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Michael S. Topley & Jess Rio – The Abusive Tandem (Hackensack, New Jersey)


Michael S. Topley is a long time women abuser.  He has spent over 5 years in prison for a variety of crimes ranging from multiple counts of robbery to failure to make lawful disposition.  He’s also abuses several women in the past. His new girlfriend Jess Rio is now joining in on his abuse by calling his victims and letting them know “they deserve it.” Shame these two scumbags!

Nothing about any of this is a lie… In 2010 he pled guilty twice to simple assault on his gf in Hackensack municipal court.  In 2011 he went to state prison for 3 years for a kidnapping charge that was downgraded to robbery.  His ex wife Barbara Topley had a final restraining order on him out of Morris County Courthouse.  Just 2 weeks ago he beat his girlfriend up breaking her nose and giving her a black-eye. The arrest pictures are attached. Its all public record and its all true. This guy is dangerous.

HAWK Says:  Well let’s just get straight to it then, sha’ll we?  This guy is a total scumbag…

broken nose
Black eyed girlfriend who had her nose broke.

The Bottom Line:  Anyone reading this, let this article serve as a prime example of the person that you should entirely avoid…  Michael S. Topley.  If he’s willing to place his hands on women, then he’s more than likely willing to place his hands on children as well.  He’s also been to prison numerous times for blatant disregard of the law, and as a result he’s just continued to blatantly violate the law time and time again.  He’s nothing more than a career criminal and a career womanizer.  You’ve been warned…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  To Michael.  We removed this article one time in the past simply because it violated our ToS at the time for lacking content.  Since the article has been updated by it’s author and is now compliant with our ToS to our knowledge, it’s placement is forever hereby permanent.

Also see another lovely mugshot of Mr. Topley below along with him getting arrested (allegedly) for an incident:

Michael S. Topley
michael s. topley
Michael S. Topley allegedly arrested by police.



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