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Anytime Fitness Owner, Joe Humphrey Exposed: Rape, Racism, Drugs & Fraud (Tampa, FL)


TAMPA, FL –  The Anytime Fitness center located at 2905 W. Kennedy Blvd. in downtown Tampa is owned by Joseph K. Humphrey.  Mr. Humphrey is a 32 year old business owner originally from Ohio that has an extensive history of drug abuse, racism, shady business deals, raping the incapacitated and taking advantage of women in the workplace.  Most recently he was investigated by Pinellas County detectives for a rape of a Florida woman that transpired via Tinder.  Humphrey used his money, influence in the community and a team of hired individuals in an effort to defame and discredit the rape survivor.

In the aforementioned case the woman stated that she met Humphrey on the dating app and agreed to go out to dinner and drinks with him.  Then she woke up the following morning and couldn’t remember the entirety of the events and accused Humphrey of prodding her with excess alcohol, xanax (which he is legally prescribed) and raping her while she was unconsciousThe woman had a rape test kit performed and even went as far as to press charges and follow through with her accusation.  Humphrey then hired a private investigator to go after the woman and discovered that she had previous drug history.  As a result, the grand jury determined not to indict Humphrey at that time for the rape as he was able to successfully paint the woman as a criminal with drug abuse history.   Now, if this was a simple one off situation, one would possibly be inclined to believe that Humphrey is simply an innocent business owner who had a woman trying to take advantage of his perceived wealth.  However, this was not the circumstance as the woman didn’t pursue civil litigation, she chose to press criminal charges and most importantly this isn’t the first time Humphrey raped someone.  In fact, he has a lengthy history of rape and is a serial womanizer – even robbing his own mother.

“…thank god she kept her mouth shut” – JOE HUMPHREY

This type of behavior has been consistent and has escalated to a point that perhaps Mr. Humphrey doesn’t even realize his wrongdoings.  For instance; prior to the ‘Tinder Rape’ he raped one of his employees, a personal trainer by the name of Angela (last name redacted).  Angela worked for Joe at the Anytime Fitness location in Tampa for approximately one year under his ownership.  During that time they maintained a friendly work-only attitude between one another until one evening Joe offered Angela to come have drinks with him after work, what transpired left Angela dazed and confused as she woke up with no clothes on and had no recognition of what transpired the night before.  She immediately texted Joe Humphrey and asked “What happened” and “Did we have sex”?  To which he replied “Yea, you don’t remember?”.  She wound up quitting her job and moving out of the area shortly thereafter.  Joe Humphrey had made public comments regarding this situation going as far as to say “Her big fucking Cuban or whatever the fuck he is boyfriend would have killed me had he found out, thank god she kept her mouth shut”.

Joe Humphrey & current girlfriend Marianne Ondarza

READERS NOTE:  This article outlines not only specific events but also has screenshots to corroborate much of what you are reading.  The screenshots are primarily from Joe Humphrey’s personal Facebook messenger that was accessed by someone close to him and we can confirm that they have not been altered. 

Rapes, solicitation for sex and drugs have been consistent for the better part of the past decade with Humphrey.  In Ohio he had similar issues arise with women he would meet where they would recall having drinks with him and waking up the following morning only to realize that their clothes had been removed and they were completely naked without any recollection of what had transpired.  Time and time again, rumors swirled in Northeast Ohio of Joe Humphrey raping women and taking advantage of clients, employees and women he would meet at various social settings.  Even those whom he has been into long term relationships with have had the following sentiments reiterated time and time again.  He’s controlling, he’s obsessive and he’s manic, unable to relax at times, cannot sit still for days on end due to drug use and behavioral disorders as a result as well as being a serial cheater.

Humphrey has also been involved in high level fraud for the better part of the past 5 years.  Fraud was necessary in order to acquire the Anytime Fitness location.  For starters, Anytime Fitness wouldn’t allow Joseph Humphrey to be listed as the franchise owner of the club because of past blemishes that popped up during their corporate background check (arson, etc).  Humphrey also didn’t have the necessary $50,000 down payment required in order to finalize the deal.  So how did Humphrey come to be the owner of the world’s largest Anytime Fitness in downtown Tampa?  He conspired with his own father to sell his mother’s home in Strongsville and steal all of her life’s hard work.

Joe Humphrey with his mother & father.

What happened to Humphrey’s mother?  Joe Humphrey was living with his parents both at their Strongsville residence and their initial Florida home and then ultimately at their apartment in Palm Harbor.  He paid no rent, his mother and father both worked while he squandered away all of his savings the first year that they relocated to Florida on drugs, alcohol and partying.  When the opportunity arose to acquire the Anytime Fitness in Tampa, Humphrey had also maxed out all of his credit cards except for a paltry sum of $7,500.  His father and mother then agreed to sell their Strongsville home and help Joe with the acquisition of the club.  The house sold, proceeds went to the club, upkeep and investments, as well as his father and mother receiving titles within the company and being promised monthly derivatives for their investment.  Instead what happened was the exact opposite.  One afternoon in 2020 Mrs. Humphrey returned home from her normal work shift to find her entire house emptied and to find that her son and husband had left her with nothing.  Then in 2021 Humphrey altered the corporate structure to include only himself, cut his mother and father off and consumed the entirety of the franchise for himself.   He then took out a title loan for $6,500 on his mother’s vehicle, illegally established credit cards and loans in her name, maxed them out and used the proceeds from this to put a hefty down payment down on a $300,000 home in Clearwater, FL.  Humphrey’s 62 year old mother now lives in an apartment in Northeast Ohio where she barely gets by.


Tiffany Chulavachana, a client and victim had her wallet stolen by Joe Humphrey

Joe Humphrey began dating another client at his gym by the name of Nadatip Tiffany Chulavachana.  Their relationship was short lived however and ended with Humphrey stealing her wallet and bragging about it amongst his friends how he “threw it in the garbage where she belongs.”


Humphrey also engaged in illegal business practices.  Where he was notably settling Chris Naples equipment.  Naples was the original owner of the Tampa Anytime Fitness who self-financed the sale to Joe Humphrey.  In his contract it was stipulated that Humphrey couldn’t sell any of the equipment until the purchase agreement was fulfilled, ie; until all monies owed were received.  Humphrey deviated from this and sold equipment on and off of Facebook for a year in order to continue to fuel his lavish lifestyle.


Joe with high end escort

Joe Humphrey also has been known to pay for sex.  For a 9 month period he flew a high end escort from Ohio to Florida almost every other weekend, sometimes putting her at the Fenway Hotel (a high end hotel in Palm Harbor, FL), giving her thousands of dollars every weekend, paying for her drugs and parading her around friends and family as his girlfriend.

COBRA Says:  This show’s the type of behavior and ownership mentality that this man has.  The girl was addicted to drugs, Humphrey paid for those drugs, gave her money and engaged in high risk behavior which is customary with sociopathic individuals who will stop at nothing to satisfy their desires.

After going to the woman’s house Humphrey then didn’t sleep on the couch as agreed upon but begged the woman to be able to sleep in her bed.  He then offered her another $100 if she allowed for him to sleep in her bed which she agreed.  After getting into the bed he then begged her to have sex with him, to which she asked for even more money and Humphrey begrudgingly agreed.  Their “relationship” ended with Humphrey becoming verbally and physically abusive towards her, at which point she ignored his calls and messages for months out of fear.

It should be noted that Humphrey was only in Ohio under the pretenses of visiting family and his newborn nephew, but in all reality he had been on a cocaine fueled drug binge that saw him being kicked off the property of his brothers house for attempting to bring more than an ounce of cocaine into his home at 4am along with other individuals he was partying with.


Humphrey has never been one to shy away from his personal views, and as for someone such as himself whom has grotesque viewpoints of women or those of the opposite color it should come as no surprise that he harbors resentments to those of the opposite political affiliation as well.

Humphrey even went as far as to commit PPP fraud and disregard Florida state laws during the COVID pandemic.  How was this done?   First, Humphrey applied for the Federal PPP loan for businesses that had been adversely affected, but he refused to close his gym during the process and was the only gym left operating in the state while also collecting emergency funds.  Granted, many thought that this was a great gesture, and perhaps it was – keeping the facility open for those to continue working out, however he was able to double dip not only with federal funding but also with rent forgiveness all the while he continued to sign up new members and bill existing clients.  This went on until he was urged by his attorney and Anytime Fitness to shut down or else his legal woes would surely mount.


Humphrey is a well known cocaine user and daily adderall abuser.  He is prescribed the anxiety medication xanax which is known to help “calm his nerves” when he’s coming down.  He is also widely regarded in the fitness industry from using and selling anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs that are otherwise banned by the FDA for human consumption.  He then markets his physique to would-be clientele at Anytime Fitness under the guise of his accomplishments being a result of physical training and personal training at the gym.  This is just a guise to accrue additional wealth as there is no opportunity for anyone to achieve the muscle mass or even the extreme weight loss that he demonstrated without utilizing anabolic steroids for body mass or clenbuterol for rapid weight loss.


Jesse Sink was a close and good friend of Joe Humphrey’s.  Where’s Humphrey’s good friend now?  Sink currently sits behind bars at the North Central Correctional Institution in Ohio where he’s serving an 11 year prison term for raping a 3 year old girl!

Joe & Jessie

Original Article: https://www.thevillagernewspaper.com/2017/04/19/ridgeville-man-arrested-in-rape-of-underage-female/

Incarceration Details:  https://appgateway.drc.ohio.gov/OffenderSearch/Search/Details/A753742

Jesse Sink


Joe Humphrey is a serial womanizer.  One who views women as nothing more than an object.  Time and time again Humphrey has demonstrated that he has no regard for the women in his life, whether it be his own mother, his next tinder date or whichever girl considers themselves to be his girlfriend or employee of the moment.  If he can’t obtain what he wants with money or power, then his go to is always drinks, drugs and demoralizing behavior.



Matthew Brown with Joe Humphrey

“Niggers get what niggers deserve and you’re nothing but a stupid nigger” – Joe Humphrey 

Before Fitness Professionals 1 LLC., there was just Fitness Professionals LLC.  How and what ever happened to the original holding company?  Humphrey owned and operated Fitness Professionals LLC., out of Ohio which was strictly a personal training company.  Business records show that the company was sold to a Matthew Brown for $30,000+ in 2017.  After speaking with Mr. Brown regarding the transaction it was determined that Humphrey had “cooked” the books to make it seem like there was a large monthly draft in excess of $12,000 per month.  In all actuality the draft for the personal training company was less than $4,000 per month and that didn’t include any overhead costs such as; personal training compensation, rental agreements between facilities and so forth.  As a result Mr. Brown lost the company within the next fiscal year as the business was running in the red upon acquisition.  When Mr. Brown reached out to Mr. Humphrey on numerous occasions Humphrey proceeded to call Brown a “Nigger” and told him that “Niggers get what niggers deserve and you’re nothing but a stupid nigger”.

Matthew Brown:  “He literally sold me a failing company, pretended to be my friend, employed me as a personal trainer, paid me next to nothing and then one day offered me the opportunity to buy the training company.  I jumped at the opportunity considering he was driving around in a Mercedes Benz and always had money, I figured he was making good money and trusted Joe like a brother.  He showed me the books, how much he was making monthly, but failed to mention how many of the drafts were no longer active because he had lost not one but two locations and was only left with one location in Strongsville.  As a result I was saddled with a monthly loan payment as well as monthly payments for rent at the gym that I was sub-leasing the personal training from and never was able to turn a profit.  I actually had to take on a secondary job as the Manager of the club in order to try to sustain the business, and even that failed.  When I asked Joe why he did this to me he literally called me a stupid nigger and told me that niggers get what niggers deserve.   I haven’t spoken to him in almost 4 years now…”

In addition to the racial slurs made towards Matthew Brown.  Joe Humphrey has had much the same to say about his own clients that frequent his Anytime Fitness location.  Humphrey has even gone as far as to call the Tampa Police Department on african american’s who worked out at his gym, paid their monthly memberships and in one case had been a member of the gym for more than 3 years.  Why did he call the police on them?  He said that they were being suspicious in the parking lot.  When the police arrived they determined that the individuals in question in fact were not committing a crime and were simply getting ready for their workout – like they always do, while finishing a phone call.  Humphrey then proceeded to terminate the member and told them that they would not be allowed on the property ever again as they were no longer a member at the gym.


As if letting this guy get close to your significant other inside of the gym (or anywhere) isn’t bad enough, he’s also a licensed realtor in the state of Florida.  Humphrey obtained his license in 2019 and has been working for Koert & Associates ever since.

COBRA Says:  Scary… We know.   Someone who should be trusted with your key’s isn’t someone who could easily drug and rape your wife, your daughter or anyone.


Humphrey’s Anytime Fitness located in downtown Tampa is rife with bad reviews stemming from decrepit conditions of the equipment and facilities to bad customer service.  They can be found below.



The information provided below is for educational and community awareness purposes only.

The Bottom Line

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline for assistance: 1-800-656-4673

SCUMBAGGED Tip: If you come across Joseph Humphrey, just know he is a con-man.  One who will stop at nothing to achieve whatever his goal may be at any given time.  You’ve been adequately warned.  Anyone wishing to add to this article or submit additional information is urged to contact us.


  1. I grew up with Joe we got distant over time as we grew older I heard he turned into a pompous asshole once he came into $$$$$$$$$$$$

    • Hi Adam, nice to meet you. Afraid of releasing your last name after calling someone a pompous asshole? Just curious…let’s see if anyone knows anything about you? Oh and by the way, I know Joe. I know a lot of people, in fact, I might even know you… By the way, I’d like a reply of your last name Adam.

  2. Never going to this gym again, cancelling my membership and if they try to bitch I’ll contact corporate and hold a sign out front to protest this place. I DONT FEEL SAFE WORKING OUT HERE AS A SINGLE MOTHER!

  3. First of all, you don’t have all the facts straight, I don’t think anybody does. Joe is not only just all the things mentioned, but someone else entirely. Anyone who lives for themselves and is greedy will take everything at any cost which he has.

  4. Can you please remove Angela’s name? Joe deserves to have all of his crap exposed, but she is a victim. There’s a reason she didn’t pursue it and just tried to move away and start over. She doesn’t deserve to have her business put out for everyone to see, rape is humiliating enough. Please remove her name.

    • That woman needs to come forward and share the world with what happened because he just keeps doing what he did to her to other women out there it’s sick

  5. There are other victims involved in here as well, and it’ ridiculous!! Why are you not posting all of the women from Ohio and Florida that he date raped? That’s what I want to know? There’s so many women that he drugged and raped it’s unreal!


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