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Ashlie “Not-So-Sharp” Barnes: Meth, Mayhem and A Motherless Manipulator (NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH)


NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OHIO – Ashlie Not-So-Sharp Barnes, 38, from North Ridgeville, Ohio is one of those people that keep Scumbagged.com relevant.   She dropped out of North Ridgeville High School at the age of 16 and instead of embarking on all of the opportunity the city and it’s community had to offer – she simply decided to join a group of white supremacists that considered themselves a wannabe gang.  Since then (her entire life) Ashlie has dedicated herself to drugs, diseases, births, prostitution, abortions, lies, manipulation, homewrecking, and so much more…

At the age of 19 Ashlie got married and she is still married today (even though she tells everyone that she is single).  She has given birth to two children that she’s allowed to see from time to time.  She spent the majority of her adult life selling her pussy, mouth and ass on “Backpage” and “Skip the Games”, for Meth.

Today, Ashlie is sober, but it’s what she does that she’s sober that makes her an even bigger scumbag than when she was getting high! She snitched on her own boyfriend to cut a deal to get her felonies dropped.  They had a nickname for her back then, they called her “Methicka Moans” because she has dark hair like Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”.  One time she and her boyfriend both stole a safe, put their families lives in danger and got held hostage at gunpoint as a result.  Ashlie then teamed up with her boyfriend and began doing tricks to buy even EVEN MORE meth.

COBRA SAYS:  As if robbing the drug dealer wasn’t good enough.  $50,000, couple ounces and still needing to sell the pussy?  Sheesh! 😂

Ashlie Not-So-Sharp Barnes of West Cleveland, did her time and now her new addiction is clout. She goes to five alcoholics anonymous meetings a week, making friends (primarily John’s with a couple $$$’s), pretending to be a badass – but she is still using people, borrowing money, stealing, and sleeping with everybody around.
She’s on Facebook dating and she has a crafty system she uses to trick married men into sleeping with her…

Ashlie Sharp Barnes

She pretends she’ll get STD tested, and then she keeps saying she doesn’t have time to get tested. It really looks like she has something to hide, and if I had to take an educated guess it would be herpes and hepatitis amongst the possibility of something else…. I’m only informing the public of this because she’s a homewrecker!  I want people to know that the whore is married, she has a boyfriend who is in prison and she doesn’t care one bit about her own kids.

In AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) Ashlie will make up a ton of fake stories for clout and attention. She tells jokes about “pulling guns on her boyfriend for breakfast” and it’s all because she wants to pretend she was badass. Stealing and doing meth is not badass. She still boasts “snitches get stitches” but she is a snitch herself. She leads at the alcoholics anonymous meetings and pretend she had a life of drugs and safe cracking but none of it is true. She just robbed her own friends and family. Her last abortion was recent. And she’s still on Facebook dating using pictures from when she was skinny. She’s 230 lb now and shaped a lot like a chubby little man. She’s the definition of a scumbag.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  “Methica Moans” might be retired from the dope game but a lot of those traits tend to stick with you even after the fact.  Accordingly, the lying, the manipulating, the whoring – it’s all a part of her now and for the rest of time – meth just expanded and enhanced upon on those already existing traits that she so clearly has.


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