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The Daily Independent Journal: Fake News With A Secret Agenda


The Daily Independent Journal (dailyindependentjournal.com) is a fake news website that has a secret hidden agenda.  The owner of the website is a man named Matthew Berdyck. He uses his website to pursue his financial goals of decimation.  Anyone who goes against him, anyone who disagree’s with him has an article featured, turned and twisted.

His website, which really isn’t so much about “Independent” journalism as he would make it out to be is nothing more than a front and cover operation for his backdoor and behind the scenes hatred.  Mr. Berdyck utilizes his entire network (which doesn’t get much more than a handful of visitors) and tries to string his outfit together as a successful, polished example of news reporting.  When taking a glimpse at the Daily Independent Journal and understanding the psychotic elements that have gone into his true nature, everything begins to take shape.

Not So Fun Fact:  Berdyck is also currently under Federal investigation for making terroristic like threats against nuclear power plants in the United States.  You can read more on his initial article below.

Breaking News: Environmental Activist Who Threatened Terrorist Acts Heading Towards Perry Nuclear Power Plant (Lake County, Ohio)

Fun Fact:  Berdyck also has another website listed on Scumbagged by the name of Super Fund Research.  You can find that article here:  Super Fund Research (SuperFundResearch.org): A Toxic Organization Used For Immense Personal Profits

The Bottom Line:  If you cross paths with Matther Berdyck, don’t be surprised if he threatens legal action against you, threatens you or even drives half way across the nation to confront you.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Any communication with this individual should be avoided at all costs, he tends to hinge on his prey, twisting and turning their words.  You very well might have your own article popup on his site in the near future if you don’t heed this advice.


  1. Matthew Berdyck is a dangerous person – to say the least. He tried to kill me (running me off the road) after we had met at his request. He wanted to talk about some of the underlying conditions in and around a specific area, I informed him that I did not entirely agree with his position and could not support such a wild and disastrous (in my opinion) claim that he was making. He became irate at which time I explained to him it was time for me to leave, he followed me outside talking wildly the entire time. I walked across the parking lot towards my car and he raced to his, at which point I just had the feeling that he was going to try and run me over. I heard his tired squeal and sure enough he came racing directly towards me. Thankfully I was prepared and simply just stepped in between a row of cars, otherwise, I might have very well been roadkill. Matt has a serious anger issue, to say the least.

  2. We are actually trying to de-rank Matthew Berdyck’s Daily Independent Journal website by placing links around the internet with a completing but very close to likeness URL hopefully it will delist his site enough to pull it off. Visit the REAL Daily Independent Journal dailyindependentjournal.net

  3. WARNING: Matthew Berdyck is an extremely dangerous Internet predator with a lengthy criminal record including violent crimes. He currently has active arrest warrants in the state of Ohio. Matthew is extraordinarily mentally ill. He allegedly suffers from severe narcissistic personality disorder and uses the Internet to wreak havoc in order to replenish his narcissistic supply. He is homeless and collects disability income. His full-time job appears to be unleashing as much devastation and pain to as many people as possible using the Internet.

    He has committed many cybercrimes spanning the last decade which include: stalking, harassment, extortion, criminal intimidation, false copyright complaints, death threats, threats of violence, threats to commit acts of terrorism, and has even referred to himself as a “potential mass shooter” who may “snap”. There have been hundreds and hundreds of documented victims of Matthew’s cyberstalking and harassment dating back to 2012. Because Matthew is a homeless drifter, it is nearly impossible for law enforcement to track him down and hold him accountable for his crimes.

    If you encounter Matthew Berdyck DO NOT ENGAGE HIM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. He is an extremely dangerous mentally ill Internet predator that will stop at nothing to inflict as much pain and suffering to your real-world life as possible. This message serves as a public notice to help prevent further people from being victimized by this evil man.


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