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Cuyahoga County Corrections Officer, Desiree Cogar – Jailer turned Drug Trafficker Linked to 2 Inmate Overdoses (Cleveland, OH)


CLEVELAND, OH – Desiree Cogar, a corrections officer for the Cuyahoga County Jail has been linked to numerous inmates with lengthy rap sheet’s.  The purpose of her connection with these felon’s is to accrue additional wealth and profit via the illegal conveyance of drugs into the jail.  One inmate in particular that she worked directly with is Charles Graham, aka C.J.  Graham was incarcerated at the Cuyahoga County Jail on several felony charges between September and December of 2022.  During Graham’s incarceration C.O. Cogar would meet with a woman named Elizabeth (aka Liz) on the streets to receive her compensation as well as the K2/Tunechi that she would be bringing in for inmate Graham.

Initially, Officer Cogar would bring the K2 sprayed on purple pieces of paper, the inmates came to term her delivery and the paper it came on as “the purp” within the Cuyahoga County Jail.  Cogar’s main drop off point for several months was located on the 3rd floor of Jail 1 at a pod known as “Candyland”.  They call the pod ‘Candyland’ because it’s painted in bright colors, features comfy chairs, two TV’s, a restroom with real toilets and nicer showers than the rest of the jail.

During the course of her working hand-in-hand with Charles Graham the pod would be raided on more than one occasion.  The jail investigators reportedly knew that it was him distributing the product, but they were having difficulty catching him with any on his person and they weren’t able to determine who was responsible for giving it to him.   One of the reasons that the raids were unsuccessful was because Officer Cogar would notify Charles Graham whenever an impending raid was about to ensue.

Desiree Cogar

The distribution supply chain for Charles went directly through the laundry and the trustee’s.  Graham was always the one dispensing the food in the pod when it got delivered.  Being a full time porter for the pod (which isn’t standard practice) gave him accessibility options and perks that made his distribution all the more easier.  In one instance, on Thanksgiving, the entire POD refused food in order to keep him in his position.  In return he got the whole pod high and passed out approximately $150 worth of commissary to everyone in Candyland.  

Charles Graham was also taken to numerous body scans while incarcerated because inmates had began telling (dropping Kites) on his distribution.  Eventually they did catch him with the purple K2 laced paper, but not enough to bring charges against him and even so, that didn’t stop him from continuing to distribute the drug to inmates.  After it was discovered that the paper commonly distributed was of purple color, it was then changed to legal work and letter heads with his name on it.  Graham had his own little corner in 3f/Candyland, one that overlooked 3rd and Lakeside (truly a million dollar view for those who know) and was reportedly making as much as $1,000 a week off of his sales.  Cogar was getting paid $150-$200 a sheet.  Typical going rate for “a face” was $10-$20 (slang term for the amount which was approximately the size of an inmate’s face on their ID band).

Charles Graham

Several other inmates that wish to remain anonymous confirmed that C.O. Cogar was directly responsible for two overdoses that took place at the C.C.J between September and December of 2022 as a result of the product that she was bringing in for distribution elsewhere.  Graham only wished to receive K2, however other inmates in other locations within the jail were reportedly receiving fentanyl or other contraband for distribution to the general population directly from Cogar.

WHAT IS K2?  K2 is a synthetic form of THC, much like marijuana.  K2 is a mixture of plant material that is then sprayed with synthetic chemicals.  In most cases individuals experience a similiar high to that of marijuana, however in some severe cases there are adverse reactions that have been known to throw individuals into psychosis.

Desiree Cogar’s Facebook

It should be noted that Cogar is easily identifiable as she is partially deaf, has a cochlear implant and a tattoo on the side of her head.  She has been known to routinely exchange personal information with inmates to “link” with them upon release or with their significant others while they remain incarcerated for distribution purposes.   Desiree Cogar’s name on Facebook is “Desiree OutaMillion”, certainly befitting for a Correction Officer on her way to making millions unlawfully.   Cogar has even gone as far as to brag about the jewels she has in her teeth as having been paid for by her internal drug distribution at the Cuyahoga County Jail as well.

“I just like to stalk my prey before they bounce”.  C.O. Cogar

Another inmate, Brett Morgan also exchanged personal information with Desiree Cogar while he was incarcerated.   In fact, this exchange lead to a fight for Mr. Morgan over the telephone because Cogar had sent him a friend request and messaged him on Facebook (while he was still incarcerated at the C.C.J) and Morgan’s girlfriend intercepted it.  What did Officer Cogar have to say in regards to this situation that she single handedly created for inmate Morgan?  “I just like to stalk my prey before they bounce”Obviously this is in reference to before they are released from jail.

Some of her methods and ways of distribution are considerably obvious, even to the untrained eye (or jail investigator).  Often times Cogar was stationed in Jail 2 or entirely different parts of the jail and not just F3/Jail1, yet she would still find her way over to Jail 1 & Candyland anyways.  Cogar would even make comments to Graham loud enough for other inmates to hear: “I had to make up a reason to come over here because I’m assigned to jail 2”.  Transactions typically took place in taped off areas where cameras couldn’t see;  Open bathroom facility as well as the utility room.   Or sometimes it would be something as simple as the two walking around the pod (walking laps) with one other – and it was then that she would nonchalantly hand him the folded up pieces of paper.

FUN FACT:  One of Cogar’s friends that also was a correction officer at the C.C.J was caught and even brought in an entire steak dinner for an inmate once.

K2 Overdoses from Cogar & Co.

  • Alex (young kid, blonde hair blue eyes from England, did visitations on zoom with his family)  had such a bad reaction and overdosed that he lost his mind.  Was up wandering around at 3am, talking to people that weren’t there.
  • Another incident after the first day that the Alex got there, there was a dude that got high, and one dude went to his assigned bed there was somebody already there, and the old man turned around and started beating his ass over a table that was there.
  • Other people overdosed, they call it “having an episode” several people had episodes from the K2 that Cogar was bringing in. Another inmate whose name was “Herb” and had a nickname of “Little Herb on the Curb” took some of ‘the purp’, went into total pscyhosis and wound up getting into a fight with SRT’s as a result.

The Bottom Line

COBRA Says:  What the fuck is wrong with these incompetent bastards?  Do we need to start unleashing all hell on the Cuyahoga County Jail again or what?  Rumors of constant red-zoning and poor conditions are once again resurfacing as well as the fucking cops conspiring against the inmates en-masse to profit off of their own demise…   If the jail investigators take the time to run the tapes back, they will clearly see her (Cogar’s) interactions with Charles Graham in 3F during his incarceration.  Then, if they pull the phone logs they would be able to correlate the constant cash apps he was checking on.  From there it becomes a simple process of connecting the dots.  The girl that was managing his money for Mr. Graham was none other than the “victim” on his case, Elizabeth.  Do your job, we’re tired of doing it for you, next step we will put you all on blast one by one all over again.  Use your brains, stop being lazy, be creative and actually give a fuck about inmates (human beings).

NOT SO FUN FACT:  Elizabeth, Graham’s girlfriend/victim was actually shot in the knee while at work in a barber shop while he was incarcerated.  She survived the incident.



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