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Stacy Hill: A POF (Plenty of Fish) Nightmare Just Waiting to Happen (Painesville, OH)


Stacy Hill is a POF (Plenty of Fish) catch straight from hell.  Me and my fiance were fighting and not sure if we were going to be able to connect in a relationship and so I told him to go out on a date with other girls to see if that was best.  He then decided to create a POF account and off he went on his first date.  The girl that he met, Stacy Hill, was a Church girl – or so she said.   Right off the bat, the main thing she told him was that he had to go to church with her and her kids on the first date.  He thought he found a great catch.

The second night they decided to just hang out. She got trashy drunk and slept with him two times.   Afterwards my fiance felt bad about it and told her that they should be together.  She then asked him to move in with her and her kids.  All of which transpired within the first week that the two had met.  Strange, but for what reason and why so fast (especially with little children involved)…

I went to speak with him and he balled his eyes out to me and told me how badly that he wanted me back.  Which I was happy for us to be back together.  Afterwards, his communication with the fast moving church going fake floozy had ended, yet she continued to send him naked pictures of herself via Facebook.  Even after he had told her dozens of times that the relationship “WAS OVER”!  After a prolonged period of this type of persistent behavior I decided to do some background research on Stacy Hill and what I discovered isn’t normal.

Her recent ex-husband was charged for molesting her daughter from her first marriage 2 years ago (this after the fact that he had attempted and successfully left her).  Her sons father is a know sexual predator as well (details on that are sketchy to say the least).  She does not have custody of her children because of all the trouble that she herself has been in.  Yet, through it all this she swears to go to church and puts on a front to everyone around her.  I am so glad my fiance did not get too far mixed into this hellish nightmare anymore than he did because I’m sure he would have been labeled a sex offender next.

HAWK Says:  You are your fiance have one strange and bizarre relationship.  To send someone out to POF to find someone because they aren’t sure if the relationship is working or not is a pretty fucking clear indicator that the relationship ISN’T working.  

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  When meeting people on POF (or anywhere) you never know who they are.  Upfront opinions should be shelved, never take a book by it’s cover.  Generally speaking you truthfully don’t get to know someone for who they truly are until you’ve lived with them for three months.  Background searches (or simple Google searches for the matter) are always privy.


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