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Nowhere Man – The Story of an Internet Troll (Matthew Berdyck)


An “Internet troll”, or simply “troll” in internet slang is a person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet. This is the definition of Matthew Berdyck and coming soon, he’ll have his very own movie to brag about.  Berdyck has been a nightmare for approximately the past 5 years to virtually every single person that has crossed his path.  In many cases, individuals are entirely unawares as to who he even is until he randomly inserts himself into their lives, always in a negative and psychotic way.

Berdyck was stopped by authorities in 2018 for threatening to blow up a Nuclear Power Plant in Ohio.  The F.B.I also launched an investigation into his threats.  He has had countless restraining orders filed against him from coast to coast and has found himself arrested, homeless and destitute as a result of his bizarre and “trollish” nature.

Apparently, in the cinematic world enough is enough as many of those whom he has affected and accosted have banded together, creating self help and support groups and now ultimately are filming a documentary detailing the entirety of his insanity.  Scumbagged.com has featured no less than 5 articles on Matthew Berdyck and also found itself at the focal point of his attacks via text messages, emails and idle based threats of harm.  We don’t care what he says, we ignore him.

UPDATE 1/2/2020:  The trailer that was originally posted on YouTube has been made private by the director, Peter John Ross.  The reason for the removal of the trailer is in relation to interest shown by a national streaming provider to pick up the documentary/series.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Restraining Orders


  1. To the owner of scumbagged.com:

    I am often critical of your website, but as you can see, I enjoy it enough to keep returning to it. So, I would like to clear something up.

    You are being used by whomever is posting these articles about Matthew.

    1) Mattew has exactly one criminal charge and it is from years ago, a domestic. All these claims of him being jailed for terroristic threats are wrong, and resulted from actual cyber stalkers making false claims.

    2) The person(s) feeding you this garbage are the actual cyber terrorists, angry over Mattew’s past investigative journalism, which got rightfully got white collar
    crooks fired, and some even imprisoned.

    I love gonzo Journalism. Gonzo Journalism even has its boundaries. One, is to not except embellishments, so said, Hunter Thompson.


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