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Cleveland.com Exposed: A Cloned News Website With A Secret Agenda Owned By A New York Company (Cleveland, OH)


CLEVELAND, OHIO –  Cleveland.com, one of the largest news and media outlets in the nation that commands upwards of 10 million unique readers per month has been exposed.  The website, it’s parent company (Advance Local Media LLC.), is a New York company that owns more than 10 news & information websites just like Cleveland.com.  All of which have the same identical layout, behave in the same exact deceptive, manipulative and strategic manner with huge secret donors and a one-sided reporting strategy.

From the outside looking in, the average everyday reader of Cleveland.com is oblivious to the true algorithm that exists and that they are subliminally being subjected to.  Clevelander’s simply see a media outlet that is Cleveland owned and reports on Cleveland or Northeast Ohio news.   However, this appearance is nothing more than a well laid out, carefully choreographed mirage.  After peeling back the layers, investigating the company that owns Cleveland.com and reviewing their local news contractual obligations (with The Plain Dealer as an example), the truth is unavoidable.  Cleveland.com is an exact clone of 11 other websites.  All of which are owned by the very same company that has been linked to mega advertising, donations & funding from Democratic candidates and even allegedly George Soros (with one Democratic candidate currently being featured on Cleveland.com as of this writing).

Instead of being a neutral news organizational platform.  One that reports on both sides of the coin in a fair, open and honest reporting format, Cleveland.com and their superior owners have interjected themselves.  They’ve interjected both directly and publicly by utilizing the digital age of social media to convey and further a secret agenda of their own and the secret agenda’s of those that secretly fund them.

Fun Fact:  Advance Local Media LLC. has received ten’s of millions of dollars in funding and advertising donations over the past decade through primarily liberal and Democrat interests.  Some of which are propped up and funded by George Soros. 

george soros
George Soros has funded mobs and created chaos in the US.

These outlets, which span across the nation, are ranked as the 9th largest news organization conglomeration in the country.  In total, operating 25 newspapers and more than 11 million social media followers.  They are strategically located and target reader bases in higher poverty, higher crime, lower income, higher welfare recipient areas all under primarily Democratic control (Mayors, Senators, District Representatives, etc.).  Through this devious selection of key acquisitions and selective operations, they then expand their radius of coverage into other counties, suburbs and in some cases (such as Cleveland.com) entire regions.  They report on the news and a wide variety of topics which increase their reader base, while only focusing on an end game of conveying what they are told to convey.

Cleveland.com is owned by the 11th richest family in America, the Newhouse’s.  Samuel & Donald Newhouse to be precise, which are worth a combined total of $18.6 billion as of 2016 (see Forbes: #11 The Newhouse Family).  It should be noted that Sam Newhouse, the founder of Newhouse himself was a registered Democrat, and he voted for John F. Kennedy in the 1960 presidential race as an example.  His papers were and some still are also Democrat & Republican based, but ever since his death and even preceding it (2017), the social media landscape and delicate mass manipulation was well into full force.

Readers Note:  The Plain Dealer is paid by Advance Local Media LLC. (Cleveland.com) to utilize their editorial publications as content on their site.  The Plain Dealer is not owned by Advance Local Media LLC., but rather is owned by Advance Publications LLC. (which is also of the same New York owned family of Advance Local Media LLC.).  

Fun Fact:  More than 50,000,000 unique people read these online news websites annually.

COBRA Says:  Anyone who wonders why Cleveland.com is found to be consistently spewing one sided opinion based shit on Facebook and even on their website, now you know why…  You’ve all been conned by a billion dollar beast.

Mass Manipulation

How fitting, a Democrat ad on Cleveland.com

The layouts are all the same down to even the titles (minus a few variations).  All of the news websites (listed in full below) operate in the same exact manner. 

1.)  Almost all news outlets, including Cleveland.com are featured in high poverty, low wage, high welfare, high crime & Democratically controlled areas.

2.)  They all subsidize some of their content with local news publications, for example The Plain Dealer’s articles are featured on Cleveland.com in an effort to maintain a local appearance to Cleveland and Northeast Ohio and keep readers engaged.

3.)  They then spin these articles, mix and matching them with external links and integrate a manipulative approach that harbors an apparent secret agenda – one that almost always ends with a Democratic, Liberal, Socialist & Globalist opinion based viewpoint on Social Media.

4.)  Through social media, these links and opinions are then shared hundreds or thousands of times and reach more than approximately 50,000,000 people across the country each year.

See the clones:

COBRA Says:  If anyone want’s to see first hand of Cleveland.com’s manipulation as an example.  Simply hawk their Facebook account for a few days, you’ll see all you need.

Do You Feel Duped?

How do you feel knowing that your hometown news company – Cleveland.com isn’t a homegrown operation?  Does it bother you to know that Cleveland.com is owned by an out of state outsider, an exact replica (or clone) of 11 other websites or owned, operated & funded by a specific political affiliation?  Take the poll below to share how you feel.

The Bottom Line:  Every single reader of Cleveland.com most definitely wasn’t aware of any of this information.  However, it would be a shocker for anyone to change their opinions regarding this news website or any other’s.  People are set in their ways and most prefer to have puppet masters (whether they realize it or not).

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you’re looking to make a difference and change the way these massive corporations acquire and operate, subject and deploy themselves into your lives and onto your screens, then you should consider unliking, unfollowing and simply put, boycotting Cleveland.com.



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