Scumbagged is currently undergoing a tremendous amount of updates on the frontend as well as behind the scenes.  We are attempting to bring more content to our ever growing daily reader base while also intensifying our presence online to distance ourselves from just a standard single platform of content.  As it stands, once these new implementations have been finalized we feel that we will be one of the most unique platforms in the world.  We are currently the only user submission based website that actually has 99.9% factually based articles that are backed by evidence, screenshots, videos, audio recordings in the majority of the submissions (of it’s nature).  Meaning, there are other user based submission sites out there, but we fill the gap of what has never existed, right in between WikiLeaks and your local News organization.

Adjustment of Menu:  We’ve adjusted the menu in a more legible fashion.  All of our important links (such as ToS, Legal, Contact Us) can be found underneath the Home tab.  All sub-categories pertaining to scumbaggery are now located underneath “Scumbags”.  The Locked Up section received a rename on the menu tab and is now just “Mugshots” with a far more coherent breakdown beneath.  Up next is the preparation for the upcoming Sex Offenders that are going to be featured on the site followed by the new “Entertainment” tab.  This section will serve as a break from the consistent barrage of negativity and give you, the reader an opportunity to read, watch or listen to something other than just reading about yet another scumbag… Followed by the V.I.P breakdown tab (explained further on down below).

New Sections: Several new sections have been created.  These sections can be found on the homepage as well as on the menu navigation.  Sections such as “Featured Video” will showcase a Scumbagged video.  The homepage will also boast the newly added Entertainment sections and the upcoming Sex Offender section.

User Featured Videos:  You can now submit a featured music video request simply by contacting us.  Videos must be from YouTube.

New Partnership:  Much like we have partnered with Lorain County Arrest Reports, we have also just reached a new partnership with Lorain County Sexual Offenders.  This new partnership will usher in a “Sex Offender” database for Lorain County with an advanced geo-locator map.  Making it easier to find offenders near you with just a click of the button.  You can find more information about the section by clicking here.

V.I.P: VIP is now available for individuals who wish to purchase.  More content is coming as well as promotions, contest and incentives.  It’s still in it’s infancy, but more content will be restricted as we begin releasing more “Scumbagged Exclusive’s”.  We have also restricted all Scumbagged exclusive content from the past as well as videos & audios recorded on our servers.  Other information will become censored after 24 hours from user submissions as well.  Again, nothing censored will take away from the context of the article as we will ensure that the conversations are quoted to ensure that the article isn’t lost in translation.  The goal of VIP is to accrue enough income to re-advertise Scumbagged on a national level.  Special thanks to all of those whom have signed up already!

Other idea’s we have for VIP are special username colors, private chat capabilities, profiles, and much more.  All of which will come and become of primary focus as soon as we finish putting together these other additional sections (which will also all feature VIP specific areas at one time or another).

Proclamations: Individuals keep saying that Scumbagged is fake, phony, when will they learn?  Major news organizations have piggy backed off of our articles in no less than a dozen cases, the FBI has reached out to us, local law enforcement has reached out to us regarding specific cases and individuals.  Warden’s have been fired, Mayor’s have resigned, Senator’s have rescinded bids for Congress, Businesses have been shut down, on and on we can go here people.  Were only fake until you realize it’s the truth, then our user publications aren’t so fake no more.  Friends of friends and family members always stick so close together, even when the truth is right in their faces, and as such they have nobody to blame for their stupidity and blindness other than themselves.  In any case, anytime a user is threatened or if Scumbagged receives a threat directly, we are renewing the domain for an additional year (max of once per week).  So far we’ve registered until 2021.

Mobile Applications: Mobile applications are underway for Scumbagged, Lorain County Arrest Reports and Lorain County Sex Offenders.  There is no date of release set for these applications yet.

Feedback?  Do you have feedback, suggestions, ideas?  Contact us.


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