Darren Ambler is a known sex addict, sociopath, Con-artist, liar, STD Carrier, Selfish poor excuse for a “real man”. He has split personality disorder and he would back-stab anyone to get what he wants or cover up his sick immoral anamailistic behavior.

Darren is very dangerous. He has done so many evil, cruel and sexually immoral things to females and others and has no remorse for anything. This mentally unbalanced psycho thinks he is right 100% of the time. In fact, everything this homely dork does is wrong morally- ethically and in every way. He should be declared incompetent: Then he gets angry when he is exposed. I guess we are supposed to let this menace use- abuse- hurt females ane eventually kill them with his filthy sexually transmitted diseases. But according to Darren and his demented brain, we should have no rights. Just be his sex slave:

The gig is up. Darren Ambler has played immoral vial and vulgar sex games for three years and now it is done. He is a compulsive liar and evil human being. Darren Ambler is a big time dork who probably never had a date his whole life due to ugliness and no personality and his breath. But he decided three years ago to have some fun when he strated playing sick prostitution and sexual games with a variety of women. Darren can’t have normal relationships becaus eno one normal wants this ugly geek. He is always high n drugs and has a terrible sexual addiction.

Critical Update: Darren Ambler…aka..Darren Scott Ambler…..aka….little wee wee….aka..Bang Bang..aka..Demented Darren.

Darren Ambler stalked females on dating web sites beginning back in 2015. He wanted dirty sex, oral sex , pornographic acts and bondage: His former wife took off. No wonder i am sure she had enough of his vial sex addiction and gross face and bean pole body. Darren stalked me and many other women on line. Darren Ambler would show up demand sex and oral sex and then the drugs came into play. Most times he had to get high before sex. He would force me to do sick sexual acts against my will. As if Darren was raping me. Darren Ambler is a dork, no personality, his bedroom skills are terrible, he has No class, breeding, manners, looks, they forgetto attach his we wee at birth and his breath is like garbage.

Darren Ambler thinks he should get away with the abuse and sick things he did to many of us. He screwed a variety of females. Sometimes screwing more than one in the same day and he enjoyed a vaiety of Prostitutes. Darren is a sick vial sociopath, sex addict with vulgar sick thoughts. Darren Ambler is a selfish evil piece of garbage. He is abusive to women and other people. Uses everyone for what he can get out of them. He deserves to be in jail. He is a true mental case. It is over Darren is going to pay the consequence for his exploitation of females – his prostitution and other actions. He is bad news.

Darren would sleep with anyone out of necessity, a sex addict must hve sex and drugs or they go mad. Darren is mad to begin with. An ugly vial piece of filth with no personality, zero looks, he is cheap and suffers multiple mental disorders. Now he has spread his filthy std’s around. Which is a criminal offense.

Darren Ambler has recently went on a campaign to bash Megan Bentzley: We spoke with Megan recently to confirm a few things. Darren has a itense Sexual relationship with Megan. Megan is a confirmed drug addict and prostitute. Megan ran an organization in Philadelphia which instructed desperate people like Darren Ambler how to improve sex techniques and they did sick vial gross things. Darren was into bondage- oral sex- threesomes- bi sexual sexual contact and other disgusting acts. Darren loved every minute and he was a willful participany in this prostitution business which is illegal:

However, long before Darren joined up with Megan Bentzley he was well into his sex addiction and drug addiction. He was involved with me and various others for sex oral sex and sick sex games. Darren is a vial piece of trailer park trash period.. Ugly trash i must ad. Darren Ambler would show up at my place with his drugs- get high and force the drugs on me then force me to perform oral sex on his gross body and invisible wee wee. He was the worst i ever had in bed/ Darren was a “Busted Balloon”. The sex lessons did not help this ugly geek.

Darren Ambler has no conscience or moral fiber. A PIG who belongs in a mental hospital followed by JAIL. His brain operates with a diminished capacity. Authorities feel Darren Ambler is legally insane and an addict. Darren is UGLY with no appeal or anything that makes him attractive. The garbage breath does not help. The sunken in chest and round shoulders make him even more disgusting. Darren is equal to a male prostitute period. We have tons of proof so he better keep his ugly mouth shut.

Darren defamed himself. He wants to screw- lie and use people but no one is supposed to find out about his secret vulagar affairs: He is ugly and evil inside and out. We are expressing openly what this ugly vial liar did to us physically and emotionally. No court in the world would say we are wrong.

Darren screwed God know show many and still is. He is a Pathological liar. He even forced a 66 year old senior into sex and oral sex. This women’s family is furious. Darren has had many more sex affairs other than with Megan Bentzley. Darren the coward is trying to blame his sexual idiscretions and the fact that he was exposed on Megan. It wont work so the ugly scum best stop all this. What 40 year odl has oral sex with an old lady? answer- a demented one like Darren Ambler. Darren is a misfit and a menace to society. He is a very hated person right now and should be. He defamed himself with his PIG Prostitution behavior. So he better grow up.

Darren better stop trashing our name. He is in trouble. He will not get away with this any more. Seven women came forward. Oddly- they all tell similar stories about how frog face seduced them and used them as sex slaves. Darren tried to control women through bad sex and drugs. Darren is an evil- immoral scum of the earth.

We have every right to warn other possible victims. It is funny the uthorities said we hav every right to expose this menace to the world Darren “demented” Ambler. What normal person acts like Darren Ambler- “none”.

Darren is an abusive four eyed jerk and sexual pervert. If you lie- screw- act like a prostitute then you will be exposed. Then screwing with no protection. This freak gave possibly 4 females std’s. That is a criminal charge four eyes.

Defamation does not occur when its the truth. That is why Darren is trying to blame his behavior on Megan. No no we will not permit that. Darren screwed many and he will answer for his behavior.

I guess a man as ugly and dorky as Darren must behave this way to prove his manhood. He has not proven it yet. Aside from mental help and jail Darren needs extensive plastic surgery on his horrible face and scrawny 130 pound body. His breath is a killer. regardless- Darren will pay for what he has done. All narcissist sociopaths do these things. Darren is a loser. People like this serve no purpose but to hurt others and drag them down to Darren’s scum bag level. Darren is a mental case and a big dork who knows nothing about life: No wonder his former wife took off. Who could stand this bi polar ugly creature with a chronic lying problem. Every one knows Darren’s game. He better shut his ugly mouth. If we are no good sluts then Darren is a bigger no good male hooker. He stalked and seduced us. He cant have it both ways. Ugly demented jerk.

We have plenty of “PROOF” to back up our claims. Videos- statements from many women and documents. The liar better hide out and shut up.

HAWK Says:  Hey Ambler, when you going to learn?  Stop being a sick demented individual already and you won’t keep getting submitted

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Anyone who comes across the path of Darren Ambler, be warned, he is a devious predator who will stop at nothing to satisfy himself.

The Bottom Line:  Darren Ambler has been submitted numerous times and he shouldn’t be taken lightly.


  1. Thank you for the helpful commentary. In a way it is scary. People like this dirty, immoral ruthless scum of the earth serve no purpose except to use, abuse, manipulate and emotionally batter anyone who happens to cross his path. He does not belong among decent and respectable people: I mean that sincerely. It appears Darren’s highly secretive sick lifestyle has been exposed for the world too see….Serves this dip head right. He deserves nothing but evil and heartache. I know for a fact that eventually our evil selfish ways end up destroying the evil demented useless garbage. Yes – I just perfectly described this predator. I have not much feeling or sympathy for a prostitute. But in a way this UGLY freak show beast is violating Prostitutes also. No one’s body should be on display for money or sexual pleasure. I never knew a guy like this in my life. I had three brothers and all three are respectable, moral, honest young men. I know my parents are proud of them. What a horrible disappointment it must be for any surviving family or parents of this filthy garbage idiot. I m forgiving in most cases but I hope this slime ball rots in jail and then in hell. These psychos always have some lie to tell or insane explanation for their behavior. I only wish bad things for this total reject misfit escapee from the Baboon cage the City Zoo.


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