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Freedom of Speech Proclamation – Policy Changes


If you’re a citizen of the United States then today is your day to either shudder in fear (if you’re a scumbag) or rejoice in utter joy (if you’re a reader).  Today we are proud to announce that Scumbagged.com is not only back online for good, but that we are also instituting our “Freedom of Speech Proclamation”.  This proclamation in it’s entirety can be found below.  If you are a member of any law enforcement jurisdiction in the United States of America or part of any law firm – then this proclamation is dedicated in it’s entirety to you.

The operators of this website have taken the painstaking liberty of not only defending your freedom of speech lawfully, via numerous attorney’s spanning across dozens of court cases and legal complaints since 2017, but also having to fight our own datacenter(s) in the United States with every fiber of our being to remain online.  This has included signing legal documents and even allowing our datacenter to censor certain content that they felt was “defamatory” for intermittent periods of time.  As the never ending complaints arrived to our hosting provider, local and federal courts and law firms, the battle being waged ultimately became one that we could no longer fight effectively.  It became a matter of either allowing the censorship to continue on a level of which we have never seen, shutting down this website altogether or entertaining a more expensive route that would allow this site to continue as it was originally designed.  We opted to take the expensive route…

Freedom of Speech Proclamation

“It wILL require World War 3 in order to shut us down.”

“This website (Scumbagged.com), it’s operators and our publishers (ie; the readers) are not liable for any content found on this website.  You cannot hold this website, it’s operators or it’s publishers accountable for articles published other than the individual or entity that is featured.  If someone has a featured article on this website, then they deserve to be featured for the reason(s) outlined within said article.  Our users will never be prohibited from their 1st amendment right to freedom of speech, and so, we will continue to disregard any civil litigation that we are faced withAny and all attempts or requests to obtain a publishers identity (name, email address, IP address or any other identifying information) will be ignored.  We have never turned over any information on any of our users to any authority or court and we have no intention to do so (aside from a severe criminal aspect arising).  From this day forth all “official legal” documentation we receive will be labeled and classified by us as “threats” and we will treat them as such.  Any threats we receive (takedown requests, cease and desist letters, subpoena’s etc.) will be published on our website for all readers to see.  If your professional legal letter is labeled as “confidential” we do not adhere to your “confidentiality” and we will publish all points of contact in their entirety so our readers have true transparency as to who is attempting to infringe upon their constitutional right.  This proclamation extends to users from the United States of America only.  Scumbagged.com now solely only allows submissions from the USA.  This website will continuously be extended to the maximum decade registration allowed via the registrar (current expiration date as of this writing is 2033).  We have servers located all throughout the world and in regions that would require World War 3 in order to shut us down.  This website has had more than 1.1 million unique visitors since it’s inception and those readers and our publishers all deserve to have a platform that will allow them to exercise their first amendment without the fear of prosecution or being silenced.  This website will never shut down and you will never silence us.

  • Don’t be a scumbag and you won’t have an article written on you.
    • Part of not being a scumbag is not going to jail where you will have a mugshot taken that can then be displayed on this website.  If you go to jail and have a mugshot taken and it is found here we will not remove it.  If the jurisdiction that incarcerated you doesn’t remove your mugshot then why the fuck should we?
    • Want to play stupid games?  Well, you win stupid prizes.  Sometimes a scumbag goes to jail, sometimes they get shot, stabbed, killed, what have you and sometimes (and hopefully as opposed to the other options) the scumbag gets an article featured on Scumbagged.com as a form of rehabilitation and community awareness.
  • Don’t piss off the wrong people and they won’t fuck with you the only way that they know how.  Some people prefer to publicize someone in an effort to make them change as opposed to ruining their life through the court system.  That is their right.

COBRA Says:  Shouldn’t have fucked with us regarding our online operations.  We were just minding our own business, we have never had a secret agenda, we have purely been here to provide the platform for everyone to utilize if and when necessary.  We are not Facebook, we will not censor our users because the words they type do not conform to your beliefs or viewpoints.  We do not care how you “feel”, we do not care if it violates your “law”.  Now that we have come out through this storm I do feel like I have a bit of a score to settle with some of you pieces of shit sitting behind your presidential desks in your lofty office’s acting like you can play god and silence people with frivolous lawsuits and litigation.  Yea, I definitely think you’re reputation needs to come under scrutiny in your respective fields.

FUN FACT:  Every single legal document that we have received will be published in the coming days.  All complaints from all law firms and court jurisdictions will be made public.  All future correspondence that is received via email, telephone or by any communications whatsoever will also be made public for our readers.  These are our personal operating procedures moving forward, if you do not want to see your law firm or your courthouse on the front page of our website, then don’t contact us.  It is our right to be able to share whatever we want with our readers and we will exercise that right.


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