Scumbagged will begin broadening it’s scope.  So much negativity here – so we would like to try and put some positive spins on things.  We’ve thought about ways to integrate this in the past, none of which have seemed as feasible as what we’ve come up with.  Scumbagged will be launching a new chapter that focuses on “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” of businesses.  These businesses and or essentially “top lists” will feature Bad companies, even worse companies which are Ugly and then the Good alternatives that can be used instead.

If you know of ANY (Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing, Landscaping, Siding, HVAC, Retail & or Corporate) businesses that you would like to see on the list then please feel free to submit said businesses here:

For now we will continue to utilize the submit an article feature until we create a new platform that is specifically designed for businesses.  In fact, we have a whole new update regarding our submission process moving forward and will begin implementing a whole slew of new platforms to the site that will pertain to a broadening of our website.


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