensively on Scumbagged.com, rescinded his bid for Congress.
    • Walmart was vindicated from a fake “back to school” sign that was placed above a gun showcase when a Scumbagged user close to the girl submitted what really happened.
    • Law enforcement officials were outed for their dirty deeds and unethical behavior.
    • The Mayors of Sheffield and North Ridgeville, Ohio were exposed.
    • The Harbor Light facility was exposed for it’s third world living conditions, as was the Cuyahoga County Jail.
    • After exhausting all available avenues the majority of Cuyahoga County Corrections Officers found a new champion in Scumbagged.com for allowing them to voice their concerns and fears.
    • A school victim survivor, from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, found solace in being able was able to speak his mind on Scumbagged.
    • Hundreds of dangerous scumbags, drug dealers & some of Northeast Ohio’s worst criminals we’re put on full display – forcing them to look over their shoulders even more and “slow their roles”.

    In addition to the great accomplishments listed above, Scumbagged is the fastest growing news/blog in Northeast Ohio.  Consistently our readers share more than Cleveland.com, TheChronicle, The Mourning Journal & even Fox8 News.  Our user submitted content is in high demand and the numbers below don’t lie.  These are real unaltered statistics from our website.  Keeping in mind that we average less than one new article per day, while our competitors publish 10’s of new stories.  We’ve also only been around for about 8 months…  Just imagine where we will be at in another year!  Note:  PJPNewspapers.com is for the North Ridgeville & Avon Lake Press.

    As with anything, all the feats that we accomplished in a short period of time also had their downfalls.  We received exactly 18 death threats, hundreds of complaints, 6 legal notices (cease & desist letters) and many urgent dire requests of removal from individuals who were featured on our site.  Our Scumbag Tip Line had individuals calling in almost every single day, with many leaving us threatening recordings or text messages.  All of those things came with the territory of operating a site like Scumbagged, so we shrugged it off and didn’t press charges on anyone, we just let Scumbagged be Scumbagged.

    Related Article:  Scumbagged Facing Death Threats & Legal Action (Cleveland, Ohio)

    However, what we can’t and simply refuse to ignore is when our submitters or our old webdesigner or our attorney or our contributors become attacked.  We have never and we will never press charges on anyone, except in the instance to defend our members and our submitters.  Regarding the most recent round of threats and intimidation tactics, our official response can be found in the YouTube further down this page.  We have a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior and we will not allow our users to be silenced.

    Threats & Intimidation

    The audio below was a recent voicemail left on March 8th, 2018, to our original webdesigner.  In the audio you can clearly here them referring to Scumbagged and making threats of harm against him.

    The images below depict a threatening email sent to our attorney as well as comments that have been left on Scumbagged.com.  Regarding the email, there was a situation that developed in the days following & Mr. Stryker was forced to file charges in Federal court related to cyber stalking.

    Our Official Response

    The First Amendment provides individuals who use our site to push the limitations of their Freedom of Speech.  Defamation of Character, Libel & Slander do not come into play UNLESS there are untruth’s told about an individual, at which time, there must also be accompanying damages in some way shape or form.  You MUST be able to provide PROOF that the statements are & were false.  In addition, Scumbagged.com and National Innovators Group LLC., cannot and will refuse to be held liable for any of our user based submissions.  We are explicitly protected under the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which specifically excludes us from prosecution in any litigation process under Federal Law.

    To the attorney’s who attempt to bully us into submission:  Please don’t feel bad when we tell you to go fuck yourselves, your not the first and you wont be the last.  Your big words, fancy letter heads and power law firms mean absolutely nothing to us.  You have no clue of the waters that you are setting sail in, the First Amendment is one of the most cherished rights for an American Citizen to have and if you were to pursue any, even the most outrageous of articles, there is a high probability that you will lose.  For reasons that most of you attorney’s out there are already aware of.

    To the scumbags who send death threats to our faithful followers:  Your cellphone companies will be subpoenaed, your internet service providers will be subpoenaed and you will be exposed.  Once that happens you will have nobody to blame other than yourselves.

    The Bottom Line:  We’re not going anywhere, we’re not fucking leaving, get used to it.

    SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you don’t like what’s posted on Scumbagged.com, it’s time to take a serious step back and review why someone may have submitted you.  Is it because you’re a true piece of shit?  Did you really call someone a “ni**er” on a fucking voicemail recording? Did you really rob a client?  Did you really put your hands on someone in an illegal and unprofessional way?  Did you really sell someone drugs that killed them?  Stop being a scumbag and you won’t get Scumbagged, it’s simple.


    Area 51 – Censorship & The Future Of Scumbagged.com (Cleveland, Ohio)

    Scumbagged.com will be launching Area 51 in coming days.

    The website that started exposing the corrupt and devious individuals who hide behind powerful positions, badges and fake personalities is officially being censored. On 9-4-2017 our website was shut down for approximately a 3 hour period due to a TOS violation that was reported on a specific link.  That link is still visible on our website, but will redirect you to our home page, and is being censored from your view (for the time being).

    Nowhere in that article or any other article are we in violation of the hosting providers terms of use. Attempts were made, but were done so without any success to make the link public once again.

    The Censored Article:  https://scumbagged.com/2017/09/05/caitilin-anderson-backpage-whore/

    Our Response:  As you will soon read, we are currently migrating servers.  After this has happened we will feature a full 24 hour site-wide redirect from all pages on Scumbagged to this article.  In addition, we will launch advertising for this specific piece #CensorThat 😛.

    When creating this site we were assured by our legal team that there would indeed come a time when legal charges (civil suits) would arise and that we should comply with the federal governments CDA (Communication Decency Act) to avoid any liability.  This is something that we have done extensively.  To any upset readers who feel that this site specifically targets based on secret adgendas you are mistaken.

    Scumbagged is based, designed and functions solely on user submissions.  These submissions then, depending on the author who approves the content (because we have to ensure that there isn’t any nudity or other illegal aspects that violate our TOS) will then either approve or deny the content.

    Anonymous Submission
    Example article view submitted by an anonymous user.

    As of this writing, the Scumbagged team consists of one attorney and three “authors”.  Please keep in mind that the definition of an author should not be misconstrued with someone who writes the articles, but rather, is someone who is in an approved position to moderate user submissions.  Once submissions are approved then the original username is overtaken.  For example, if someone submits an anonymous article under the username of “Ralph” the username is cloaked by the approving moderator.  In most cases the article then inherits the name of either “Cobra” or “Hawk”.  Due to legal purposes the original submitter information is retained, this includes the email address, username and ip information of the author.

    With that being said – we are dedicated to allowing any user that doesn’t abuse our terms of service to submit articles.  We do not fact check – therefore some of the articles on our site could indeed be falsified and therefore would deserve a takedown.  Any and all information regarding takedowns can be found on our Legal FAQs page.

    No removals
    Never will we remove content without a subpoena.

    Please understand that we will never take down an article due to public dismay or threats.  In fact, the sole purpose of this site is to afford you, the public, an outlet that otherwise never would exist.  One that provides its users with the opportunity to share a story anonymously.  In most cases, these submissions shed light into the severe character defects of individuals and companies.

    Now, as a result of the censored content and various attempts to silence our first amendment rights we have been working fervently behind the scenes.  The following are new developments and only offer a brief expectancy of what is to come.  Thank you so kindly for motivating us… 

    Area 51 (WARNING)

    Effective immediately – Scumbagged is launching private investigations into individuals that warrant such inquiries.  These investigations will be self funded through our advertising proceeds, user donations and personal expense accounts.  The investigations will be handled in a professional and legal manner and only conducted by licensed detective agencies within the radius of the individual in question.  Investigations will be user selected and done so through a polling system that will be made available to the public in the coming days.

    Private investigations
    Private investigations are already underway!

    We have already hired one private investigator in the Cleveland area based on a personal user request and a significant donation.  These investigations will be allocated to what will become known as “Area 51” on Scumbagged.com.

    Area 51 will be dedicated to full blown exposures and include vital details of the entity or person(s) investigated.  This will include but not be limited to the following; Photographs, personal information, whereabouts, associates, and any and all information provided by registered and certified detectives.  Also contained within Area 51 will be featured applications for mobile devices, instant submission capabilities and a profound network that can be utilized on your behalf – all of which will pertain to Scumbagged.com.

    Scumbagged Proclamation

    Lastly, this is our permanent proclamation to you the reader…  Whether you are a fan or foe please note that any attempts to silence our first amendment right will only be met with an equal  response, our responses to your actions are outlined below.

    Censorship:  As a result of censored content we are moving the website offshore to Hong Kong, China and will begin allowing adult related submissions.  This will include pornographic video submissions.

    Facebook:  Repeated falsified reports of bullying have resulted in our page being shutdown twice and therefore we will be phasing out the Facebook page in the coming weeks and pushing all users to install our SCUM Desktop, iPhone and Android applications.

    Advertising:  In response to the upcoming adult content our current advertising sponsors will be removed and replaced with direct sponsors that have shown interest in placing ads on our website.

    Information:  We will provide users with guides and tools to better submit articles, more effectively, more openly and most importantly, more detailed.

    Unity:  We will be launching the “Scumbag Squad” movement which will offer fans and foes alike a unique opportunity to show their support or dismay for Scumbagged.com.

    Anti-Scum:  We will be launching a new website which will feature the good aspects of people and businesses in the coming days.  These two websites will ultimately become polar oppsites of one another.

    SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Further attempts of aggression or threats will result in ramped up advertising, extensive investigations and further developments to define our first amendment rights.

    ERRATIC Says:  I sincerely hope that you didn’t think we were taking a hiatus over here.  Now that I’m personally involved, all of you better start licking your wounds.  You’re in for a very big surprise.

    Kind Regards,

    Scumbagged.com 💯

    Developing Story: Ohio State Representative Tom Patton


    Upcoming articles surrounding Ohio State Representative Tom Patton and his relationship with a woman involved in one of the states largest meth busts.  Additional information on this situation will be provided in the user submitted post that will be released in the coming days.    Tom Patton also allowed his government vehicle to be driven and his kids to be babysat by his girlfriends heroin using daughter.  Furthermore the Walmart sign that went viral has been debunked entirely in our most recent article that was published yesterday thanks to a close friend of the perpetrator.

    Moving forward, Bobby & Katie Nakoff of North Ridgeville will be featured in an article today and we’re very hopeful that the North Ridgeville Officer and Police Dispatcher article will be ready to be released this coming week as well as the failure to protect a citizen from that city as well.

    We are working diligently to provide a steady quality stream of articles and in order to do so we have to sift through many user submissions, submissions that are sub-par, do not fit the spectrum of our website and would not meet necessary user engagement levels.

    Thanks again for all of your support!

    Scumbagged.com Facing Death Threats & Legal Action (Cleveland, Ohio)


    We at Scumbagged.com have received numerous threats and figure we might as well expose those threats to you, the public, since they are directly related to several individuals in our articles.  It should be noted that our web-designer has also received numerous threats.

    UPDATE 7/29/2017:  Suzie Scott forgot to block her number when she called to make a threat of violence against us stating “You better watch your back mother fucker” after we ran an article on this scumbag.  You can see her & her husbands article here:  Santino DiBerardino & Suzie Scott – “A Couple of Crooks” (Strongsville, Ohio).  

    ++Below is the recorded audio of Suzie Scott leaving a threatening voicemail to us.++

    UPDATE 7/22/2017:  When a scumbag of a large powerful family gets exposed, blowback is to be expected. However, who would think that people could be so stupid as to use Facebook messenger from their own Facebook accounts when doing so?

    “You just made the worst mistake, his death is on you”.

    Charlie Gillock, the Mayors grandson, didn’t refrain from contacting one of our associates calling him a “bitch” and physically threatening him, stating, “all in all don’t let me see u g” which could easily be viewed as a threat/intimidation.

    Then there’s Byron J. Larrosa, who has been contacting our tip line number day & night sharing his various opinions (which he’s entitled to) and also including several threats, death threats at that.  He’s also made threats from his Facebook account towards other people’s families. Mr. Larrosa told one girl that helped provide us with crucial information against him that she “just made the worst mistake, his death is on you” when talking about our web-designer.

    Moving forward, there is the city of North Ridgeville, backed by the Gillock family which has threatened to sue us, in a long-shot attempt to take our website offline.  All of these things have just motivated us further; the threats of physical harm and intimidation will not work with us.  We’re extremely motivated and passionate about what we do!


    It is time that people open their eyes and understand that we live in a civilization where real truths are concealed, reputations are falsely forged and criminality is hidden from view.  People in this country on all levels continue to make power moves in a never ending game of chess.  Using the news as a manipulation tool and hiding behind powerful positions in government.

    Our response to these legal threats and physical violence is the following:  We will never live in fear & most importantly we will never be intimidated for sharing the truth.  Our articles will never be “held back” or censored for any other reason than protecting the identities of those involved.  We will never betray our moral obligation of reporting on the various local scumbags that are lurking around the corner.

    Three huge articles spanning the cities of Cleveland, Elyria & North Ridgeville will be released today.  T-Shirts and other memorabilia are currently being created and will be made available to our dedicated readers shortly.  We will be hosting our first ever sponsored event in August 2017, more information on that event can be found on our Facebook page in the coming days.

    Scumbagged.com is here to stay and everyone better get used to it.

    NOTE:  Scumbagged nor it’s associates have (or intend on) pressing any charges on any of the individuals making these threats.  We firmly believe in taking the high road in each case and instead presenting to you, the reader, the true nature of the scumbag.


    Freedom Of Speech Under Fire – Scumbagged Responds


    The First Amendment provides individuals who use our site to push the limitations of their Freedom of Speech.  Defamation of Character, Libel & Slander do not come into play UNLESS there are untruth’s told about an individual, at which time, there must also be accompanying damages in some way shape or form.  You MUST be able to provide PROOF that the statements are & were false.  In addition, Scumbagged.com and National Innovators Group LLC., cannot and will refuse to be held liable for any of our user based submissions.  We are explicitly protected under the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which specifically excludes us from prosecution in any litigation process under Federal Law.

    See the full article:  https://scumbagged.com/2018/03/11/freedom-of-speech-death-threats-lawsuits-intimidation/