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Primary Purpose Center Owner: A Secret Past, Caught Using Cocaine, Trading Sex & Taking Advantage of Women (Elyria, OH)


Charles B. Craft, aka Chuck, is the owner & founder of Primary Purpose Center, Inc. located in Elyria, Ohio.  Chuck also owns Craft Painting out of Cleveland.  Mr. Craft is supposed to be sober, especially being that he runs sober living facilities for individuals who are in ongoing treatment – but in all actuality, he isn’t.  Chuck is currently living at the Primary Purpose Center along with about eighty other guys, give or take.  One week ago it was reported that Mr. Craft placed his hands on another resident, pushing the individual and poking him in the chest.   It has also been unearthed that between 1990 & 2009 he was faced with a myriad of charges related to Abduction, Felonious Assault, Breaking & Entering, Drug Trafficking and most recently a Violation of a Protection Order.   He currently has a 24 year old girlfriend (who he met through Primary Purpose Center) that currently lives at his house with her new boyfriend.  This is something that Chuck absolutely hates but he can’t do anything about it.  This is because she has something that could ruin his business forever…

Chuck met his girlfriend while she was trying to get her life together – at the Primary Purpose facility for women.  It should be noted that Chuck is 50+ years old and the way that he behaves with women who are drug addicted and less fortunate is abhorrent, to say the very least.  Chuck picks up any vulnerable girl that he thinks he can score with from his sober house.  Is this real recovery that he is instilling upon the addicted?  Or is this a prime example of pure manipulation?

There are other women who have been involved in the Primary Purpose recovery program that have stated that they were approached by Chuck when they didn’t have their rent.  Chuck said that “if they (you) slept with him then the rent would be taken care of.” 

….if they slept with him then the rent would be taken care of.

HAWK Says:  Guess them women are just for Chuck Craft and Chuck Craft alone.  (Off in the distance:  How much wood could a woodchuck chuck. If a woodchuck could chuck wood? As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck,. If a woodchuck could chuck wood.)  Scumbag…

Fun Fact:  Chuck goes by Chuck, but his real name is Charles B. Craft.  There’s a reason for this as you’re soon about to discover below.

Chuck’s Background

From the sounds of things, Chuck hasn’t really turned over that much of a new leaf.  Perhaps he’s just gotten better at hiding his illicit behavior?  After reading this article would it shock you to know that in the past Charles B. Craft has been charged with Abduction, Felonious Assault, Drug Trafficking’s, Violation of Protection Order’s and so forth?  After looking at his criminal history, everything really starts to fall into place.

  • 2009CRB00330:  Violation of Protection Order
  • CR-92-280085-C:  Drug Abuse
  • CR-91-274866-ZA:  Trafficking in Drug’s (two counts)
  • CR-87-215830-ZA:  Felonious Assault
  • CR-85-197565-A:  Breaking & Entering, Theft, Criminal Tools
  • CR-85-196688-ZA:  Breaking & Entering, Theft (again)
  • CR-84-191988-ZA:  Abduction, Felonious Assault (two counts)


  1. Cuyahoga County Court Docket
  2. Elyria Municipal Court Docket


Not So Fun Fact:  Chuck Craft has kicked people out of his facility for drinking so much as an energy drink or for talking to individuals of the opposite sex located at other treatment areas within the facility.   Yet, Chuck still remains the overseer of the facility and now an apparent occupant.  One who violates his very own rules and regulations without regard.  Tssk… Tssk…

Publisher Quote:  “I submitted this because for Chuck to be sleeping with the women that are housed at his facility is insanity.  I feel bad for every girl he has taken advantage of.  He’s also getting high and expects others to hold themselves accountable, but what about himself?  I mean, girls that are freshly sober, girls that could be his daughters age or younger.  Really?”

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  What kind of individual who gets into the business of helping others would behave in this manner?  You are supposed to lead by example.  You don’t behave in this manner when you’re in a position of power.  Why kick people when they are down?  What is with the authority trip here?  Why take advantage of the women who are trying to get sober?  This isn’t a prison Chuck and it’s not your personal bordello.  Maybe now you’ll get it through your head.


    • Hey fake Anon, why are you using my name? You’re a liar. Not only did just a few days ago he lost one of his facilities and is now overcrowding individuals, but he also lost his contract with LCADA for not having state licensed workers. On and on we can go. Simple auditor search in Lorain County shows a rinky dink shack worth about $16k that he owns. Also known as a “trap house”. He’s also always at the women’s shelter as opposed to men, yet there’s half the women then there are men.

      Who remembers this “Nothing but a bunch of pussies and bitches”. This is how Chuck talks to people in his facilities. Like he’s some sort of god. All these comments are hilarious, fucking boot licking, friends and family of Charles B. Craft.

      The only “craft” that Craft has is the slight of hand and the gift of gab. State needs to drug test him today, bet he fails and when he does, have him divest from his company or pull all contracts and close the doors. #GAMEOVER

      Scumbagged.com doesn’t need to be credible. It is credible. Shit gets posted here and news organizations show up hours or days later, people drop out of fucking congressional bids, upper level management and employee’s get fired, U.S. Marshalls and FBI investigate. You fuckers clearly don’t understand the platform and seem to think that lessser people’s voices don’t matter. Wrong. Game has changed and there’s thousands of us who have eyes and ears, recording devices and a calculated demeanor to both support our claims raised and articles published.

      Get treatment Chuck, now, check in today, before tomorrow comes, because tomorrow it will be too late. Don’t believe it? Find out the hard way or go with your gut instinct. Save face now sir.

  1. Bogus article obviously written by an aggravated and kicked out individual. Felonious record causing a problem? Check 95% of the people who come to get sober at his houses. Using his drug use to slander him and court records from 2009? That only helps him in my book—-it’s 2019! Whoever wrote this I’m praying for you because it’s obvious you have a distorted view of a good thing.

  2. I know this man and run groups at this place
    I read the article and it’s a lot of allegations with no proof besides his court records and we all have a checkered past but this sounds like someone has something out for this guy and I just don’t believe it
    He is very hard on guys in this place because he’s trying to save their lives and some people get but hurt and start spreading rumors which is what I think this is

  3. Ummm. This is complete bullshit. My name is chris whidden. Those of you that ” knew ” me in my southside neighborhood in Elyria ohio know me as crazy chris. I have a shitty past over 13 felonies 10 of which are assaults on police n their dogs. Weapons chargers. Drug trafficking and many other things. Ive pen too prison ripped off everyone around and at the end of my addiction i overdosed at least 12 times. I was a shell of a human. I walked into primary purpose on feb. 1st of 2017 i meet chuck ” and he has become the most influential man I have ever met. I put my full trust in him when I first met him and still trust him more than I trust myself with his guidance love and respect God willing to have over 2 years of sobriety now he open up the doors for me helping other people doing speeches at the mayor’s office of that City I terrorized as well as many other speeches for overdose awareness days and ect. Most if not all of this info is false this man literally single-handedly saved my life until I was ready to step up and do something about it and countless others will attest to it he guides me teaching me to live teach me how to be a man. Ask my mother who I’m sitting next to after major surgery I’m able to be there for her if he’s a monster or my grandmother. This article this website and the ones that write these things are the monsters focused on a man is truly helping our community not to mention Cuyahogas Community as well you should be ashamed of yourself the old me wants to say some other facts about the individual Amanda that writes these things but I won’t do that mainly thanks to the man that guided me into a way of life that’s more pleasing that could ever imagine. Prayers for you Amanda you made a mistake this time picking on people who can’t defend themselves is one thing which in itself is a failure in your character as a human being but this man this is different this is personal and I’ll leave it at that. As far as court records go this is not a threat I wish you only the best that your life has to offer you but going on like this isn’t going to get you anything good.

  4. It is sad that we live in a society where at the touch of a button we can post anything which can damage someone’s life and reputation. No one validates any of these things but because that are posted online, an individual who does not know Chuck would have a distorted perception of who he is and what he ACTUALLY does. He spends MOST of his time trying to help people every day.
    These accusations ARE NOT TRUE. He is sober. He is one of the founder’s of PPC and does not own it. He stands up for what is right. Whoever wrote this was most likely an individual that was asked to leave because of breaking rules. He does have a criminal history and has already paid his debt to society. His criminal history ENDED in 2009 – 10 years ago. This history makes him more relatable to the individuals in treatment centers because he is an example of how you can turn your life around. He has been sober 8 years, works a 12-step program, has a sponsor, he sponsors people, goes to meetings, works and spends time with his family.
    I am his so called “24 year old girlfriend”. Even though I may look younger, I am not. I have been sober over 6 years —– wait how long had PPC even been open? Oh yeah, it opened in November of 2016. Chuck and I have been together about 5 years. I do not have another boyfriend on the side and do not have, “something that could ruin his business forever”.
    He does not even deal with any of the female’s at the halfway house or the sober living homes so how would he be receiving sexual favors in exchange for rent.
    These are false accusations written by an individual that is clearly sick and is okay with doing the wrong things in life. We will pray for you. We hope anyone paying any attention to this article will think about what I have said before making an inaccurate judgement of someone’s character.

    • Delusion at its finest. The reality is that chuck runs his mouth a lot; people who would actually know the validity of any one of these claims know exactly exactly the position you play. Ask me you were the smart one to capitalize on the situation and not just make this monrga rent. I’m not convinced your oblivious, just a smart business woman. And the brass tax is this can real time affect bank. He’s already nearly ruined himself in Lorain County. New sober living facilities needed, it won’t be too much longer and the deficit will be filled. What a disgraceful mess smh

  5. I know of women that said this man sexually harassed them when they were working for hin. This was a while ago i think before he had the lrimary purpose center

    • David Talley February 17, 2019 at 3:45 PM

      The greatest man that ever lived (Jesus) was accused of being a devil. Yet we know He was not a devil. Sure, Chuck is no “Jesus”, but the Lord said you will know my disciples by their works and the love they have one for another. He also said that a good tree can ONLY bear good fruit. And a bad tree can only bear bad fruit. Based on this criteria, I judge Chuck to be a good man. Why?, my son was literally rescued by Chuck and PPC. Without him and his organization, my son would certainly have overdosed and died by now, no doubt. I am not a personal friend. I know Chuck but only to the extent of his involvement in reaching out to my son. My son is now 18 months sober and because of the example of Chuck B. Craft, he now is filled with the desire to help others as Chuck has done. And bytheway, as to the charges alledged in your blog, “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone” is the Lord’s advise to you. He also stated that we will have the same mercy extended to us as we have extended mercy to others. Based on that criteria, you are on loose footing.

    • David Talley, Jesus is not a real person. Your son isnt sober. I’m not sure why you are quoting a book of fiction as some sort of life guide. Quote the parts condoning rape and child murder instead.

  6. No doubt you are trying to do the right thing by publishing this article, but most of those charges you speak of are 27-35 yrs old and he has paid his debt to society. With that being said, if the allegations are true about the women in the facility, something should be done. However there are no facts or sources to back up said allegations so it looks like an uphill battle…

  7. This is really sad Chuck is a good reputable individual everybody has a past but let’s not name every good thing he has done and every life that he has saved that far outweighs the negative I doubt everybody on here or who wrote this article is perfect half of this is not even true it’s sad that you don’t have anything else to do with your days or nights that you have this much time to try to ruin somebody’s reputation the real scumbags are you individuals behind this article I’m going to pray for you

    • Chuck is not a good reputable individual. Clearly you are a friend or family member or someone who benefits from his business. Chuck has taken advantage of two girls that I grew up with, one from Elyria and the other from Grafton. Both of the girls that he took advantage of were in a sexual manner. Granted they agreed to it, but they were in positions where they were accustomed to such behavior. Does that make what Chuck does as alright? No, I don’t think so. Just because he’s doing a good deed now, doesn’t mean that he can go and do bad deeds all the while.

      This is called minimizing and or simple diversion tactics being thrown out by constituents of Chuck. Nothing more, nothing less. The truth is coming out, this article only roughly touches base on some of it, I am 100% certain that there will be an update to this article or a sister article ran because I myself have submitted additional information, names, dates, times and images to back up what I’ve said above.

      I find it interesting how everyone desires proof, when the proof is in their face and the community, those in charge and everyone is fully well aware of his mouth, actions and behavior. You should be ashamed of yourself Tanya.

  8. Everybody has a past and I’m sure nobody on here is perfect but all the good this man has done for people and all the lives he has saved surely outweighs the negative it’s sad that you people have nothing better to do with your days or nights that you have this much time to try to dissect somebody’s background to ruin the reputation but don’t worry he won’t because people that really know him know the truth the real scumbags are you individuals behind this

  9. Recently he has asked a young lady to be her sugar daddy as she was living in one of his sober houses. Him and one of his partners made sexual comments to her as well. Maybe if so much stuff is being said then it’s the truth. Stop trying to be a “sugar daddy” to young girls in sobriety. That is street life and it goes against everything that we are trying to teach them. Old life styles can not be brought into sobriety eventually you will go back out. One foot in and one foot out doesn’t work, I tried it. Shame on anyone abusing their authority and so called, “time” to take advantage of these girls who know no better when entering the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Shame on them for not protecting these girls from the harm that has already been done to them and instead you use what they just came out of to your own advantage.

  10. The emptiest barrel makes the most noise. Great job slandering a man who devotes ever minute of everyday helping other alcoholics. I’ve known Chuck personally throughout my 6 plus years of recovery and will personally vouch as this being complete and udder bullshit.

  11. The fact is. whoever wrote this article. Would still be able to come to primary purpose if they were struggling with drugs or alcohol and were seeking help. That’s the kind of man chuck craft is. Primary purpose is the only treatment center in that community. Which is full of broken homes and families due to drugs and alcohol. Chuck craft is part of the solution not the problem. Any person with a son or daughter or a loved one that’s struggling with drugs or alcohol Should know that there family member or loved one is safe wile at primary purpose or under watch of chuck craft..The sad part is not everyone is willing to change. So if your jealous that chuck has a bad past and changed his life around for the better. Thats sad. Chuck spends ALL of his time Helping others get out of the same intolerable situation he was once in. I urge anyone reading this article to not jump on the bandwagon with people that are UNWILLING to change and are still blaming others for there misfortunes. Dont be a scumbag. If your struggling with drugs or alcohol please seek help. Your families deserve better. And if your not struggling but have a loved one That’s blaming you for there problem. It’s not your fault. And you got a little taste of how chuck probably feels reading this. Sorry if I offended anyone. Thanks chuck craft and primary purpose for helping save my life and getting my family back.

  12. The greatest man that ever lived (Jesus) was accused of being a devil. Yet we know He was not a devil. Sure, Chuck is no “Jesus”, but the Lord said you will know my disciples by their works and the love they have one for another. He also said that a good tree can ONLY bear good fruit. And a bad tree can only bear bad fruit. Based on this criteria, I judge Chuck to be a good man. Why?, my son was literally rescued by Chuck and PPC. Without him and his organization, my son would certainly have overdosed and died by now, no doubt. I am not a personal friend. I know Chuck but only to the extent of his involvement in reaching out to my son. My son is now 18 months sober and because of the example of Chuck B. Craft, he now is filled with the desire to help others as Chuck has done. And bytheway, as to the charges alledged in your blog, “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone” is the Lord’s advise to you. He also stated that we will have the same mercy extended to us as we have extended mercy to others. Based on that criteria, you are on loose footing.

  13. I personally lived and was a very involved part of the mens Primary Purpose facility for 2 years. If it wasn’t for that place, I wouldn’t be the productive member of society that I am today. I have Chuck and the other founders of PP to thank for that. I don’t even know where to begin with all of these accusations but fact is that Chuck and 3 others opened the first Mens facility for drug and alcohol treatment in Lorain County, one that has seen hundreds and hundreds of men (and now women) through its doors. This is a pathetic attempt to knock a guy down from someone who is still sick and probably couldn’t follow some simple rules.

  14. This is trash. I was wrong i called the “witch” amanda but the keyboard warrior is amber d horvath. Insecure n clearly a liar I’ve literally seen post on other people that she claims committed crimes that I’ve committed into jail time for your joke grow up. As for my first comment on this thats the real individual you speak of. You can tell by the support in these comments. Amber you must be having a mid life crisis. Your supposed too be an adult. But you obviously a weak minded douchebag. Prayers for you … Either way primary purpose as a whole as well as chuck have positively infulenced so many youll or anyone else will ever stop their LEGACY!!! EVER!!

    • We don’t reveal who our publishers are, but you are incorrect in this assessment.

      Do you understand how Scumbagged.com works? It’s a public platform that allows it’s users (more than 200,000 per month) to submit at will. This means that someone out there was clearly offended by Mr. Craft.

      FUN FACT: This article would have been removed pending a hair follicle test by Mr. Craft, however once that subject was broached he refused to reply or acknowledge the request. Hmmm…

      There has also been a plethora of additional information submitted in regards to this situation, with more individuals (specifically women) coming forward and sharing their experiences and issues with Mr. Craft.

      Stay tuned. Tomorrow will be interesting.

  15. One of the houses provided by these people was a stepping stone in saving my life. They must’ve really hurt your feelings somewhere down the line (probably because you’re an idiot) for you to write something as biased and false as this is. They might not be perfect, while none of us are, but they fucking save lives. Who are you to try and rob anyone from that? Hopefully someone new doesn’t read this and lose their battle with addiction because of you. Grow up. And if you’re in the program.. find a new sponsor cuz it’s unacceptable to treat people this way.

  16. This guy is a real scumbag. I personally watched him take advantage of young, newly sober women. His 24 year old girlfriend was fresh out of a halfway house when they started dating. Maybe just a few months sober. The house thats referred to as the bosworth house actually has a funny back story to it. It was never intended to be a sober living house. A girl who had a sugar daddy (chuck) got kicked out of a halfway house and moved in with a cpl sober friends. When that group moved out a new group moved in and when chuck started banging hillery and grossing everyone out. They both turned it into a sober living house. Facts are facts. I cant tell u if this man is sober or not. Or what he is or isnt doing right now. But what i can tell u is ive personally watched him hit on and make advances of young, newly sober women. Bosworth started from a girl calling her trick for help. Im calling a spade a spade and this man needs some help. People are not going to go this far to slander a mans name if they is not some truth to it. . And ive been watching this shit for years. Hillery, stop defending this scumbag. You know how he is and we all know the bs you went through with him. To hear you defend him is an insult to yourself and the women you help.

  17. I went to 5 different people and ask about this man. They all said the same thing. Scumbag. They all know about him preying on women early in sobriety. He may have helped many of you that say he did. No one is saying he doesn’t “help” people. However, his conduct with women is not appropriate. Those 5 people have multiple years of sobriety. Some over 20 years that live in Lorain County. I don’t know if he is getting high. Primary Purpose is no halfway house. They send the women to treatment and get money for their beds. The IOP they go to that is supposed to teach coping skills is just a free for all talking about problems at the house. They do not learn anything. Bottom line is Women stick with women and men stick with men. I know for a fact Chuck was at the primary purpose house for women ALL WEEKEND. He is a man. Why is he at the women’s sober “halfway” house for hours at a time? The women on this post who have stuck up for him I pray that your insanity be lifted. For the men it’s a different world out here for women trying to get sober.

    • What IOP do they use? Fact you say? Where you in the primary house all weekend to witness him being there?? Which women’s house what it (there is more then one?)

    • Rocky, if LCADA already got out of affiliations with Prinary Purpose which treatment center is left? There is only a few in Lorain County. Process of elimination. Do your homework. It’s not hard. I am not going to slam a treatment center and how they deliver IOP. Secondly, I have no reason to lie nor do I have to explain to you or anyone else how I know these facts. Do you really think people have nothing better to do with their time than to repeatedly say the same thing about this guy? Anyway, if this comes of nothing there is always reporting to the county and state. Eventually, he will get caught. From an “eye witness”.

    • Your facts sound like bullshit. Why wouldn’t you call out another center your calling out Chuck. I also asked which women’s house he stayed at all weekend and were you there to see it like you say fact! I’m not gonna chase around shitty iop centers got better things to do. Seems as Chuck also is getting support here or aren’t you reading those comments ?

    • Lol why I do I have to be a dumb bitch for stating facts? Sounds like somthing I said made you angry and this is the best you have at articulating how you feel? None the less this gave me a good laugh and made my day. Who ever you are I hope your not a scummy as chuck is. Have a good day.

  18. Hahaha. All of these feeble attempts to save face or make believe that this scumbag isn’t a scumbag are a waste of time people. Save your virtual breath. The image of the story and of all this scumbag’s ways has forever been implanted into the your and the rest of the undersized minds of the readers and gossipers. Have a great day. Losers

  19. A hair test should be done and a lab test drug test for he cant dilute it n watched by someone he needs to go down im surprise it took two years for.this to come out Chuck I would just give it up ur caught can’t wait for the new update just come clean chuck

  20. Tell me Susie… Did you snort the powder off Chuck’s ole Shaft AND balls? Or were you selfish and just paid attention to the shaft?

    • Lol funny seeing I have never done any drugs in my life but that’s a great classy comment you wrote. I am happily married. Ps get some manners when talking to a women.

  21. This is vinny I ain’t post that shit why does people think that bc he took my phone Nd won’t give it back idc I’m not that petty I was at primary for seven months it was a blessing I tell everyone still it aint a bad place and yeah I got kicked out and he wont give me my phone back but I still wouldn’t go to the extent to do this I like how u put anonymous tho

    • You got kicked out and he won’t give your phone still?? Sounds like theft to me. Whether someone got positive things from PPC is irrelevant. People get positive things from prison. Doesn’t mean prison is a great place and everyone thaslts staffed there is a decent human being. People wanna dick ride Chuck for whatever reason, but we all know how he is. A shitty ass person, whose only interests are himself. Period. Let’s not even begin to talk about the fraud he has committed as well as his partners. Falsifying resident documents saying that they were living there as 3/4 residents to steal extra funding for their “3/4 monthly rent costs “.. there’s plenty more information on things he’s done that’s not even in this article. Sorry but I highly doubt that someone just takes the time to put people on this site for no reason. 9 times out of 10 they are a scumbag. And in this case they definitely are.

  22. This is Bill W I am ashamed you put the 13step in my program I am gonna haunt you in your sleep but I will put u in my amends listen after

    • Learn how to spell dumb ass!!! Amends list not amends listen and you’re mad because he’s probably fucking your bitch!!!!!!

  23. How come yall didnt mind when they was trading sex for heroine but get mad if they trade that infested tuna box for some rent.
    Obviously this was wrote by someone who has issues themselves and who cares if this guy fell off the wagon a few times , thats what happens in recovery .
    And bring up his past record from 09 is funny..News flash he is also in recovery and has a past , everyone in recovery has a past..Nobody cared about the 50 or 70yr olds them hos slept with to et dope..and i would hope he certainly didnt let em live there for free , they didnt get heroine for free so rent ain’t free either. He ain’t raping or holding anyone of em hostage so they are free to go live somewhere else for free if they can find a free warm place to stay.
    Its sad you would come on here obviously mad and slander this guy.
    If you ask me you are the piece of shit..not him.

  24. He or she that is less of sin cast the first stone!!! I know no greater man then chuck !!! I will stand in that man’s corner till I die, for he has played the greatest part of me getting my head on right!!! Thank you chuck craft your brother for life love ya!!!

  25. Chuck, I have one question for you …. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Maybe this one question could solve everything … you weasel dick prick.

  26. The loudest person in the room is the weakest, y’all are fucked up and bored for wasting your time slandering a person who helps save people, maybe you should look at your own lives before pointing a finger!!!! ” Y’all wasn’t worried about it while you was getting high”!!!!

  27. About the establishment for some what helping people I thought it was strange that it was never looked into that a large number of struggling addicts food cards were stolen from them when they had nothing and nothing was ever said about it bc chuck had us give the kitchen worker all our food cards and he took them the kitchen worker didn’t work there no more bc of that but chuck still does when it was his rule why should he get fired from what his boss told him to do well by the looks of it not told made him do it Chuck your going down sincerely anonymous 5

    • Hey dip shit, there’s quite a few treatment centers that work that way. Have you ever been to Stella’s? You’re a fucking idiot!!!! All I know is that man and Primary Purpose is the stepping stone to a lot of people’s recovery. Until there is cold hard proof………SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    • Struggling addicts?!?!? They use the state given money for Monsters and candy bars! And ramen noodles to make breaks like they are all hard asses in jail. The food cards went to buying food for the 80 some guys that luv there…plus the 10 or 15 that come in off the street for a free meal. Don’t give us a “Struggling addict” symphony. There was no struggling going on in there. Those men and women are well fed and taken care of

  28. Rocky, he was at Primary Purpose women’s center. Do you know where that is located? I do not have to prove how I know these things. I am not the one who needs to prove anything. You don’t have time to chase around shitty IOP centers but you sure have time defending this guy. Like I said in my first comment he might be helping some people. I’m not taking away from that. However, he has a reputation of inappropriate behavior. Also, I know these women. This has been going on since 2012. Go yell at someone else with your !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got shit to do. Like help those women.

    • The primary women’s center as in half way house located on N Ridge? or the 3/4 house, (which I do not know where that is located) or are you talking about the Bosworth house. You the one that says FACT so which house was he at all weekend??? I have spoke to many of the women that says different. How are you helping them do you work there??? Just because I use a ! does not mean I am yelling just wanting to know your so called FACTS, because its sound like bullshit facts to me.

    • It is not a half way house if rent is due. In order for the women to be there they need to go to IOP so that Primary Purpose can get their money. Otherwise, pay the rent out of pocket for the 90 days the women are there. A half way house is free. First of all, I WOULD NEVER WORK THERE. Secondly, you can think and say all you want about “bullshit” facts. Jesus you must be best friends with Chuck if you keep defending him like this. Which makes me question you as an individual with morals and respect for others. Third, this quit humorous to me that you keep responding.

    • I keep Responding the same way you do. Just trying to figure out what your facts are so far you haven’t said any of them. So again I will ask which house now that we’ve narrowed it down to not being the halfway house that would leave the three-quarter house in Lorain or bosworth. Once you answer i will follow up to get the truth.

    • There’s no point in arguing who is right or who is wrong. Facts or bullshit. Bottom line. It’s going to the State of Ohio. The director of the substance abuse and mental health board.

  29. Chuck is a solid dude sorry for anyone else who doesn’t agree today he has helped me and many others.. I bet you wont go work about it?


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