Home News 1/11/2023 – New Section “Blacklisted” And Other Updates

1/11/2023 – New Section “Blacklisted” And Other Updates


A new section featured on Scumbagged is called “Blacklisted” this section is for submissions that have one paragraph or less.  This will serve as additional information for individuals in the “scumbag’s” community.  Posts featured within this section are also pre-defined with the label “Blacklisted” to be able to decipher a full read from a quick read.  In the future we will begin offering reading times on front end articles as well.

We are actively looking into adding new interactive sections in the coming days as well as enhancing existing features whilst adding new fun and exciting features.  We are committed to bringing you scumbag’s from all around the United States (and in some cases even the United Kingdom and other parts of the world).  You can look forward to the site changing even more and some new modifications coming in the coming days.

Thanks for being a dedicated reader, we hope that you enjoy our new additions and if you happen to have any feedback and recommendations – we are all ears.  Feel free to contact us at anytime!

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