Super Fund Research ( is a toxic organization that is being used for extreme profiting.  The owner of the organization is a man named Matthew Berdyck.  Berdyck has been notorious in his hounding and harassment of individuals all across the United States.  His pursuit for fame and recognition has overridden any work or progress that could have been made for those effected in toxic waste zones.

Most recently in September and October of 2018 Berdyck went on a lengthy tirade, one that saw no less than 30 emails dispatched with anger and hate filled threats towards the FBI, Erin Brockovich and numerous groups.  Why were these emails sent?  Because Mr. Berdyck and Super Fund Research had faded into the dark, no longer (and never was) the front and focal point of any discussion.

COBRA Says:  Berdyck has landed in hot water regarding the emails that he sent.  Serious hot water and potential Federal Prison time, more on that further down in the article…

Through Super Fund Research, Berdyck was able to obtain a huge sponsor.  An individual who is employed by FaceBook as a software developer, someone who would pay for his vehicle (BMW) and send him large sums of cash at whim.  This financial benefactor (allegedly named Alex Hwang) does not include the hidden cash donations he has received from countless families and afflicted across the country.

super fund research
Super Fund Research ( is a scam organization used for extreme profiting.

All of the money that he has received has been spent in gasoline first and foremost.  The remainder of which has gone to foot his lavish lifestyle, one that see’s him racing along the oceanside and paying his home mortgages.  More often than not Berdyck can be seen bragging about how much money he has made and how much money he no longer has.  One thing is for certain, he has made money, most of which has derived off of the less fortunate situation of others and that money has been burned.

As of 10/28/2018 Super Fund Research has been inaccessible.  The website is currently displaying an .XML error and we sincerely hope that the website stays offline.

It should be noted that Mr. Berdyck has also been the subject of ongoing FBI Investigations and has been involved in a raid of his home in Kansas City.  His current investigation is related to an email chain that he sent where he essentially threatened to commit an act of terror (or orchestrate, facilitate or attempt to orchestrate and facilitate) an act on American soil.  That article in it’s entirety can be found below:

Breaking News: Environmental Activist Who Threatened Terrorist Acts Heading Towards Perry Nuclear Power Plant (Lake County, Ohio)

The Bottom Line:  Don’t donate to Mr. Berdyck or Super Fund Research – save your money or invest in something tangible.  Something that might actually benefit what it is that you are attempting to do.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  We will update this article with any new news regarding the Super Fund Research website and Mr. Berdyck.



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