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Breaking News: Armed Suspects Caught On Video Robbing Family Food Store (Cleveland, Ohio)


Two armed suspects were caught on video nonchalantly robbing the “Family Food” store located on the corner of W. 38th and Newark.  When entering the Cleveland store they also proceeded to shoot at a customer 3 times.  Thankfully nobody was injured.  The amount that the two suspects got away with was undisclosed, but the events have shaken up the owners and the owners family members.  The two scumbags (who obviously aren’t the worlds smartest criminals) also failed to cover the entirety of their faces…  See pictures and a video below.

Outside security camera’s caught both suspects in broad daylight walking down W. 38th and Newark when one brandishes a gun.  The two appear to be in their early to mid 20’s and reports are that there have been a string of similar robberies across the area with two men who match their descriptions.  Whether or not this robbery and the others are linked is unknown.

The Family Food store that was robbed is owned and operated by a Cleveland local who is beloved by many in the area.  One individual close to the family stated “Fred has given his shirt off his back so many times, I can’t believe anyone would rob him”.  While another stated “Pretty sure these guys aren’t from around here, nobody would mess with Fred, he’s just too nice of a guy”.

Fun Fact:  Robberies that take place in areas like this find more often than not that the perps are from outside of the area.  People who come from outside areas like Lorain or East Cleveland.

Suspects On Video

Photos of Suspects

Crime Stoppers:  Anyone with information on the individuals responsible for the “Family Food” W. 38th and Newark Cleveland robbery are urged to call Cuyahoga’s Crime Stoppers at 216-252-7463

The Bottom Line:  Individuals like this need to be removed off the streets.  This is the exact reason why guns shouldn’t be removed from law-abiding citizens, because people like this exist everywhere.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you run a store in this area or anywhere else for the matter, it’s highly advisable to stay locked and loaded.  If you see individuals approaching with guns, yours will be ready to protect yourself and what you own.  We’re not saying to turn into the wild west here, but being prepared for the inevitable is always best.  It will happen…


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