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The Rubicon: Cuyahoga County Jail’s Eric Ivey Has A Fellow Officer As His Mistress & Owes $30,000+ in Taxes (Cleveland, OH)


Warden Eric Ivey has a secret mistress who works at the Cuyahoga County Jail, he owes more than $30,000 in property taxes and has recently been demoted to Assistant Warden.  This article is dubbed “The Rubicon” and should serve as an effective tool to end his tenure at the Cuyahoga County Jail.  Any qualms remaining from Sheriff Clifford Pinkney to finally pull the trigger on his ousting should leave him fully accountable for the next round of investigations currently being launched by the F.B.I and U.S. Marshall’s.

Eric Ivey’s mistress is a woman named Quiana Brown.  Ms. Brown has been employed with the Sheriff’s Department for approximately 4 years and she has been Warden Ivey’s mistress for just as long.  Ms. Brown is allowed to do what she wants, when she wants and serves on many committees that even other long standing officers could not sit on.  She was allowed to pick a specialty area of her choice, one that saw her knocking out another officer who had seniority over her by at least 13 years.   All of the above comes as a perk of her personal and highly secretive relationship with Assistant Warden Eric Ivey.

“…flowers and edible arrangements to the work site”

In addition, Eric Ivey sends Ms. Brown flowers and edible arrangements to the work site, just a few feet from where his wife, Kathy Ivey, also a supervisor (Corporal) works.  Ms. Brown is allowed to leave when she wants, takes extended lunch breaks and gets whatever off days she prefers – again all because of her affiliation with Eric Ivey.

the rubicon
Warden Eric Ivey has a mistress & owe’s in taxes.

At one point Ms. Brown was allowed to supervise (even though she holds no rank) other officers and give out their assignments.  She was also allowed to call and advise other officers above her that they would have to stay for overtime or for another shift.

Publisher Statement:  “This was the only practice that us officers at the jail wrote grievances about.  Everything else, we are all afraid to report on due to retaliation.”

COBRA Says:  If this isn’t enough information to finally get this scumbag thrown out of the Cuyahoga County Jail, then nothing will.  In any case, we are done with Ivey, it’s time to go after Budish.  We’ve been compiling for months against him, keep sending it all in, his expose is next.

Property Taxes Owed

Readers Note:  What you are about to discover was largely obtained through public county records and online databases.  The information contained herein is to not be used in any illegal or illicit manner and is purely for educational and enlightening purposes only.

10317 Olivet Ave. Cleveland, OH 44108

According to Cuyahoga County Records, Eric J. Ivey has an abandoned property in Cleveland located at 10317 Olivet Ave.  He has failed to pay property taxes for more than a decade and owes for grass cutting, is delinquent in his sewage and water fee’s and even owes money for city board-ups done on the property.


(Download Full Report)

  • Total Outstanding: $28,989.05



1691 Oakham Rd. Euclid, OH 44117

In addition to the abandoned property, the home that he currently shares with his wife Kathy Ivey is located at 1691 Oakham Rd. in Euclid and also has an outstanding balance of $1,937.59 in taxes owed (Download Full Report).  This property isn’t owned by Eric Ivey himself, but instead is in his wife’s maiden name of Kathy Durham.


  • Total Outstanding:  $1,937.59
  • Total Owed (both properties): 30,926.64

In a nutshell, Eric J. Ivey owe’s in excess of $30,000 in taxes on the properties that he resides at.  He owes the city and county (coincidentally enough, the very county that he works for) money and has owed them for decades.  Talk about a double standard…


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The Demotion

The demotion from Warden to Assistant Warden isn’t really much to brag about.  He was offered a resignation and then threatened to be fired, to which he refused to do both and threatened to sue if he was removed from his post.  Ivey has been implicated in numerous scandals, some of which were allegations of physical assaults against inmates.  Prior to being the Warden, while he served as an SRT member he was documented as being extremely violent and rough with inmates.

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The articles listed below helped to put the Cuyahoga County Jail under fire.  With leaked grievances, documents and other insider reports from Correction Officers who work at the jail.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  People are people and lives should never be lost, but when they are individuals that are in high ranking positions should be held accountable.  For Eric Ivey to have merely been demoted to “Assistant Warden” show’s that he not only is feared from within by his superiors, but should also shed light into serious private backdoor meetings that have taken place between those in higher level management positions and the talks that were made.  If we had to guess, Ivey has power over both Budish and Pinkney, but then again, we all know how crooked Budish is (and if you don’t we’ll show you how) so this should be all common sense…


  1. Well they should look at all the Sergeants who play favorites with certain females. Some of them can get away with whatever they want work wherever they want and play grab a$$ all shift.


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