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WJunction.com Exposed: World’s Largest File Sharing Forum Raided by Feds (HoneyPot)


WJunction.com, the world’s largest file sharing and warez webmaster community in the world has been raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The website, which has been online since 2007 and was created by the founders of the Katz Network & repeatedly saw it’s ownership pretend to change hands in an effort to conceal the true identities of the operators.  Most recently, on June 26th 2018, the website and it’s servers were raided by FBI pending a decade long investigation.

The investigation stems from a multitude of conspiracy related indictments where thousands of the scenes underground continue to furnish and produce file sharing sites.  In addition to file hosting and file sharing the online community is also home to some of the largest warez streaming websites in the world.  WJunction.com was offline for approximately 7 days before forensic experts determined that the site would accrue far more information being back online – as the majority of the websites users utilized VPN’s and proxies to hide their true identities.  As a result the website has turned into one of the most prolific “honey pots” in history.  As it stands, currently, the website is in 100% full operational format in a direct effort to lure in large file lockers, file hosting companies, members and uploaders to reveal their true identities.  These companies make up for 90% of the Warez scene’s illegal and illicit revenue.

WJunction.com is also responsible for internal and external issues as well.  As far as a copyright holder standpoint is concerned, WJunction.com is a nightmare.  It has long been known that dozens of the scenes biggest underground players continuously make file lockers (file hosting websites) that have short life spans, estimated at between 3-9 months, only to shut them down and create a new one.  Through WJunction.com the new file lockers are then re-advertised to hundreds of thousands of uploaders.  These uploaders then upload copyrighted content en masse and spread the links to millions of forums using auto posting bots and their personal websites, in an effort to accrue wealth via signups and advertising revenue to be paid by the file locker.  What happens, is the ponzi scheme (because that’s exactly what it is) of payouts eventually catches up to the file locker owner, payments are delayed by months, users begin complaining and then the file host is banned from WJunction.  Based on the “strict” (but false non-existent rules) of WJunction’s administration, they then shut the doors down of the file locker, only to open up another one the following day unbeknownst to the uploaders who never even saw it coming and lose out on their well deserved pay.   It’s been a rinse and repeat process for the past 7 years.

Premium sites typically reflect the ponzi-scheme owned personal sites of WJunctions owners and top ranking members.

COBRA Says:  The FBI, finally had enough of the game, it’s amazing that the show went on as long as it did to be honest…

In addition, on the primary gaming platform DISCORD has been utilized as an effort to lure potential members to help reveal their identities.  Upon visiting the WJunction DISCORD chatroom, there are numerous individuals listed, none more important than that of “st0ne” who was the original founder of WJunction and managed the household name of the Katz Network.  The st0ne individual whom is located on the website is indeed not the original st0ne who operated the Katz Network and is yet another prime example of individuals with hidden identities and secret agendas.

Fun Fact:  st0ne’s real name is Richard Mossman from PA and he’s been a government informant dating back to 2011.  @Hyperz – I’m Cobra, trust me I know…  Another article related to the Katz Network shutdown will be released in the coming days. 

Katz.cd was the worlds largest ddl submission site.

Interestingly enough, Katz.cd, KatzForums.com, KatzPorn.com and all existing domains were raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation dating back to 2011, yet somehow, WJunction.com managed to withstand the systematic shutdown.  Interesting…  At the time, few individuals went on public record stating that there was “internal troubles”.  In truth, a simple “Hacked :)” was placed on the page and the sites were redirected to a scammy pay-site.  This was done in an effort to mask the true realities taking place behind the scene in an effort to maintain the integrity of the full scope of investigation that was taking place across the world.  Each of the operators aided the FBI and gained what is known as “Brownie Points” in an effort to evade lengthy prison terms.

Not So Fun Fact:  In the coming months there could be a plethora of arrests made across the United States and Europe related to conspiracy related charges and extreme pirating.  

The Bottom Line:  WJunction.com was once the Warez mecca.  Home to some of the worlds most prominent underground webmaster’s, collaborating in a collective effort and one that encompassed the true definition of “Sharing is Caring”.   Slowly over time uploader’s and file lockers began to erode and degrade the webmaster experience and extreme profits were ushered in.  Through the devious deceptions by the operators and self motivated desires, a rinse and repeat process was born, one that has seen key players continue with their ponzi scheme only to end and start a new once uploader’s begin to complain about non-payouts.  Don’t think WJunction is a honeypot?  Stick around and find out for yourself…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you are a member of WJunction.com, you should stay away, far far away.  Not only are you going to be deceived today by the file lockers who will not pay you and shut down once profits become extreme, but you stand a great chance of being imprisoned tomorrow. You’ve been warned…


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