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Alicia Spurlock Exposed – Woman Identifying as Actress/Singer is Really an Escort/Prostitute (North Olmsted, OH)


NORTH OLMSTED, OH –  Alicia Spurlock, a North Ridgeville native that now currently resides in North Olmsted has been exposed as a fake and phony for profit whore.  Spurlock, who identifies as an up-and-coming singer, songwriter & actress is in all actuality a high end escort and prostitute.  The vast majority of Alicia Spurlock’s wealth has not come from contracts, gig’s or ad revenue, but instead has come in the form of her sexual escapades that have primarily derived from the popular websites EROS and OnlyFans.  Eros, is widely known in the underground world as the most respected and professional adult escort venue available in the United States whilst OnlyFans is utilized by escorts, prostitutes, porn stars, models and many other individuals for different reasons across the globe.  This information, the screenshots and images all included in this article derived from a private investigation.

It has long been suspected throughout the local community that Spurlock was a prostitute, as her caveats and lifestyle didn’t match that of a singer/songwriter.  Spurlock’s career in the music and entertainment industry didn’t not only never get going, but it’s completely dead – with less than 5,000 views across ALL of her videos on ReverbNation, a paltry 29 followers on SoundCloud and not a single mention of her in any major/minor motion picture (the furthest extent ever discovered was a backed fundraiser for a production on IndieGOGO). In the IndieGOGO backed production she was not compensated whatsoever for her role in the film and it is unknown whether or not the film was ever produced.

How ironic, the sign in the background says “Pay Here”. Like that isn’t obvious.

A private investigation was ultimately launched into her personal lifestyle by a close family member/relative that actually unearthed most of what was already suspected.  Initial discoveries showed that the 30 year old held her longest job at Best-Buy, for more than 5 years, after Best-Buy she took her talents down south, where she offered up something else for people to “buy” (hint: her ass, mouth and pussy).

“She charges as little as $100 for a BJ up to $400 for Sex.”

The investigator (hired out of Westlake) stated the following:  “Spurlock’s sex rates have been listed on her advertisements and even in private conversations that she had with me from very low to very high.  Her name is “Barbie” and she attempts to lure people in with her Barbie like look and charm.  She charges as little as $100 for a blow job up to $400 for sex without a condom and $100 extra if she dresses up specifically as you request.  She also sent me nude pictures and videos of her having sex with other men during the course of our communication where she thought I was a would-be client or john as is the industry term.   She also referred to her services as fs, gfe, bbbj, daty, greek and dfk, for those who know the terms it means she will essentially do everything for a price.”

Alicia Spurlock, actress turned whore.

This then led the private investigator to her condo located at 3675 Clague Rd. in N. Olmsted (unit #509) where she was placed under surveillance.  While under surveillance Spurlock had sex with no less than 9 clients during the month of July at her residence, she was also seen pool side with numerous other individuals that didn’t go back to her condo.  It should be noted that she was only under watch for a period of less than 72 hours so it is widely suspected that the number of “John’s” who paid for sexual services is in fact far far greater.

FUN FACT:  Spurlock once got her ass beat by a woman featured on Dr. Phil (E.L.) for running her mouth.  Not only is Spurlock a die hard for fame and her reputation, but she’s apparently willing to go as far as to get the shit beat out of her by people who have actually been on TV…

Alicia Spurlock’s personal escort ad states that she “loves getting fucked from behind”.

The investigator also discovered a plethora of hidden online information and identities that were masked with secret names, phone numbers and alter ego’s – which is what Alicia Spurlock is apparently highly efficient at.  In the screenshot(s) below, the investigator demonstrates her active profile on EROS.com.  Her account is verified and has been in existence for more than 2 years!  She was also found to have a fairly active OnlyFans account as well, one that she log’s into daily and corresponds with would be john’s and prospective clients with in secret via her messages on the website.


Alicia Spurlock EROS.com escort ad.

View Alicia Spurlock’s escort listing here:  Come Visit Barbie in Ohio – Scheduling | EROS.COM

ARTICLE UPDATE 8/2/2023 @ 9:01 P.M. – Eros listing has been removed by Spurlock and is no longer available to view.

OnlyFans Account

Alicia Spurlock’s secret OnlyFans Account

View Alicia Spurlock’s OnlyFans account here:  DollFace xxoo Only Fans

ARTICLE UPDATE 8/3/2023 @ 10:17 P.M. – Some of the most graphic content appears to have been removed from her account. 


  • WARNING: Viewers must be 18+ in order to view this content!
Alicia Spurlock is a for hire whore.

READERS NOTE:  Scumbagged is in possession of extremely graphic and XXX rated images & videos of Alicia Spurlock that we will not be sharing to the general public, some content however has been shared across other public avenues and therefore we will share the publicly accessed content.  

It should be noted that the investigation also opens up a new perspective to her behavior across her social networks.  Her infatuation with Barbie is pretty obvious as that’s her stage name as an escort, and also some of the imagery that she posts which is not consistent with singer/songwriter or actress material.  In fact, only when taking a super model into consideration, one could expect to find racy images of the likes found across her social media.  However, Spurlock is also not a model, she isn’t under contract, has no model pages or affiliations whatsoever.  What she does have is friends who have sex with her in exchange for money and professional imagery that she then uses to market, sell, distribute or advertise in a nonchalant manner – all in an effort to accrue new clientele.

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COBRA SAYS:  She is clearly no singer, no song writer and most certainly no actress.  This woman is undeniably a high end escort that will do whatever you want behind the scenes so long as you have the right denomination.  She’s a whore folks, a fucking Barbie wannabee, it is what it is.  She might act like she isn’t (a whore), but that’s about all the acting that she will ever do in this lifetime and she’s not very good at it, because she actually comes across like a spoiled little whore lol. 

NOT SO FUN FACT:  Spurlock identifies as an actress that’s really an escort with a fake name of “Barbie” who votes for senile child molesting presidents like Joe Biden (yes, it was discovered she’s a Democrat, what a shocker!).  


Alicia Spurlock’s bottom.  No pun intended xD.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  For future reference, if you wanna be a hoe and don’t want anyone to know, then maybe you should try just a little bit harder at being an actress.  Most importantly, never project an image where you proclaim to be something other than what you really are.  There’s really nothing wrong with being a whore in America, prostitution is after all one of the oldest professions in human-kind and being a prostitute is legal in parts of the United States and the majority of the world.  However, looking down on other’s, projecting a lifestyle that you really don’t live and acting like a stuck up bitch as a result towards others who are in lesser situations in life will find you with an article just like this on Scumbagged.com.  Case in point, don’t be a phony and don’t belittle people and articles like this wouldn’t ever happen.

COBRA SAYS:  This whore is seriously obsessed with Barbie, Luigi and every fucking thing that a ritzy ditzy blonde could ever be – to a fucking surreal & scary ass degree.  Just check out her Facebook Profile here for yourselves or the images below.  This bitch is definitely charging premium to be fucked while she’s dressed up as Barbie…



  1. You forgot to mention how Alicia is a drug addict, pops pills and snorts cocaine. Also forgot to mention how she used to hang out with a dude named Burl Smith and the shit they did together would shock you. Not only is Burl a child molester who fucking raped and molested his own sister and her friends but the guy also fucks with hard ass drugs and parties in ways nobody has ever seen. Alicia was right there with him throughout it all. This site also fails to mention that Alicia is a stuck up fucking bitch who thinks she’s better than everyone else, her “image” of being a celebrity or living like a morally defined person is a lie, it’s not true and she looks down on people constantly throughout her life acting like she’s better than them. She used to suck my dick for free just for some esxstacy pills back in the day, used to come to all the parties and get high and fucked she’s no different than anyone out there that she tries to look down upon. Other than missing those key ingredients this article is awesome and has been a long time coming.

  2. I would have never suspected this from her. I just can’t believe this. I mean I do believe it now, and I guess it does make sense, but wow is all I can say. She seemed like such an innocent perfect woman, I mean just wow. I’m totally floored.

  3. Wow! Always wondered if she was just full of it or not but gave her the benefit of the doubt. Never in a million years thought she was doing these things though. Breaks my heart 😭

  4. You can tell this is a bunch of people that peaked in high school and excel at being lowlife losers. Maybe they should put more effort into taking care of their many kids from multiple fathers and let people live their life in peace. It’s so sad because their kids will br just like them. What wastes of air and space. Karma always comes for you.

  5. Maybe these people(if you can call them that) should worry about getting a decent place for their kids to live. I heard they live in shit and their mom shoots stupid videos of herself all day. She’s a used up old whore who is clearly jealous😉

    • Who are you talking about exactly? The chick that made this? Amber? If you don’t know her then How do you know she has multiple dads for her kids, lives in shit, and makes stupid videos all day? Just curious.
      Yes this article is mean but don’t be mean and project your anger at someone who didn’t do this… because it kinda sounds like you’re not talking about Amber but someone else… someone else whose innocent and has nothing to do with this shit, just saying. And you’re hurting someone who never did nothing to you and that’s not nice.

    • You won’t be taking us to court Alicia. Even if we posted all of your OnlyFans content and showed your ass tits and pussy for all to see without any censorship – still won’t result in shit happening to us.

      Don’t you have a busy weekend? Lots of people to service on and offline? 🥜 💦 🍆

  6. I have a lot of decent people in my life that can and will help me. My attorney will find out in discovery what parts of your “article” are false. I hope you have the money and the proof you will require to defend yourself.

  7. Amber and Richard, I hope you can produce the PI. That is supposedly a close family member. it would be a shame if you couldn’t.

  8. I wonder if they would take that big tax return from all those kids to pay damages in a lawsuit? It will be fun to find out.

  9. Hey guys don’t forget to subscribe to my only fans. Says on here they have nudes of me… but I’ve got the real deal original content. Onlyfans is @dollface_Love you guys! 🥰😘 btw this is illegal. I’m sorry you don’t look good but you need to get your own content and quit using mine. These headshots belong to the photographer. Yes I will be taking you to court unless you quit distributing my content. It doesn’t belong to you.

    • Keep running your mouth and we will post every piece of content you have, uncensored for free on here and make an entirely separate section called “Free OnlyFans” where users can request accounts that are premium just like yours and come and submit the content as well.

      You’re fucking with the wrong one here don’t push me 😂

  10. Hey you could probably benefit from some English classes. You writing is pitiful. You are as stupid as you are ugly. You obviously haven’t done much with your life except continue to reproduce. How embarrassing for your kids when they get older. Mommy and Daddy are losers who spend their day posting fake articles. You are a frauds and a grifters.


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